Skyrocketing tuition fees space nothing new. If the board of directors on greater Education has actually named an ext institutions spanned by the free tuition law, Manila’s top universities are still exempted by this. On optimal of steep tuition dues costs, parents still have to take into consideration their children everyday prices such together food, transportation, and accommodation if needed. 

Nonetheless, getting a college degree–or an education and learning for the matter–is still one of the best investments the you deserve to make. Planning ahead is crucial, especially when tuition fees are constantly increasing every year. To offer you a clearer snapshot of exactly how much to expect, below are few of the projected undergraduate tuition fee costs of several of Manila’s optimal universities. 

Ateneo de Manila university (ADMU)
Photo through Robert S. Peña / Wikimedia Commons

Known for your business and humanities courses, ADMU is among the earliest private institutions in the country. Ateneo has actually a semestral device from august to May. Follow to the university’s website, a semester is estimated to cost about P100,000, which currently includes tuition and miscellaneous fees. Extr laboratory fees room dependent on the student’s regimen of choice.

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Staying in ~ Ateneo’s conventional in-campus dormitory will cost you P50,500 every semester. ~ above the other hand, the global Residence Hall, which dwellings both international and also local students, will cost P90,500 per semester.

De La Salle University (DLSU)
Photo courtesy of Patrick Roque / Wikimedia Commons

At the southern finish of the bustling Taft way is DLSU, a study university specializing in engineering and business programs. DLSU is one of the very couple of educational organizations in the country that follow a trimestral system, meaning that the college year is divided into three terms making up of 12 come 13 weeks. 

For college year 2019 come 2020, a term is estimated to cost around P90,000 come P110,000, depending on the student’s program. This fee currently covers tuition, miscellaneous, and also laboratory fees. While DLSU only borders its real estate facility to female athletes, there room a plethora that choices easily accessible near the campus.

University that Santo Tomas (UST)
Photo courtesy the Tristan Tamayo / Wikimedia Commons

The oldest university in the country is widely known for that architecture and also medicine programs. Together of this academic year, the estimated tuition fees of one semester varieties from P50,000 up to P80,000, i m sorry excludes various fees, depending upon the student’s routine of study. The failure of expenses can be uncovered on the university’s website. Off-campus accommodations are easily accessible around the area. 

Mapúa UniversityPhoto courtesy that Patrick Roque / Wikimedia Commons

Mapúa college hails chin as among the height schools in the metro specializing in engineering. Mapúa has campuses in Intramuros and also Makati. They monitor a “quarterm” system, i m sorry splits the academic year into four terms. Tentative fees for college freshmen selection from P27,000 to P50,000 per term depending on the student’s program. The fee currently includes tuition, miscellaneous, and other fees. Real estate facilities are accessible off-campus.

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Far Eastern university (FEU) 
Photo courtesy the Ramil Tibayan / Wikimedia Commons

Situated at the love of the college belt, FEU supplies a variety of undergraduate programs from company to arts and sciences courses. Because that this scholastic year, tuition fee approximates are in ~ P50,000 come P65,000 per semester, which already includes other fees. Dormitories and housing accommodations are accessible off-campus.

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