An competent coin dealer deserve to tell you just how much your silver dollar is worth just by looking at it. Typically, though, a silver dollar’s worth would certainly hinge on its origin, age, and also condition. Its variety will likewise inform this.

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So exactly how much is a 1979 silver dollar worth? ns will explain how to recognize this in this article.

Determining the precious of a 1979 silver Dollar

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The silver- dollar made in the us in 1979 is dubbed the Susan B. Anthony dollar. The us Mint doled out the dollar coins in the hope to cut the price of making file one-dollar bills.

While the Susan B. Anthony dissension coins indigenous 1979 room not expensive as result of the reality that they room common, a couple of of castle are fairly valuable.

The adhering to is a chart showing the worth of a 1979 silver- dollar:

Date and also Mint TypeCirculated purchase Circulated SellUncirculated purchase Uncirculated Sell
1979-P large Rim$10$6$30$22
1979-S form 1 Proof$8$6.30
1979-S kind 2 Proof$69$52

Therefore, the 1979-S kind 2 and also 1979-P silver dollars space worth an ext than others.

Note: The market you acquire for your silver dollar form will differ according to the buyer or seller. Therefore, the chart over is simply an approximation, not precise rates, to offer an idea of what to mean for your coins.

The silver- dollars were short-lived due to the man they created. Together I stated earlier, the coins were meant to replace the dollar bills in stimulate to conserve costs. But people garbage it due to the fact that they quickly mistook it for quarters.

So, the coins to be made from 1979 with 1981, climate again in 1999. They brought the face of a pioneer women’s legal rights advocate, Susan B. Anthony.

How to distinguish the silver- Dollar Coins


There are few physical distinctions in between the silver dollar coins. Permit me define the distinctions so you easily know which you have and what it is worth:

The large Rim silver Dollar Coin

Image: pcgs

In 1979, the united state Mint made two coin hubs. However due come an error, the minting gave in two obverse die that to be different.

The an initial one came through a rim the was wide. Consequently, the date on the coin put too close come its rim.

The federal government minted silver dollar coins through these obverse dies varieties only in the state the Philadelphia. This is why you view some marked with the ns mint mark. The coins that bring the D and also S mint marks nothing have any of this variety.

So, if you have a silver- dollar coin, take it a look at the day on it. The rim would be thick, through the day hanging as well close come it. This variety of the coin is scarce therefore is valuable.

But its value is found when the coin is an uncirculated type. If it is the circulated type, the is no worth more than a couple of dollars.

The narrow Rim silver- Dollar Coin

The silver- dollar coin v a narrow rim walk not have actually as lot value together the vast rim type. This is also when the is uncirculated.

Again, as with the wide rim dollar, if you have a 1979 coin through the p mint mark, examine to check out the date. If that is not so close to the rim, it is the narrow rim form and is no worth much.

The S Proof type 1

Image: usacoinbook

This form has one S mint note that is not clear. It looks an ext like a blob than any kind of defined letter. Due to the fact that of this, that is called the blob mint mark.

The factor for this is that ago in 1979, punching mint marks into working obverse die was done with the hand. Coupled with the truth that the beat in use then was old, the mark came out poor.

This silver- dollar v the poorly done mint note is usual so is not worth much. You will have the ability to tell if you have actually this form by simply finding the mark and checking exactly how clear it is.

The coins v the S note were do in san Francisco.

The S Proof type 2

Towards the finish of production of the silver dollar coins in 1979, there to be a brand-new punch for the mint marks. The punch made fingerprint S marks on the dissension coins. Therefore the ones with the clearer S became kind 2.

The shortness that time supposed a couple of of these coins came out of the mint. Because of this, they room scarce and an ext valuable than type 1.

Check her coin. If it has actually the clear S, v a ball appearing on the bottom and also top the the letter, that is the more recent S-type coin. Therefore, you have a valuable coin in her possession. In fact, that is the rarest and also most an useful of the silver- dollar coins. The table over will notify you exactly how much it is worth.

Here is a video clip explaining the worth of the S-type silver- dollar and also why it has its value…

The 1979-D silver dollar coins room those minted in Denver. They it seems to be ~ to have the shortest value. Girlfriend will recognize if you have one through looking in ~ the left next of the coin, a little above the shoulder the SBA. The is generally where the mint mark appears.

Susan B. Anthony silver dollar is not popular among those who actively collect coins. So girlfriend will find that they room not as valuable as some other rare coins.

What else Affects the value of the silver Dollar?

The problem in which the silver- dollar appears additionally affects what girlfriend will get for it. If a coin is circulated, the will present wear and tear. Coin collectors usually like to take those the come in mint condition. The same is true for other varieties of collectors.

So if your silver dollar shows evidence of good circulation, the worth drops. This is despite the kind of coin the is.

If you have actually one that already has a short value and also has been approximately the block, well, be ready to expropriate a few dollars for it. Friend can also opt to store it and wait to check out if the value goes up.

On the various other hand, if the silver- dollar in your possession is uncirculated, you stand a opportunity of getting an excellent money for it. Any coin collector who desires this kind of silver- dollar would be ready to pay well, particularly if the is the rarely clear S type.

Uncirculated walk not median it has never been used. That simply method that it has remained in circulation much. So that is showing small or no signs of wear and also tear.

History of the silver- Dollar Coin

The very first design made for the Susan B. Anthony dollar was a depiction of the goddess Liberty. This image appeared on the coin’s obverse side.

However, lawmakers and also different institutions refused to accept this, calling for the disagreement coin to show a genuine person, a woman.

After the submission of suggest to decision which mrs to use, Susan B. Anthony ended up being the liked subject. But the dollar’s turning back side kept the design on the Dwight Eisenhower dollar’s turning back side – the insignia the the mission of Apollo 11.

Anticipating a sirloin from the public, i beg your pardon didn’t occur then, the United states Mint minted 1,500,000,000 coins. The initial man it caused, where people mistook it for quarters, affected its popularity.

But in the 1990s, it started to see an increase in demand as people began to usage it in mass transits and vending machines. This brought about the surplus to deplete.

Fun Facts

Did girlfriend know…

The silver dollar was one of the very first such coins in the US? Well, currently you know. It dates as far earlier as 1794 and also has been in use in the country due to the fact that that time.Silver dollar consumption has not been constant; there were times when people used various other denominations. In fact, production stopped in ~ some suggest due come shortage of silver. Yet now, the is being produced again yet not the end of silver and also not for consistent usage.Vending equipments read the Susan B. Anthony silver- dollar coin the same method they read a gold coin. This is because of the electromagnetic signature in them. The machines don’t review color; they check out the signature. Besides, the gold color the the gold coin is no from the valuable metal. The color comes from mixing nickel, zinc, copper and manganese.The dissension coin that came after the Susan B. Anthony silver coin that 1999 is a gold coin. Make in 2000, it brought the photo of Sacagawea, a native American woman.

Where to sell Your silver- Dollar Coins


There are some reputable places to offer your silver dollar coins for an excellent money. Of course, they space going to examine their value; they won’t take your word for it.

But if girlfriend are like me, you’d want to make the most out the the experience. So below are a few places I would certainly recommend to you if you desire to market your coins:

A regional Coin Dealer

While this is obvious, you may not discover one for this reason close to your home. This is particularly true if friend live in a little town.

Another fence is that few of them won’t offer you good value because that it. Castle will just value the coins after they are melted and the pure silver- is weighed.

However, if you space able to uncover one, friend will acquire cash for her coins. There is no must wait or take a cheque.

You will also be able to deal with them face-to-face and learn a point or two. If girlfriend have an ext coins come sell, you recognize where to go.

An virtual Coin Dealer

This is very convenient. And if you room a private person, you don’t have to fulfill the the person who lives face-to-face.

Online, friend will have the ability to find a many these buyers and also reputable ones, too. So if one does not work for you, you have countless others to pick from.

But be afflicted with in mind that the transaction won’t be private. You will leave gaue won footprints online. And the payment might take days or main to clean while the dealer holds your coins.

Additionally, moving the coins is a risk. It may be delay or friend may lose them. Plus, it expenses to transport them.

A Coin Show

You will certainly find plenty of experts and reputable dealers at one coin show. Even if girlfriend don’t offer immediately, you often tend to obtain a good valuation of her coins.

However, you will pay an entrance fee to the show. And also it does not occur often; once in a month or two is commonly the earliest.


You are most likely to get a higher payout on eBay if your coins get into one auction-style sale. There space usually plenty of serious buyers and also collectors on the site, in search of such opportunities. You stand an even far better chance if your coins room of the rarest type.

There is also a slight opportunity of underselling in the auction-style sale. Plus, you will pay because that the services. In addition, carrying the coins may eat well right into your profit.

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To know just how much a 1979 silver dollar is worth, take the complying with into consideration:

Mint markCondition

These two determinants make all the difference in increasing or decreasing the value of her dollar coins.