With fantasy baseball drafts because that the 2010 season in complete swing, ns indulged a specific question that mine and did a small research. What intrigued me is this question: What is the age of an average major League Baseball player?

While ns am unsure whether there is a discernible correlation that have the right to be discovered between age and performance, discovering the benchmarks may yield some pattern that deserve to be beneficial for fantasy managers. Basically, together I sift v rosters and statistics in ready for my drafts and also a comment mentions a player had actually reached the "peak" that his playing days, I want a suggest of reference for exactly how long significant league players generally play, or in ~ what suggest players reach your prime.

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A well-known example outside baseball would be the ATP football player seem come fade the end of the game by your mid-20s. I’m not sure the exact age, but the reality that the is a large deal i get it Federer still wins tournaments at 29 seems to speak to this.

And so, I simply want to provide you an idea the what the average age of MLB roster will certainly look choose for 2010, and also some amazing tidbits i found.

The average period of one MLB player is 27.2: 27.0 because that the AL, and 27.4 for the NL. I would be interested to see just how this might readjust if more major league players saw college or remained long sufficient to graduate. Follow to a survey released in the wall surface Street Journal, only 26 players and also managers top top 2009 MLB teams’ rosters had four-year degrees.


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I would undertaking to argue the college baseball is simply as competitive together the boy leagues. Yet that number is therefore low that college football player go pro in something various other than baseball due to the fact that the minors space that much much more difficult, or, they visited college for your education and not baseball. While this is intriguing, a 10-team fantasy organization only will manipulate less 보다 1/3 of MLB players.

Most fantasy managers would be interested in knowing, then, that throughout the last five seasons, the average age of AL MVPs was likewise 27, and 27.2 for NL MVPs. Because that the Cy Young, the AL winner to be on average 27.4 year old, when the NL winner was 25.8 year old. ~ above the hand, the average ages of the 2 leagues’ Rookies that the Year to be 22.4 and 23.6 year old, because that the AL and NL, respectively.

So it seems that players spend about four years in the minors and also then need about three or four more years come prove themselves one of the gamings elite players, must they have actually the talent to carry out so.

If friend look at the all-stars from each league, the last five years have actually been remarkably consistent. The average period of one all-star throughout the last 5 years is 29.1 years, v the youngest team, the 2008 NL squad, at 28.46 years, and also the oldest, the 2005 AL squad, in ~ 30.1 years. If there will be always be outliers, favor Roger Clemens do the 2005 NL formation at 42, the bulk of players deserve to be uncovered in the 27-31 period range.

To increase the watch to include teams, the difference between the oldest team (the Phillies at 28.9 years) and the youngest (the Diamondbacks at 26.2 years) is approximately three years. They space both in what appears to be the prime years because that ML teams, and they room both expected to compete for their division title this season. The 3 youngest teams—D’Backs, Padres (26.2), and Giants (26.3)—are every in the NL West.

The six oldest teams, Nationals (28.1), Astros (28.2), Brewers (28.3), Mets (28.6), Dodgers (28.8) and also Phillies are all likewise in the NL. And also if you throw in the following youngest team, the Red Sox (27.9), this geriatric list has five of the top 11 groups in terms of highest payroll.

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On the other end, 6 of the 11 youngest groups are amongst the eight groups with the shortest payroll. I would certainly not speak to 2010 the beginning of a "youth movement," yet should the Athletics, Giants, Diamondbacks, or Angels contend for the World collection this season, that would help a instance for investing in youth, also for teams looking to win now, fairly than later.