Civilian Studios offers selection of personal studio an are options to artist and tiny business owners. A completely equipped timber Shop is easily accessible to current tenants for an additional monthly dues too. The building is closed come the basic public but is available 24/7 to all our members. If you’re interested in acquisition a tour, email us and also we’ll it is in in touch with ease of access and scheduling options.




Civilian Studios offers an array of exclusive workspace alternatives to artists and little business owners. Authorize our mailing perform to get notified when new studio spaces become available. If she interested in seeing more now, visit us on facebook or email us to set up a time to meet and also take a tourism of the space.

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Civilian Studios was established in 2012 by 2 strangers who shared one usual need - affordable functioning space. As they watched your artist neighborhood in an inside South east warehouse structure unravel, they made decision to take the idea and make that better. With a grasp of artists from that space and a building owner who believed in them, Ashley & Jeremy were able to create Civilian Studios LLC.


Our Mission is to carry out affordable an are to functioning artists. We sell a creative environment because that artists and tiny business owners functioning in a range of mediums and also styles. Boasting 40 private artist studios, an enclosed wood Shop, backyard, ar kitchen and conference room, Civilian Studios facilitates an engaging environment that supports artist and small business owners alike.


Located simply minutes from downtown in an in the history industrial part of phibìc Portland, we have actually over 40 exclusive spaces ranging in dimension from around 150 sq. Ft to 400 sq.ft. Access to a totally equipped hardwood Shop is obtainable for a nominal charge. Monthly rents range between $250 - $350 ~ above average and also include all utilities (heat, electric, water, WiFi, & trash). 24 hour accessibility for every tenants.

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Our structure is tucked in one industrial community sandwiched between Interstate Ave and also the train tracks.


We room a one minute walk native the Albina/Mississippi MAX terminal on the yellow line.

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We are simply a couple of minutes from downtown Portland, appropriate off federal government Ave simply north that Tillamook St. Over there is parking accessible out front.