Breeding her dog top top her very first heat is just... Wrong. That has good potential for health risks and also your pup won"t be mature enough herself to be a mother.

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Have you ever before wondered what will certainly possibly happen if her dogs has her warm cycle at 6 month old and also then she accidentally it s okay pregnant at a very young puppy age? It will certainly be a whirlwind of emotions. As well as you being surprised, her female dog, too, will certainly be overwhelmed of exactly how stressful pregnancy can be specifically when no yet ready!

"Even though your dog might actually have actually 2 reproductive cycles in a year, your female dog is mono-estrous."


Let"s find out why it"s no okay for her dog to gain pregnant top top her very first heat, and also when it"s ideal to each other her.

Dogs are Mono-estrous.

Even though your dog might actually have actually 2 reproductive cycles in a year, your female dog is mono-estrous. Meaning? your dog only has actually one breeding season every year. And when do dogs an initial go into heat? Their heat cycle may begin as early as 6 months to 1 year and at this age onward, mating and pregnancy can occur.

If her female dog i do not care a mama dog as at an early stage as her an initial heat, she might not know just how to act in this motherhood situation and may not totally grasp the obligation of gift a mother, causing not taking great care the or rejecting her pups.

At what period can dogs get pregnant?

Dogs can gain pregnant as shortly as they have actually their first heat. Your mrs dog is may be to have a litter however she is much from being prepared to raise them.

Breeding and getting your dog pregnant on her dog"s an initial heat can likewise pose health threats for both her dog and her pups like negative genes gift passed on, and behavioral alters like aggression.

Aside native labor and delivery, the continuous breast feeding of the dam to she pups can cause too much stress to she body therefore she should be physically and mentally matured because that that. Although she reproductive system tells you your dog is prepared to have your grand pups, her body isn"t for this reason reconsider when you arrangement to announcement the come of pups.

Also, plenty of tests the your mrs dog have to undergo come make sure she she is healthy and fit for reproduction can"t it is in done until your dog transforms 2 year old. You can end up breeding an unhealthy dog and there is a huge possibility because that the pass on of hereditary defects in she litter.

Your dog"s heat cycle wake up in this procedure and it"s far better to prepare and also secure she from any unwanted breeding if she begins showing these stages:

Stage 1: Proestrus - there is vaginal discharge, males become attracted to females but the females room still unwilling to mate. Length: 4-20 days.

Stage 2: Estrus - your dog will have a swollen vulva, together with some yellowish quality discharge, mating occurs throughout this phase through the female dog giving in openly to the males. This is the phase where your dog is many fertile. Length: 5-13 days.

Stage 3: Metestrus (or Diestrus) -the period after mating. Length: 60-90 days. If her dog is pregnant, pregnancy will certainly last between 60-64 days.

Stage 4 Anestrus - the period of inactivity in dogs (sexual and hormonal) between estrus phases. Length: 2-3 months.


Puberty or sex-related maturity in woman dogs kick in at various times, escape on so countless factors. Smaller sized breeds have tendency to get in heat for the first time about six month of age, while bigger dogs can be 2 years old before they get in heat. And if in heat, her female dog will bleed and may soil things. This method blood have the right to and will get on your couch, carpet, floor, and furniture; a recipe for disaster! 


These diapers because that dogs look very similar to human diapers other than that over there is a hole to accommodate your fur-baby’s tails. The hole is elastic and also is easily stretched depending upon how big the dog’s tail is, providing no chance of any leakage. 

The diaper pad, too, is sewn into the diaper and also has a waterproof outer layer. The sewn-in super absorbent pad provides cost savings by eliminating the need for disposable inserts and also prevents having actually to touch pistol soiled inserts. All you have to simply perform is rinse, wash, dry, repeat! 

Breeding 101

The appropriate time come breed your dog is when she is roughly two year old. She body has actually then become fully matured to take it on the complete stress the pregnancy and what comes after.

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As pets parents, we have countless things to take it into factor to consider when reproduction our mrs dog because that the first time.

Make sure your female dog is healthy and well-conditioned prior to breeding and perform every relevant health checks, like hip evaluation and ophthalmologist evaluation, come make sure you are doing every you have the right to to ensure she is healthy sufficient to breed. If her dog is no well, it will certainly only cause future health difficulties during her pregnancy. Plan front of each stud session around who you"ll breed your dog to, when and where you"ll store her during her pregnancy, and also other pre-pregnancy prepare to make sure that your female dog will be bred in and also her litter be increased in the finest environment. Ensure that you have actually the vital equipment and location to administer your dog a comfortable pregnancy and delivery, like a stress-free setting far from according to noises and also stray animals, prenatal vitamins and dog food, whelping box, labor devices (surgical gloves, heater pads, etc.), milk replacer (just in case), vitamins because that the litter and also of course the financial capacity to keep the litter"s vaccines updated.