Lost in Love was the fourth studio album by Air it is provided in Australia and the first to struggle the charts in north America, it included no much less than 3 bona fide hits, and also would actors the theme for the duo’s future success, v a combination of easy-listening melodies and also romantic lyrics collection to sculpted, seamless, light orchestration. Lyrically Graham Russell would certainly stick carefully to a continuous theme the the starry-eyed troubadour, showing on matters of the heart. The universal nature that this romanticism, frequently around the unrequited love the a man who doesn’t get the girl, or even a second chance come prove the depth of his feelings, contributed to the band’s wide appeal. Their song titles alone evoked the sentimentalism that became the group’s hall mark – All out Of Love, lost In Love, make Love out Of Nothing in ~ All, were however three the the seven songs that Air Supply would certainly take right into the US top 40 charts that consisted of the native “love” in the title.

The title track by Graham Russell from the album, previously released right here in 1979, had been re-recorded and remixed and once released as a single in the US ended up being the worldwide breakthrough hit for the firmly middle-of-the-road wait Supply. The cover art looked like a futuristic pyramidal time maker with band members staring skywards awaiting the come of aliens, yet they were just posing in prior of the Tropical centre of the Sydney factory Gardens, i beg your pardon was typically regarded as having actually all the architectural charm the a Tardis, was lot derided through locals, dropped into disuse, and was demolished in 2015.

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The Breakthrough us Hit because that Air Supply- Spacey unique Audio Effects and White Wardrobe choices – really 1970’s

The group’s Australian record label large Time Records had sold Lost in Love come Arista documents for distribution in the us unbeknown come Russell or Hitchcock, in reality the duo were so dispirited around their absence of chart success, the they had determined to disband and also go their different ways. Yet this song proved to be the transforming point in your career, the Robie Porter (below)/Rick Chertoff/ Charles Fisher – created song became Air Supply’s very first US hit at #3, #4 in Canada and also Japan, #3 in NZ, #13 locally and also a optimal ten struggle in France.

Russell has revealed that he composed the song in about fifteen minutes, and that choose all his compositions he functioned on the “keep it basic stupid” (kiss) principle “My songs room really right ahead, real straightforward chords, the simpler the better. For this reason a song choose Lost In Love with four chords, there’s just two parts to it, there’s yes, really no chorus, simply a verse and a bridge. For this reason something like that do not do it take much longer than 15 minute to write, friend know.”

The album not only ceded the access time but likewise demonstrated the wide range of styles and also versatility of the group from classic soft ballads, come the disco-themed Just another Woman, the hard-rocking I Can obtain Excited, come the country-tinged Old behavior Die Hard.

Air it is provided Rocks – Kinda.

Unsurprisingly Lost In Love is about the unrequited love the the singer who has lost the thing of his affections and also reflects on exactly how he might retrieve the situation, the winning combination of Russell Hitchcock’s plaintive tenor and the drama the Graham Russell’s words and also musical setup infused the song with just the appropriate amount that theatrics and heartfelt sentiment to resonate through a an international audience.

Two music videos exist because that this song, the main version depicts waiting Supply to sing on a blue background and also the other has the group performing the tune in concert, the album was also a mega-hit reaching multi-platinum sales of over 3 million copies, it climbed come #3 US, #1 Canada, #3 NZ, #10 France, and also #21 Aust, with two an ext top five hits to be lifted from that in 1980 – All out of Love and Every woman in the World.

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At this time the exclusive lives of both Russell and also Hitchcock had actually become facility as both seemed to it is in struggling to uncover lasting loving relationships, about which they typically sang, it to be a case of art imitating life, love and other bruises indeed. Graham Russell had actually wed his high institution sweetheart Linda in 1967 and they had actually two children, Simon (1968) and Samantha (1972) however by 1978 castle were acquiring divorced. The subsequently cleared up into brand-new domestic arrangements in Utah in1986 v his second wife, previous air hostess Jodi Varble, he was 36 year old and she was 21.

Russell Hitchcock had married air hostess Paula Fulmer in 1986 however they were divorced and in 2000 he married Laurie Parker and they had two children, a daughter Sydney Rose and also a child Jon, but this union did not endure and they were also divorced. His third wife was Deanna Bracey and the pair set up residence in Atlanta, Georgia, but unconfirmed reports suggest that castle are currently estranged. Waiting Supply fans have noted valuable aid in confirming Russell’s marital details, and also although other marriages have been mentioned, currently only the unions in between Paula, Laurie, and also Deanna have the right to be irrefutably documented, and the concern of two children, daughter Sydney Rose and son Jon. The was good to hear the Russell has arised from quarantine after ~ contracting COVID-19 in September this year, and also is back performing.

below left to best – Graham and also Jodi Russell and also Laurie and also Russell Hitchcock at the 2013 G’Day USA Gala in Los Angeles in 2013.

4TR featured 15 Air supply hits between Nov 16-25 2020, they’re all worth a look, cheers.