2 clinical Language Rules

Language Review

Before us begin evaluating the rule let’s complete a quick language testimonial that will aid with pronunciation and spelling. In class, you will practice pronunciation with your Instructor.

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Short Vowelsa, e, i, o, u, and also sometimes y are shown by lower case.

Long VowelsA, E, I, O, U are indicated by top case.

ConsonantsConsonants are every one of the various other letters in the alphabet. B, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, and z.

Language rules for structure Medical Terms

When combining two combining creates you keep the combining type vowel.When combining a combining kind with a suffix that begins with a consonant girlfriend keep the combining form vowel.

Gastr/o/enter/o/logy – The examine of the stomach and also the intestines

Following rule 1, once we sign up with combining type gastr/o (meaning stomach) v the combining form enter/o (meaning intestines) we keep the combining type vowel o.Following rule 2, once we sign up with the combining form enter/o (meaning intestines) v the suffix -logy (that starts through a suffix and way the research of) we keep the combining type vowel o.
When combining a combining type with a suffix that starts with a vowel you drop the combining kind vowel. A prefix goes at the beginning of the word and no combining kind vowel is used.

Intra/ven/ous – related to to in ~ the vein

Following rule 3, an alert that once combining the combining type ven/o (meaning vein) with the suffix -ous ( the starts through a collection and way pertaining to) us drop the combining kind vowel o.Following rule 4, the prefix intra- (meaning within) is at the beginning of the clinical term through no combining kind vowel used.
When specifying a medical word, start with the suffix first and then job-related left to right stating the word parts. You might need to add filler words. As lengthy as the filler word does not adjust the meaning of the word you may use it for the purpose of building a medical vocabulary. Once you begin to apply the native in the paper definition of a sentence it will be much easier to decision which filler word(s) come choose.

Intra/ven/ous – in connection with to within the vein or related to to within a vein.

Following rule 5, notification that I begin with the suffix -ous (that method pertaining to) then we work left to right starting with the prefix Intra- (meaning within) and also the combining form ven/o (meaning vein).Notice the we have actually used 2 different meanings that mean the same thing.In these instances we carry out not have the paper definition of a complete sentence. For the purpose of building a clinical terminology structure either an interpretation is accepted.

The combining type vowel is used to sign up with word parts and to ease pronunciation.The most common combining kind vowel is one "o" yet sometimes the is an "i" or one "e".

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