He"s just acquired the name at the moment, but actor Seth Rogen has decided that his following venture might involve a podcast.

Taking a little of impetus from fellow comedian Joe Rogan, he"s chose that he"s going come head right into the civilization of podcast hosting, calling the The Seth Rogen Experience.

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Of food - the similarity falls a bit short when it involves the spelling, in spite of he and also Joe having nearly the exact same surname, castle aren"t related.

Seth Rogen to be born and raised in Canada, but Joe Rogan is from the east coast of America. Seth"s family descend from east Europe, while Joe"s is from west Europe.

A podcast wouldn"t in reality be a poor idea - I"m sure we"d all track in to listen. It"s additionally a rather profitable business venture, if The Joe Rogan experience is anything to walk by.

The podcast, which has seen the likes of Elon Musk and also Mike Tyson obtain involved, earned an incredible $30 million in revenue every single month in 2019.

Forbes exit the five biggest podcasts in the civilization with Rogan"s comes in in ~ number one ~ above the apologize charts.

Tom Webster, an elderly vice president at Edison Research, told Forbes: " transporting scale and also engagement."

In May, Joe Rogan signed a podcast deal with Spotify worth much more than $100 million (£81.52 million), according to the wall surface Street Journal.

The transaction will view The Joe Rogan suffer (JRE) moving exclusively to Spotify later on this year, v his present library of contents becoming obtainable on the communication on 1 September.

Sharing the news top top Instagram, the presenter/mixed martial artist/stand-up comedian said: "Announcement: the podcast is relocating to
spotify! beginning on September 1 the podcast will be available on Spotify as well as all platforms, and then in ~ the finish of the year it will certainly move solely to Spotify, including the video version.

"It will stay FREE, and it will be the specific same show. It"s just a license deal, for this reason Spotify won"t have any an imaginative control over the show. They want me come just continue doing it the means I"m act it appropriate now.

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"We will certainly still have actually clips increase on YouTube but full execution of the display will only be ~ above Spotify after the finish of the year.

"I"m excited to have actually the assistance of the biggest audio platform in the world and also I hope you folks space there as soon as we do the switch!"







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