Medically the evaluation by Saurabh Sethi, M.D., MPH — written by Kiara Anthony — updated on June 26, 2018

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What is splenic flexure syndrome?

Splenic flexure syndrome is a problem that causes gas to end up being trapped inside flexures — or curves — within your colon. Her splenic flexure is in the spicy bend in between your transverse colon and also descending colon in your upper abdomen. The situated beside your spleen.

While gas is normal, splenic flexure syndrome can reason excessive gas and also discomfort. This condition, considered a chronic cradle disorder, is assumed to be a sub-type of irritable bowel syndrome.

General discomfort, particularly in your upper left ab area, is a common symptom of splenic flexure syndrome. However, various other symptoms you might experience with this problem include:

feeling that fullnessexcessive gas or flatulencebelchingchest pain

While symptom from splenic flexure syndrome might not it is in life-threatening, this problem can reason severe pain. If your symptoms come to be unbearable or worsen over time, seek instant medical attention.

Splenic flexure syndrome occurs once gas builds up or i do not care trapped in your colon. Thought to be the primary reason of this condition, gas accumulation causes trapped waiting to press on the inner lining of your stomach and digestive tract. Together a result, pressure can build on surrounding organs bring about pain and also discomfort. Happen gas can help to relieve the pain, but that can become very difficult with this condition.

Other causes of splenic flexure syndrome include:

gas-forming foods chewing gum too much alcohol consumptioncomplications from ab surgeryinfectionsgastrointestinal disorders

Before recommending treatment, your medical professional will ascendancy out other cardiac and gastrointestinal conditions. Your physician will conduct a full examination of your symptoms and review your current diet and also medical history. Over there is no certain test offered to diagnose splenic flexure syndrome. However, there are a variety of diagnostic actions doctors deserve to use to discover the resource of her pain. Several of the more common diagnostic tests include:

X-ray imaging the the huge intestine

There’s no details treatment for this condition, but with way of living changes and also proper diet you deserve to improve and resolve her symptoms. In part cases, splenic flexure syndrome improves and also goes away on its very own from flatulence or regular bowel movements.

Your doctor might recommend laxatives and also other cradle aids to alleviate constipation and improve digestion. Your doctor may additionally recommend antacid medicine to relieve bloating and stomach pains by reducing excessive gas production.

Modifying your diet have the right to prevent symptoms from splenic flexure syndrome. World suffering from this cradle disorder follow a diet excluding foods items that may trigger gas and also bloating. Typical gas-inducing foods items to stop include:

prunesdairyonionsfatty meatscornpeaspotatoescabbagebreadprocessed cereals

Splenic flexure syndrome is a digestive disorder that causes gas to accumulate in your colon. While the not thought about a life-threatening condition, splenic flexure syndrome can reason severe pain and also discomfort if left untreated. Though over there is no details treatment plan to avoid or healing this condition, lifestyle and diet changes, and increased awareness can improve her symptoms.

If her symptoms worsen or don’t enhance over one extended period of time, schedule a visit through your doctor. This may show a an ext serious cradle disorder or illness.


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Medically reviewed by Saurabh Sethi, M.D., MPH — written by Kiara Anthony — update on June 26, 2018