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347.43(1g)(1g) In this section, “safety glass" way glass so treated or merged with other materials as to reduce, in compare with ordinary sheet glass or key glass, the likelihood that injury to persons through objects from outside sources or by such glass when it is struck, cracked or broken.

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347.43(1s)(1s) No human being may run upon a highway any type of motor car manufactured after January 1, 1936, other than a recreational car other 보다 a 5th-wheel entertain vehicle, uneven the motor auto is equipped with safety glass wherever glass is offered on the motor car in partitions, doors, home windows or windshields.
347.43(2)(2) No human being may market any brand-new motor vehicle unless such car is equipped with security glass in accordance v the requirements of sub. (1s).
347.43(4)(4) If a typical carrier or human being operating under a permit or certificate issued by the room is judge of operation a auto in violation the this section, the department might suspend or revoke the allow or certificate till such time as the automobile has been fitted with security glass as compelled by this section.
347.43 HistoryHistory: 1977 c. 29 s. 1654 (9) (f); 1981 c. 347; 1985 a. 187; 1993 a. 16; 1999 a. 85; 2007 a. 60.
347.43 AnnotationSub. (1) requires that whenever broken glass is replaced in a automobile it should be changed with safety glass. Instead of glass v plastic violated this section, and an officer observing a auto with replacement plastic had probable reason to stop the automobile for a violation of this section. State v. Longcore, 2001 WI application 15, 240 Wis. 2d 429, 623 N.W.2d 201, 00-1171.
347.435347.435 Vehicle monitoring and also feedback. Notwithstanding s. 346.88, a human being may run a auto that has a machine mounted to the former windshield if every one of the adhering to apply:
347.435(1)(1) The machine is designed to screen the vehicle and administer feedback come the operator because that the function of safety and security or improving car operation.
347.435(2)(2) The maker is an installed directly above, behind, or listed below the mirror compelled in s. 347.40 (1) or, if no mirror is present, at the place where the mirror would frequently be mounted.

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347.435(3)(3) The device is an installed in a manner consistent with applicable federal requirements if the automobile is a advertisement motor vehicle as characterized in 49 CFR 390.5.