Jamaica is famed for that reggae music, friendly people, and vibrant culture. However it’s likewise one the the world’s many beautiful countries, through a diverse landscape that functions lush rainforests and spectacular beaches.

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The citizens of Jamaica enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with a warmth climate and also affordable expense of living. This idyllic setting has attracted plenty of American over the past decade, who are looking for a warmth location to enjoy their golden years.

But exactly how affordable is Jamaica? can a retiree on one average income live in Jamaica? just how much revenue is needed to retiree in Jamaica comfortably? In this guide, fine answer these questions and also many more as we take a closer look at the price of living in Jamaica.

Key Takeaways

Jamaica has come to be a famous retirement location due to the fact that of that climate, relaxed way of life, affordability, great food, amazing culture, and friendly locals.Consumer price are about 40% lower in Jamaica 보다 in the United says (including rent)Jamaica is the 90th many affordable nation ~ above the price of life indexReal heritage is cheap in Jamaica, specifically if you intend to live outside of the major city centers

Why retiree In Jamaica?

Jamaica is a small Caribbean island country located to the south of Cuba. It is well known for being the birthplace that reggae music and the legend musician Bob Marley.

However, over there is much much more to Jamaica than music, including amazing food and also a vivid topography of mountains, rainforests and stunning beaches. The Jamaican people are amongst the friendliest in the world and welcoming of expats. The main reasons why American retirees are moving to Jamaica include:

AffordabilityRetiring in Jamaica is much an ext affordable than retiring in the united States.ClimateJamaica is located an extremely close to the equator, for this reason experiences heat weather practically all year round, v temperatures ranging between 71°F (22°C) and also 96°F (36°C). There is no genuine winter season and the beaches space swimmable all year round. The perfect ar for retirees searching for a warm place come retire.AttractionsYou will never run the end of points to carry out while in Jamaica. The nation is packed with historical locations, tourist attractions, beaches, mountains, waterfalls, restaurants, cafes, sporting activities clubs, equine riding, bobsledding, swim pools, theaters, nightclubs, bars, and much more.Cultural diversityPeople native all approximately the human being come to Jamaica. You will find numerous different races, religions, and also cultures happily mix together. This provides Jamaica a an extremely exciting location to live.MusicIf you space a music lover, you’ll find Jamaica to be a slice of heaven. Reggae and also Dancehall music space the many popular alternatives and there space music venues everywhere.A good place to start a businessIf girlfriend are just semi-retired, you’ll easily discover countless business opportunities to pursue in Jamaica.

Where walk Jamaica rank In The Cost-Of-Living Index?


The low price of housing is one of the key reasons why retirees move to Jamaica indigenous the united States. It’s possible to rent a very comfortable apartment or residence in Jamaica in ~ a portion of the price of renting in a significant U.S. City choose Los Angeles, Orlando, or Chicago.

The architecture aesthetic of Jamaican dwellings is also much much more exciting than the houses in American cities. Girlfriend can find really quirky homes in a wide variety of architectural styles in Jamaica.

Cost the Apartments in Jamaica (Rent per month)

Located in a major Jamaica city:

(1 bedroom) $73,500.00 JMD ($495.00 USD)

(3 bedrooms) $151,500.00 JMD ($1,025.00 USD)

Located external of a major city center

(1 bedroom) $43,000.00 JMD ($290.00 USD)

(3 bedrooms) $105,000.00 JMD ($705.00 USD)

Cost of residences in Jamaica (Rent every month)

The price of renting a home in Jamaica will differ greatly depending upon its location, construct quality and the amenities it offers. Price can range anywhere indigenous $300 USD come $5,000 USD per month. Residences in the middle of Kingston room the many expensive option, particularly if they are on the larger side.

Many retirees pick to rent houses in nation clubs or estates, together they space safe, gated neighborhoods with wonderful amenities. A two-bedroom house in a nation club in Saint Ann Parish could cost around $1,100 USD a month.

However, for this price, girlfriend will reap a gym, huge swimming pool, breakfast bar, go trails, BBQ areas and other excellent amenities. A big three bedroom residence in a gated neighborhood might cost secondary $300 or $400 USD.

More luxurious residences in the middle of Kingston can cost anywhere between $2,500 USD and also $6,000 USD per month. For this price, friend will obtain a very large and stately home with great views.

If you space on a chop budget, friend can uncover modest 2-3 bedroom homes for as small as $400 to $600 per month in areas like St Catherine and also St Elizabeth.

Buying home In Jamaica

There are no restrictions on however, buying or selling building in Jamaica, i m sorry is good news because that retirees interested in settling under for the long term. The price of actual estate is very affordable compared to the united States. However, one more, high-end houses and those in ~ the centre of Kingston can be an extremely expensive.

It is always advisable to obtain advice indigenous a local real heritage lawyer as soon as purchasing real estate in Jamaica. Lock will examine that there space no conflict interests versus the residential or commercial property you desire to purchase.

In regards to price, you can expect to salary about:

$50,000 USD for a quarter acre block of floor in a ar like Newark Grove, Spur Tree Hill$100,000 USD for a 2 bedroom bungalow in Lottery, climbed Hill, Manchester$240,000 USD for a 2-3 bedroom bungalow in a gated community$260,000 USD for a 2 bedroom apartment overlooking the water in Montego Bay$270,000 USD for a large detached 5+ bedroom home in place like Saint mar or Avondale Heights$500,000 USD because that a luxury villa in White House, Westmoreland, Jamaica$750,000 USD for a stunning 11 bedroom, 10 bathroom mansion located in ocean Ridge Drive, Rio Nuevo, St. Mary

Utility prices In Jamaica

Utilities and Internet accessibility are both really affordable in Jamaica. The warmth climate renders heating unnecessary and also most houses have solar hot water, i beg your pardon can aid you mitigate your energy bills also more.

For the average 2-3 bedroom home, the cost ofElectricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, and Garbage handle is around $15,000 JMD ($100.00 USD) month. Web (60+ Mbps, endless Data) will cost about $5,250.00 JMD ($33.00 USD)

Employment & earnings in Jamaica

If girlfriend are just semi-retired, you will do it be happy to find out that Jamaica is a an excellent place to discover employment or start a brand-new business. The economic situation has to be quite good in current years, through the unemployment rate halving in between 2013 and also 2020. Numerous expats start tourism businesses, cafes, or restaurants after moving to Jamaica.

The typical monthly salary (after tax) in Jamaica is about $97,000.00 JMD ($656.77 USD). However, friend can attain a much greater salary if you room a highly expert worker.

Childcare expenses in Jamaica

The rates for childcare, pre-school, and also public school is quite reasonable. You can expect come pay about $30,000 JMD per month ($204.00 USD) for full-day private day care or kindergarten.

Healthcare & Medical expenses in Jamaica

Jamaica has a kind health treatment system with well trained doctors and also excellent medical facilities. There are clinics and also hospitals in every parishes top top the island, however they carry out vary in terms of size and also the level of care they deserve to provide.

Health care is complimentary for every citizens and legal residents living in Jamaica, while non-residents should pay up-front fees. Unfortunately, there have the right to be long queues once accessing solutions in the public wellness system. Because that this reason, countless retirees choose to purchase private health and wellness insurance and also use the exclusive health treatment facilities in Kingston or Montego Bay. When this is an ext expensive, you can accessibility high-quality medical care as quickly as the is needed.

Enrolling in an international wellness care setup is frequently the best option for accessing private clinical facilities. The price of this insurance plans will certainly vary based on your age, health, gender, what the setup includes, which countries are included, and several other factors. However, you have the right to expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $20,000 per year.

Cost of apparel & shoes in Jamaica

Clothing and also shoes are sensibly priced in Jamaica, with countless cheap assets being imported from China, Taiwan, and Bangladesh. There is likewise a little local textiles industry that provides traditional and bespoke items. If you desire to stay the latest clothing from european or American designers, mean to pay a premium. Typical prices are:

Casual Clothing

1 Pair of blue jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) $4,900.00 JMD ($33.00 USD)

1 Summer dress or feather Skirt (Popular chain store) $3,500 JMD ($23.00 USD)


1 Pair of to run Shoes (Nike or Adidas) $8,000.00 JMD ($54.00 USD)

Pair the Men’s business Shoes $19,500.00 JMD (USD $70.00 USD)

Taxes & Legal info in Jamaica

The Jamaican government motivates foreigners to relocate to their country and have generous tax arrangements because that retirees. Here is a quick overview that your taxation obligations once retiring in Jamaica.

Do us Citizens have to Pay count While living in Jamaica?

If you are still a U.S. Citizen, girlfriend will have actually IRS taxation obligations also while life in Jamaica. This can include:

IRS type 40 should be lodged if you earn more than $10,000 USD per year. This lodgment is required even if your earnings is derived from a international country.IRS kind 8938 have to be lodged if you overseas assets worth more than $200,000 USD (per person).FinCEN type 114 (known as a Foreign bank Account Reportor FBAR) should be lodged if you have an ext than $10,000 USD in a foreign bank account or invest account.

Fortunately, there room deductions on income tax payment in Jamaica, therefore you will avoid dual taxation. The Jamaican federal government shares information with the IRS, so they will recognize how countless assets you very own in Jamaica.

Income tax in Jamaica

Expat retirees that live in Jamaica intermittently are just taxed top top the income that is earned in Jamaica.

However, this will readjust if you spend more than 6 months in Jamaica each tax year, if you own a home in Jamaica, or if friend visit Jamaica for at the very least 3 months every year because that 4 year consequentially.

When this occurs, you will certainly be taken into consideration a Jamaican resides for taxation purposes. This way you will certainly pay tax on an international income above a tax-free threshold (currently $11,712.18 USD). The tax rate is progressive, beginning at 25% then reaching 30% for high revenue earners (currently $46,845.72 USD).

Even if you room taxed in Jamaica, it’s crucial to remember that you are safeguarded against twin taxation. This way you will never be taxed on the same earnings in both Jamaica and also the joined States.

Your society Security and pension payment will never be taxation by the Jamaican government, however, lock still could be taxation by the U.S.

Capital Gains taxation in Jamaica

There is right now no funding gains taxes in Jamaica. However, there room transfer taxes and also stamp duty top top the sales the shares and also real estate.

VAT taxes in Jamaica

Jamaica has actually a GeneralConsumption Tax(GCT) the 15% on details items.

Real Estate and also Property Tax

There room a number of fees and also taxes associated with buying and also selling real estate in Jamaica. Castle include:

Legal fees: 1.50% – 3.00% (+16.50% GCT) because that both buyer and also sellerStamp duty: 2% for both buyer and sellerRegistration fee: 0.25% because that both buyer and also sellerTransfer tax: 5% because that sellerReal estate certified dealer fee: 3% – 5% (+ 16.50% CGT) for seller

Is there Retirement tax in Jamaica?

There is no retirement taxation in Jamaica as social security and also pension payments space 100% taxation free. However, you may be taxed on various other sources of international income (as stated above).

Inheritance taxes in Jamaica

There is no inheritance tax in Jamaica, however, if one estate consists of property it will be taxed.

Property have the right to be moved to beneficiaries in among two ways in Jamaica: inter vivos (while you room still alive) or mortis causa (after death).Transfers that occur while you room still alive will certainly be taxed at a level rate the 7.5%.

For transfers tat happen after death, properties will certainly be taxation ay the market value minus any type of debts, funeral expenses, and also estate management costs. Properties approximately $100,000 JMD (about $8,100 USD) space tax exempt. The value of the residential or commercial property over this amount is taxation at 7.5%.

Cost of entertain In Jamaica

Jamaica is a vivid country v an interesting culture. That the perfect retirement location if you want to remain active during your gold years. You’ll never ever run the end of things to do, from hiking through lush forests, sunning yourself on the beach, or discovering local reggae acts.

In regards to entertainment costs, you will spend about:

$2,600.00 JMD ($18.00 USD) for two movie tickets$4,000.00 JMD ($27.00 USD) for 2 theater tickets$6,000.00 JMD ($41.00 USD) because that dinner for 2 at a neighborhood pub$13,000.00 JMD ($94.00 USD) for three course dinner because that two with wine and also desert$755.00 JMD ($5.10 USD) cocktail at a regional club$495.00 JMD ($3.30 USD) because that a cappuccino$360.00 JMD ($2.45 USD) because that beer in ~ a regional pub$5,600.00 JMD ($38.00 USD) for a monthly gym membership

What to intend Before showing up In Jamaica to Live

Here is some extr information around the other prices which you might incur once retiring in Jamaica.

Jamaica immigration Costs

Americans can stay in Jamaica because that up to 6 months there is no a visa, i m sorry is an excellent for retirees who want to obtain a feeling of what life in Jamaica is like. If girlfriend love Jamaica and intend to remain for longer, you will require to apply for residency status.

To acquire residency, you will need:

A Valid nationwide PassportEvidence the financial standing and way of assistance (social security, pension, cash, rental revenue etc)Certified Copy of birth Certificate;Evidence that Marital status – marriage Certificate, particulars that spouse, children and also other dependents;Medical Certificate of great health;Police Certificate indigenous the state from which you space migrating;Two (2) Passport size photographs;Reasons for seeking permanent residence in Jamaica;Names and addresses of 2 reputable references or acquaintances.

Can I use USD in Jamaica?

Yes, the bulk of stores will certainly accept U.S. Currency. However, it’s constantly useful to have actually some Jamaican currency as certain shops will only accept JMD. Be aware that also when you salary in USD, your change may be in JMD.

How much Cash have the right to I lug into Jamaica?

Travelers are enabled to lug up to $10,000 USD in undeclared cash and also other assets right into Jamaica. If you wish to bring in higher amounts, friend will must declare it.

How much Does it cost to Live comfortable in Jamaica?

A retired pair can reap a ‘comfortable way of life in Jamaica for between $800 and also $2,000 per month. This figure has plenty of money for rent, food, entertainment, fuel, utilities, health and wellness insurance, clothing, and other essential purchases.

The main element in determining the price of a comfortable way of living is where and how you select to live. If you decide to live in a 2-3 bedroom rented house within a gated estate, the rental alone might cost $1,100 USD per month. However, if you made decision a 1 bedroom level in a local area, your rent might be together low together $300 USD every month.

Sample Jamaican Monthly Budget

Rent: $400 USD because that a one/two bedroom flat

Utilities: $100 USD

Transportation: $40 USD

Fuel (Car): $20 USD

Food: $100 USD

Eating Out: $150 USD

Entertainment: $100 USD

Internet: $33 USD

Health Insurance: $100 USD

Clothes/Shopping: $100 USD

This budget comes to a complete of $1,143 USD. Because that this price, you will live a an extremely exciting way of living with plenty of eating out, access time to coffee shops, attendance in ~ live music gigs, and also seeing the sights around Jamaica.

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Final Thoughts

Jamaica is a wonderful place to live and also quite affordable contrasted to the joined States. If you decision to retire there, acquire ready to enjoy plenty of relaxing days sit on the beach or sipping cocktails through the swimming pool as you listen to reggae. The stunning natural environment, good food and friendly world really execute make it one of the world’s best retirement destinations.