Many women through a silver jewelry collection also have a collection of silver- chains and also bracelets broken or damaged to proceed wearing them. The advantage of solid silver- jewelry is the they never lose their steel value.It"s easy to melt these jewelry scraps into a silver- nugget that deserve to be resold or reused to do a brand-new silver jewelry at a reduced cost.

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Little product needed


You"ll require a brick and also a blowtorch.

A kitchen blowtorch will certainly be sufficient if you desire to melt tiny pieces the jewelry. Otherwise it"s essential to use a conventional torch such as those sold in DIY stores.We use butane come refill the torch (sold in supermarkets refills because that lighters or torches). In the instance of silver jewelry debris come melt to make a nugget, simply make a tiny pile with silver debris in the middle of the brick, then warmth with the torch.The flame"s blue color indicates a temperature of about 1200 ° Celsius, and pure silver- melts in the direction of 962 ° C. Our jewels aren"t pure, they contain a small copper so your melting temperature is a little lower.By melting, silver creates a molten ball that conveniently binds with other molten silver balls. You"ll likewise need pliers to facilitate the taking care of of still warm silver balls.This following video (fr) summarizes this process :

We achieve a silver- nugget that a dark gray, an outcome of the burning residues blended with the molten silver.

Purify silver


This part is much more delicate. Silver nuggets need to be immersed in a nitric mountain bath (concentration unknown) to dissolve silver and also copper ~ several hours (or days).Then, it"s essential to add a saline systems that will create silver chloride together a precipitate. It can then be filtered and also isolated from the rest of the steels that comprised the silver of our jewels.Once dried, the precipitate i do not care a silver powder that deserve to be remelted to acquire a pure silver block. This purification process is spread over numerous days.Update : You have the right to consult this write-up on silver- purification (fr) which will offer you added indications. Friend can likewise watch our video clip on this subject.

Video of silver- melting through kitchen blowtorch

Silver casting 


(Source : Lyonnaise Solyfonte agency specializing in foundry since 1991)

If you desire to obtain money from several jewels to make a small ingot to bring to a jeweler, you"ll first need a crucible to melt her silver.To sink silver- in a container shaped favor your ingot, it"s advantageous to dig a cabinet in a piece of solid wood, or to make a hard wood framework with a wood bottom (the most economical).Then you actors the melted silver into the mold. It will certainly burn, but in a few seconds the silver will cool down and your wood mold won"t be destroyed. It is in aware, however, that the true an approach is come sink the molten silver right into a plaster mold.Then go to her jeweler to use your ingot to produce a new jewel. Her jeweler will then test the silver quality (fr) you bring him.

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Case of silver- plated jewelry

Melting silver plated jewelry is useless. The silver layer on these jewels is so slim (a maximum thickness of a few tens that microns) the it represents practically no value.Moreover, by melt these jewels, you"ll mix silver v the rest of the steel of the jewel. You"ll get a really poor silver- alloy that won"t present any type of interest, resale or other jewelry.


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