This very first volume find Ginger Foutley in the special - and yick - of junior high, obtaining her an initial kiss, thinking she may have actually "feelings" because that her ideal bud, Darren, weighing the idea that breaking she mother's rules, avoiding nasty Miranda, and more!

Ginger attracts the fist of the renowned Courtney Gripling and receives an unanticipated invitation to her staged "surprise" birthday party.

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Ginger is required to baby-sit Carl while doing community business at gold Gates Old period Home. Carl sneaks away and meets a lively jokester called Maude, and becomes smitten. Carl creates a bond v Maude and includes her in all of their pranks.

Ginger tries to protect against going on her school's ski trip because she doesn't know just how to ski yet Dodie and Macie convince her that skiing isn't the sole objective in going.

When Courtney overhears Ginger make sleepover plans with Macie and Dodie, she enlists Miranda's help in hosting this novel idea herself.

When Dodie is liked as the brand-new school notice person, she solemnly assures to uphold the dignity of the position however soon is delivering an ext gossip than needed information.
When Miranda craftily comments to Ginger the she and also Darren do a cute couple, it sends out Ginger's mental racing and also that night she has a confusing dream. Dodie and Macie analyze the signs of the dream to average that Ginger likes Darren as a boyfriend.
When Ginger receive a belated graduation card from she father, she phone call his answering an equipment and invites him come hear she poem. She really hopes for a family reunion and writes a emotional poem about her father gift a stranger come her.
Carl, detect a toupee in the school hallway, fashions it into a mask which wakens the wolf within. That reinvents himself as "Wolf Boy" and Hoodsey organizes wolf Boy showings in the backyard until Carl goes also far and attacks a teacher for his brand-new wig.
For a scientific research fair project, Carl and also Hoodsey are collection to purchase Einstein's DNA when Blake Gripling gets to the first. Instead, they collection DNA samples in ~ Macie's swimming pool party.

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After angry Courtney purchase make-up in the drugstore, the girls decide they have to break right into Lois's off-limits bathroom and also "borrow" part make-up come spice up their lackluster college photos.