Minnesota is a state through odd, and seemingly contradictory knife laws. If the Minnesota statutes are quite lengthy, and also the intricacy that the wording often gives the impression the a law is more restrictive than it in reality is, the state is how amazing permissive as soon as it concerns the type and format of knives that you might carry.

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The only form of knife the is specifically forbidden is the switchblade, or automatic. You may not possess, bring or produce one in the state of Minnesota.


Other 보다 that, you may own and also carry any kind and also length the knife friend desire, despite the state is marred through a complete lack that statewide preemption and that might potentially gain you into trouble; rather a few cities and towns transparent Minnesota have actually knife laws that space significantly much more restrictive 보다 the statewide standard.

We will tell you everything you need to know about the state laws in the remainder of the post below.

What You must Know

What kind of Knives can I Own?: any kind of kind that knife except an automatic “switchblade”.Can I bring a Knife covert Without a Permit?: Yes, any type of legal knife.Can I carry a Knife concealed With a Permit?: Yes, any type of legal knife.Can I bring a Knife Openly?: Yes, with caution. Watch below.

General Ownership

Though knives are not pointed out by name in Minnesota’s definition of dangerous weapons, a dangerous weapon is characterized as any an equipment designed together a weapon qualified of developing death or great bodily harm, or any kind of other an equipment that, according to the manner in which the is supplied or to plan to it is in used, is most likely to develop death or great bodily harm.

It does no take a genius to figure out that any kind of knife of any type of kind can potentially produce good bodily harm or fatality when employed versus another human being.

Do take treatment that, when picking a knife, ones with a more aggressive figure or combative style pedigree are more likely to it is in adjudged danger weapons.

Switchblades are not allowed to be own or lugged in the state of Minnesota, yet the statutes achieve this by a relatively circuitous route.

Minnesota declares the mishandling of any kind of dangerous weapon as a misdemeanor, with mishandling an interpretation using the or wielding it in a method as to endanger the safety of one more person.

In the same section they declare manufacturing, transferring, or possessing any type of switchblade knife that opens instantly as an indistinguishable crime.

This brings united state to vital consideration concerning switchblades: Minnesota has actually failed to specify a switchblade through any specific language, and also due come the method they have actually worded numerous state statutes worrying switchblades, it is likely that assisted-opening knives could be lumped in under the definition.

Unfortunately, Minnesota has actually not revised law to encompass the currently ubiquitous “bias toward closure” language the protects these common and popular velvet from switchblade statutes in various states. Continue at your own peril if you select to bring an aided opening knife in Minnesota.

Be advised that Minnesota’s absence of statewide preemption means that certain cities and counties will have actually regulations on knives the are far stricter than the state standard.

Concealed Carry, No Permit

You might carry any type of legal knife hidden on or about your person without a allow in Minnesota, despite you have to be warned that numerous localities have actually their very own laws concerning the concealment of weapons.

Concealed Carry, through Permit

Minnesota provides no distinction between carrying any type of legal knife v a permit as opposed come without. Additionally, having a allow issued through the state of Minnesota or recognized by the state that Minnesota walk not provide you any extr privileges through regards to the carry of knives.

Open Carry

Open lug of velvet is legal, but it is worth discussing that Minnesota still has actually on the books one of these strangest regulations of the kind worrying knives and also other weapons.

Any human who is equipped with a dirk, dagger, sword, pistol, or various other dangerous weapon without “reasonable cause” to are afraid an assault on their human being may, upon complain of another, be forced to pay a surety bond come the complainant because that a term no exceeding six months.

You can think that a surety bond together a sort of financial guarantee that you won’t run amok or cause trouble v the weapon. An excellent grief! Let that be reason sufficient to store your weapons covert in Minnesota!

Prohibited Places

Any government structures in the capitol, any courtroom or court facility and any school, institution grounds, recreational basic or sports field. The state statutes go on at part length as to what specifically is and is not allowable about carry of weapons in these places, and it is worth a review in case you are someone that is exempted.


Minnesota is a knife permissive state overall, but the extreme length and also wordiness that the state statutes does not inspire lot in the means of certainty. Switchblades room not permitted, and also thanks come a weakly worded statute, assisted-opening knives might be a perilous choice.

Though you deserve to carry any kind of other type of knife surprise safely, make sure you inspect local laws before proceeding; Minnesota completely lacks any statewide preemption worrying knives.

Important Minnesota State Statutes

Section 609.02 — DEFINITIONS.

Subd. 6. Dangerous weapon. “Dangerous weapon” means any firearm, whether invited or unloaded, or any machine designed as a weapon and also capable of producing death or good bodily harm, any combustible or flammable fluid or other maker or instrumentality that, in the manner that is used or to plan to it is in used, is calculate or likely to produce death or great bodily harm, or any kind of fire the is provided to develop death or good bodily harm.

Subd. 7. Bodily harm. “Bodily harm” means physical pains or injury, illness, or any impairment of physics condition.

Subd. 7a. Considerable bodily harm. “Substantial bodily harm” means bodily injury which involves a short-lived but comprehensive disfigurement, or which causes a momentary but considerable loss or special needs of the role of any type of bodily member or organ, or which reasons a fracture of any kind of bodily member.

Subd. 8. Good bodily harm. “Great bodily harm” means bodily injury which creates a high probability of death, or which causes serious long-term disfigurement, or which reasons a irreversible or protracted lose or handicap of the role of any bodily member or body organ or other serious bodily harm.

Section 609.66 — attention WEAPONS

Subdivision 1. Misdemeanor and also gross misdemeanor crimes. (a) everyone does any type of of the following is guilty that a crime and also may it is in sentenced as detailed in i (b):

(1) recklessly handle or offers a total or various other dangerous weapon or explosive so regarding endanger the security of another; or

(2) purposely points a total of any kind of kind, qualified of injuring or death a human being being and whether invited or unloaded, in ~ or towards another; or

(3) manufactures or sells for any kind of unlawful purpose any kind of weapon well-known as a slungshot or sand club; or

(4) manufactures, transfers, or possesses metal knuckles or a switch blade knife opened automatically; or

(5) possesses any other dangerous post or substance because that the function of being supplied unlawfully together a weapon against another; or

Section 625.16 —PRESERVATION of PUBLIC tranquility – carrying DANGEROUS WEAPONS

“Whoever candlestick go equipped with a dirk, dagger, sword, pistol, or other offensive and also dangerous weapon, without reasonable reason to fear an attack or various other injury or violence to person, family, or property, may, on complaint of any type of other person having reasonable reason to fear an injury or breach that the peace, be forced to uncover sureties for keeping the peace, for a term not exceeding 6 months, with the ideal of appealing as before provided.”

609.66 attention WEAPONS

Subd. 1d. Possession on school property; penalty.

(a) other than as noted under paragraphs (d) and also (f), whoever possesses, stores, or keeps a dangerous weapon when knowingly on school home is guilty of a felony and may be sentenced come imprisonment because that not much more than 5 years or come payment that a good of not an ext than $ 10,000, or both.

(e) As offered in this subdivision:

(2) “dangerous weapon” has the meaning given that in section 609.02, subdivision 6;

(4) “school property” means:

(i) a public or private elementary, middle, or an additional school building and its enhanced grounds, even if it is leased or owned by the school;

(ii) a child care center license is granted under chapter 245A throughout the duration children are present and participating in a child care program;

(iii) the area within a institution bus when that bus is being provided by a school to deliver one or more elementary, middle, or an additional school student to and from school-related activities, including curricular, cocurricular, noncurricular, extracurricular, and also supplementary activities; and

(iv) that portion of a structure or basic under the temporary, exclusive regulate of a windy or exclusive school, a institution district, or an association of together entities wherein conspicuous signs are prominently posted at each entrance that give actual an alert to people of the school-related use.

(f) This subdivision does not apply to:

(1) energetic licensed peace officers;

(2) army personnel or students participating in armed forces training, who are on-duty, performing official duties;

(3) persons authorized to bring a pistol under ar 624.714 if in a motor car or external of a motor auto to straight place a firearm in, or retrieve that from, the stems or rear area the the vehicle;

(4) persons who store or store in a motor vehicle pistols in accordance with section 624.714 or 624.715 or other guns in accordance with section 97B.045;

(5) firearm security or marksmanship courses or activities conducted on college property;

(7) a total or knife display held on college property;

(8) possession of danger weapons, BB guns, or replica guns with composed permission that the major or other human being having basic control and supervision that the institution or the director of a child care center; or (…)

Subd. 1g. Felony; possession in courthouse or details state buildings.

(a) A person who commits either of the adhering to acts is guilty of a felony and also may be sentenced to imprisonment because that not an ext than five years or come payment that a fine of not much more than $ 10,000, or both:

(1) own a attention weapon, ammunition, or explosives within any type of courthouse complex; or

(2) possesses a danger weapon, ammunition, or explosives in any kind of state structure within the Capitol Area defined in thing 15B, other than the national Guard Armory.

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(4) persons that possess dangerous tools in a courthouse complex with the express consent the the ar sheriff or that possess dangerous tools in a state building with the to express consent that the commissioner of public safety.