Nature lovers are spoilt for choice in Puerto Rico; one of the country’s highlights is that is flora and also fauna. Take a look in ~ the remarkable wildlife by visiting the complying with places throughout the Puerto Rican archipelago. These are picturesque areas with occupants that you’ll never ever forget.

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El Yunque national Rainforest is a herbal treasure and also home come many species of plants and animals, consisting of the Puerto Rican parrot. This mostly environment-friendly parrot has actually lived ~ above the island for countless years, follow to the USDA. It provided to it is in close to extinction. The parrot is still endangered. El Yunque i m sorry is located in northeastern Puerto Rico, is additionally home to numerous of Puerto Rico’s finest hiking trails and also one the the many beautiful waterfalls.

The Guanica Dry woodland is near one more notable herbal environment, a bioluminescent bay in ~ La Parguera. Travelers to this southwestern forest can expect to see animals that live in a dried enviornment, do it unique in to compare with various other wildlife locations in Puerto Rico. It’s likewise a an excellent place to walk for a hike i beg your pardon is practically for visitors looking to proactively explore your surroundings.


Also recognized as Monkey Island, Cayo Santiago stays up come its nickname. Visitors to this small island can see free-roaming rhesus monkeys, descendants of a group of chimpanzees that were brought to the island for scientific research. Monkey Island is still used for study today and is operation by number of institutions, including the college of Puerto Rico. The primates can be seen from the water, via kayak or boat for example.


Take a glance at wildlife that dwell underground, specifically bats, in ~ the Rio Camuy cave Park. For tourists interested in long underground, there is most likely no much better place in Puerto Rico 보다 this underground cave system. Few of the largest and also most superior caves top top the island have the right to be found at this cave park wherein guided tours are available.


Cueva Ventana method “window cave” in Spanish and the name couldn’t be more appropriate, because the cave in Arecibo, offers a check out of the beautiful valley below. It’s certainly one of Puerto Rico’s many magical caves and visitors deserve to see animals such as snakes and bats ~ above site.


Located turn off Puerto Rico’s west coast, Mona Island is known for that is beauty and also wildlife, so it’s called the Galapagos that the Caribbean. Among the significant wildlife top top the tiny island space the Mona ground iguana and also the Mona yellow-shouldered blackbird. Not only deserve to visitors check out wildlife top top the island, they can likewise take a look at at animals underwater too because it has actually one the Puerto Rico’s finest diving spots.

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A 316-acre make reservation in northeastern Puerto Rico, the Cabezas de san Juan natural Reserve dwellings mangroves and also a scientific research study center. There space a total of seven ecological systems in the reserve, which is diverse for a relatively small item of land. The to make reservation is notably part of the Northeast environmental Corridor and guided tours are accessible for visitors.

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