Yes. Dogs have the right to eat watermelon, and it will not cause any type of allergies or stomach condition of any kind, but please it is in advised that there are some precautions come take. The dog need to not be eat the seeds or the rind due to the fact that they will reason health concerns like minister blockage or gastrointestinal upset.

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There room a few important things you have to know about exactly exactly how to feed her dog this juicy fruit. So review on to get clued up on just how to nourish her pup.

Health services of watermelon

High water content

Watermelons contain 92% the water. So, if it need to not be relied on as a sole source of hydration, offering watermelon to your dog as a tasty law on a hot day will save her hydrated and also healthy.

High in vitamins

Watermelon is high in vitamin A, B6 and C. These vitamins room all useful to her dog’s health. Vitamin A keeps your dog’s skin, hair and also eyes healthy, and likewise helps development and development in puppies. Vitamin B6 and also C support the well-being of her dog’s immune system.

Low fat snack

To top it every off, watermelon is short in calories and has no fat or cholesterol. This provides it the ultimate healthy snack for her dog!

Can dog eat watermelon rind?

No, dogs cannot eat watermelon rind. While for people it is said to have health benefits, the rind of watermelon is very daunting for dog to digest and can result in gastrointestinal problems.

So be sure to offer your dog only the fleshy part of this fruit.

Can dogs eat watermelon seeds?

Another no-no. Eat watermelon seed can reason an intestinal blockage in dogs, therefore make sure that friend remove the seeds prior to feeding her dog watermelon.

How much watermelon should I feed my dog?

As with any kind of fruit the is for sure for dog to eat, girlfriend should give watermelon to her dog just in moderation. The factor for this is the dogs can not digest fruits and also we can, so large quantities can reason digestive upset and lead come diarrhea.

When presenting watermelon to her dog, start slowly. Start with 1 or 2 small 1-inch wedges. This will provide you a opportunity to see exactly how your dog reacts to this fruit.

If her dog has actually no troubles digesting it, friend can progressively increase this amount. However, ns wouldn’t advise giving your dog more than 4 or 5 1-inch wedges in one sitting.

When providing your dog fruit choose watermelon, it should only be considered as a treat. She will still require her top quality dog food in order to gain her day-to-day protein intake.

Can dog eat all types of melon?

Other melons choose cantaloupe and also honeydew melon are also safe for your dog to eat, v the very same precautions. Eliminate the rind and also the seeds, and also only feed it to your dog in moderation.

If her dog is acquiring on in years, cantaloupe deserve to be particularly beneficial, as it is high in anti-inflammatory properties, i beg your pardon can help to ease swollen or arthritic joints in older dogs.

What about seedless watermelons?

Yes, there is together a point as a seedless watermelon; a hybrid whose seeds do not mature right into hard, black ones.

It is precious me mentioning right here that when seedless watermelons could sound choose an much easier option, this range of watermelon still comes through the hollow, white shells that the seeds.

Although these are much less likely to cause your dog minister problems, I extremely recommend removing them.

How come prepare her dog a refreshing, healthy treat with watermelon

On a hot, summer’s day, this fruit deserve to be make even much more refreshing by making it right into a frozen snack.

This video clip shows you just how to prepare a straightforward watermelon treat to keep your dog cool and also hydrated ~ above a warm day.

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Watermelon is hydrating and also full that vitamins that are good for her dog’s health. Friend can offer it to her dog, however remember:

Remove the rindRemove the seedsStart with a little amountFeed that to your dog in moderation

Does her dog prefer watermelon? What other fruits do you share v her? Leave a comment below and also let me know!

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