AMC 42nd Street is the premiere movie and entertainment location steps native the top New Year’s sphere drop. With 3 floors the movie magic fun, it’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, activity all night long! grab your drinks (at designated areas), favourite concession stand snacks and watch the latest Hollywood movies in the state that the art theaters every night long. Then take a rest from your movie marathon and hit the run floor together the celebrity DJ theatre the ideal in optimal 40, hip hop, house and rock! through 3 different locations to select from, this family-friendly event has something for the movie star in all of us!



New Year’s night celebrations constantly bring unique magic to the air. This year, why not step out that the cold and also onto the red carpet to gain the magic of the recent Hollywood movies at the AMC times Square!


OPEN BAR GALA – level 4 & 5(For adult 21+) – ready to party the night away and also ring in 2020 with a high-energy, over-the-top, fist-pumping good time? Welcome to the open up Bar Party! We’re transforming these floors through a surprised twist in velvet-rope nightlife that will certainly make girlfriend forget you’re in a grand luxe movie theater! because that one night only this theater rocks like an A-list hotspot complete with premium open up bar service, a world renowned DJ turn the best hip-hop, electronic, rock and also top 40 hits to save you grooving all night. Party choose a rock star through Ultra VIP and also Platinum table and bottle service packages! and it doesn’t avoid there – the latest Hollywood access time will additionally be play all night long!

5 hour premium open barFreely mix, mingle, and also frolic between two expansive floors – double the pleasure, double the fun!Champagne toast in ~ midnightLive DJ spinning set of dance, top 40, hip-hop and all today’s hitsMovies play all night long!Live NYE 2020 CountdownFestive NYE party favorsOnly open Bar ticket holders will be granted access to the 4th and 5th floorsAbsolutely nobody under the period of 21 will certainly be permitted on either floorOpen Bar ticket holders will NOT have access to the terrace with a Live view of the sphere Drop end Times Square

In stimulate to see the ball Drop live, friend must have a ‘Premiere Terrace Live sphere Drop’ or ‘Best watch of the ball Drop Live’ ticket (see listed below for details)

Top the the human being – Level 6(For adult 21+) – Party the night far on the exclusive, VIP ‘Top of the World’ level situated on the highest floor of the theater.

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You will do it enjoy access to the party top top the reduced levels, as well as this VIP floor! Take your party endure to can be fried level and have the full-on NYC NYE endure with one of our guaranteed watch of the sphere Drop LIVE tickets! law yourself with a ‘Premiere Terrace Live ball Drop’ or ‘Best check out of the sphere Drop Live’ tickets because that a guaranteed see of the world Famous ball Drop!

Step out onto a terrace on either the “Premier Terrace” or “Best watch of the sphere Drop” levelsCapture the most interesting moment of the night v spectacular views of the crowds that revelers below and also best that all, the human being famous Waterford decision Time Square sphere Drop along with the live countdown come 2020!Terraces are scheduled strictly for “Premier Terrace Live round Drop VIP” or ‘Best view of the ball Drop Live VIP” ticket holders only.The “Premier Terrace” is the 5th floor“Best check out of the ball Drop Live” terrace is top top the 6th floorLocation on one of two people terrace is on a an initial come basis and is was standing room only. There is no seating on either one of these terraces.From 5 or 6 stories in the air, viewing the Waterford Crystal ball down 42nd Street will never have actually looked therefore dazzling and also bright! the feels prefer you could nearly touch that so set your sights top top the sexy ticket of 2020 at AMC times Square! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!Enjoy all the amenities detailed above on the ‘Open Bar Gala’ levels!

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Floor Menu:

Chicken TendersMini PizzaPotato CroquettesMini Rice BallsCocktail MeatballsPenne a la VodkaHors D’oeuvres WrapsTortellini SaladPasta SupremeFresh Mozzarella & Grape TomatoFresh Fruit Medley LargeLarge Cheese PlatterLarge Crudite PlatterBrowniesCookies

Sixth Floor Mezzanine Menu:

Bow-tie pasta w/ tomato and also basilPenne a la VodkaChicken FrancaiseChicken MarsalaMini Rice BallsPotato CroquettesCocktail MeatballsHors D’oeuvres wrapsCroissant SandwichesPasta SupremeFresh Mozzarella & Grape TomatoFresh Fruit Medley LargeLarge Cheese PlatterLarge Crudite PlatterBrowniesCookies