i"m make the efforts to get an idea of the mean shoe dimension for 2yr old boys.it was recently my lo"s birthday and a pair of civilization asked what his shoe dimension was as they wanted to buy the shoes/wellies.i acquired some shocked replies and "are friend sures" once i claimed he was a 7 1/2-8 (actually i"m no too certain of his size, i need to obtain him measured together i simply realised it to be september he was last measured) he was measured as 7 1/2 in september and also his feet have tendency to grow quite steadily.hes probably an 8 now.one of my friends purchase him some converse and also the guy in the shop tried come tell her that 8 was far to large for a 2 year old. Daft thing to to speak really! heheso what size of shoes does your 2 year old wear?

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My DS was 3 in August and his college shoes are a Clark"s 7 1/2. Newly bought high top from Asda and also they were an 8. I think every one of my negative kids are going to monitor me as I only have actually size 2 feet

My son is 29 months and he"s a size 6. However his cousin is 27 months and also he"s a size 9! Every kid is different and everyone seems to have their very own ideas about what sizes children should be, castle all flourish at different rates.


DS is nearly 2 1/2 and also he is currently in 5 1/2 shoes.We had actually his feet measured yesterday, together he we last bought him pair of shoes at the end of October, yet his feet haven"t grown because we obtained those.

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My tiny boy is in a 4 now however he"s just 17mths. I was said he"ll be walk up about half a size every 3 month so he"ll it is in in a 5 as soon as he transforms 2 but a 7 by the time he transforms 3 if that is right. He"s fairly a dinky little boy though, he"s still wearing a lot of his 6-9 tops & he"s in 9-12 vests, sleepsuites, dungarees & trousers.7 & a fifty percent at just 2 does it seems to be ~ a little bit bigger than average but children grow in bursts, you may discover he barely grows in the following year or that may simply be destined come have large feet, but he"s a boy so thats not the worst thing (I have a female girlfriend who"s a 9 & finds it so tough to buy quite shoes but I recognize blokes who wear up to a 13 & every they acquire is comments about things gift in relationship :lol:)What size garments does he wear? thats a an excellent indicator that if the is large for his period in general, apparel tend come be generous so I have tendency to find kids on the greater end of the charts tend to be in the correct dimension for their period & children on the lower end tend to be a dimension or 2 behind.