We have a tradition of excellence dating earlier over 150 years, and constantly finding methods to get even better. We're all set for you. Pertained to the Ateneo.We have a tradition of excellence dating back over 150 years, and constantly finding means to get also better. We're prepared for you. Pertained to the Ateneo....read moreless

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What does Ateneo de Manila university (ADMU) stand for?

Ateneo de Manila college (ADMU) is a private academic and research institution. Its first campus, called Escuela Municipal de Manila, was a public primary school established by the society of Jesus in 1859 in Intramuros, Manila. In 1865, the management of the Escuela Municipal adjusted its name to Ateneo Municipal de Manila. The was likewise during this year that Ateneo Municipal ended up being an academy of secondary education.Ateneo came to be a exclusive institution during the American regime. In 1909, the school changed its name to Ateneo de Manila.In 1932, the campus moved to Padre Faura, Ermita. In 1925, Ateneo relocated to its existing location follow me Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Seventy years later, Ateneo became a university.Today, ADMU is house to Filipino values and also continuously addresses social problems about the country. Indigenous the simple to Graduate education levels, the Atenean education serves as a crucial to open the minds of the students that they room the solutions to the ills of society. Straightforward Education is divided into three levels: Elementary, small High, and senior High. The great School and also Junior High institution Department the ADMU is exclusive for boys. ~ above the various other hand, the senior High institution welcomes females.The undergraduate courses in ADMU are separated into 4 colleges. Each college trains students, not only with the necessary skills for employment, but also inspire a lorem ipsum dolor humanist and faith-center environment. College student become associated in situations and also locations with social difficulties through the National business Training routine (NSTP), the small Engagement regime (JEEP), and also the an elderly Immersion Program. School organizations under the council of institutions of the Ateneo (COA) likewise supply students through extracurricular tasks to aid others through various endeavors. Finally, experts can further their education through numerous graduate courses or quick classes accessible in different campuses about Metro Manila.Ateneo De Manila university facts:Fr. Francisco Z. Araneta, S.J. Was the very first Filipino rector that Ateneo de Manila in 1595The school’s Latin motto, Lux in Domino, method “Light in the Lord” in EnglishAteneo de Manila has actually 10 college varsities, including the famous Men’s Basketball Teamand the Women’s Volleyball Team.Source:http://www.ateneo.edu/

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What program & courses does Ateneo de Manila college (ADMU) offer?

Choosing the right regime can help you set your future goals and also visualize where you want to be. Even if it is you want to it is in an engineer, a teacher, an accountant, or you desire to level increase in your profession, make yourself educated with the right selections will surely earlier you up in the future. Space you ready to map your career through Ateneo de Manila college (ADMU)? make the ideal decision in choosing the best path because that you, click v the perform of programs available by Ateneo de Manila college (ADMU) below:

Senior High school Tracks

College (Undergraduate) Programs

Graduate researches Programs

Short process & Certifications

What room the tuition & fees because that students in ~ Ateneo de Manila college (ADMU)?

Tuition and also miscellaneous fees differ by program and course.