With fantasy basesphere drafts for the 2010 seachild in complete swing, I indulged a particular question of mine and also did a little research. What intrigued me is this question: What is the age of an average Major League Baseround player?

While I am unsure whether tbelow is a discernible correlation that have the right to be found in between age and performance, knowing the benchmarks might yield some pattern that can be helpful for fantasy managers. Basically, as I sift via rosters and statistics in preparation for my drafts and a comment mentions a player had reached the "peak" of his playing days, I desire a suggest of reference for just how lengthy major league players generally play, or at what allude players reach their prime.

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A popular example outside baseball would certainly be that ATP players seem to fade out of the game by their mid-20s. I’m not sure the precise age, yet the fact that it is a big deal Roger Federer still wins tournaments at 29 appears to stop to this.

And so, I just desire to offer you an concept of what the average age of MLB roster will look like for 2010, and also some interesting tidbits I discovered.

The average age of an MLB player is 27.2: 27.0 for the AL, and 27.4 for the NL. I would be interested to watch exactly how this can readjust if more significant league players went to college or remained long sufficient to graduate. According to a survey publiburned in the Wall Street Journal, just 26 players and also supervisors on 2009 MLB teams’ rosters had actually four-year levels.


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I would certainly venture to argue that college baseball is just as competitive as the minor leagues. But that number is so low that college players go pro in somepoint other than basesphere because the minors are that much more challenging, or, they went to college for their education and also not baseball. While this is intriguing, a 10-team fantasy league just will certainly make use of much less than 1/3 of MLB players.

Most fantasy managers would be interested in understanding, then, that in the time of the last 5 seasons, the average age of AL MVPs was additionally 27, and also 27.2 for NL MVPs. For the Cy Young, the AL winner was on average 27.4 years old, while the NL winner was 25.8 years old. On the hand also, the average periods of the two leagues’ Rookies of the Year were 22.4 and 23.6 years old, for the AL and NL, respectively.

So it appears that players spfinish approximately 4 years in the minors and also then require about 3 or four more years to prove themselves one of the games elite players, need to they have actually the talent to do so.

If you look at the all-stars from each league, the last 5 years have actually been remarkably constant. The average age of an all-star in the time of the last 5 years is 29.1 years, through the youngest team, the 2008 NL squad, at 28.46 years, and the earliest, the 2005 AL squad, at 30.1 years. While there will be constantly be outliers, favor Roger Clemens making the 2005 NL squad at 42, the majority of players can be found in the 27-31 age array.

To expand the watch to encompass groups, the distinction in between the earliest team (the Phillies at 28.9 years) and also the youngest (the Diamondbacks at 26.2 years) is around three years. They are both in what appears to be the prime years for ML teams, and they are both intended to contend for their division title this seakid. The 3 youngest teams—D’Backs, Padres (26.2), and also Giants (26.3)—are all in the NL West.

The 6 earliest groups, Nationals (28.1), Astros (28.2), Brewers (28.3), Mets (28.6), Dodgers (28.8) and also Phillies are all also in the NL. And if you throw in the following youngest team, the Red Sox (27.9), this geriatric list has five of the top 11 groups in regards to highest payroll.

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On the various other finish, 6 of the 11 youngest teams are among the eight teams through the lowest payroll. I would certainly not contact 2010 the start of a "youth movement," however should the Athletics, Giants, Diamondbacks, or Angels compete for the World Series this season, it would certainly assist a instance for investing in youth, even for groups looking to win now, rather than later.