This is other that has been bothering me a lot.. Mine thigh size .. Ns measured them and also found the end they to be 21,5 inches. Ns am roughly 6"0 (181/2) and also weigh around 72kg. I simply can"t obtain over it that my thighs space HUGE.. Or so they feel...Comfort and also comparison needed .. Is it really huge? I know it relies if you"ve gained muscles or fat but I don"t think I"ve obtained so much fat but most likely a bit loose skin and muscles in ~ my legs, i jog and cycle in summer therefore they get cleared up and we"ve acquired a many hills here.So space they average? below average or too thick. And leg day leg day, I"m no a bodybuilder, i don"t work out except of crunches and push up, jogging. I don"t wish to acquire ripped and also I don"t great to have large legs. I"d rather have somewhat slim legs.

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Picture might assist

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i"ve said i"d prefer to have one the those negative dragon dildos shaped like a horse, due to the fact that the shape is nicer 보다 human.
do friend or have actually you played any kind of sports that is leg particular like Soccer?Roberto Carlos, a skilled Brazilian football player, is 5"6" tall. His thighs room 24.5 inches
I would say castle are quite average relying on your human body type. Mine was bigger even before i started working out, and also honestly i wouldn"t ever consider them come be huge even tho i am rather small in heigh 5"6.
Well I"m a little bit taller than many of the people, yet I"m not fat.. I"m simply me, haha. I"ll gain a overall snapshot soon. Have to I tighten my muscles as soon as I take the picture or tranquil state?- - - updated - - -
do girlfriend or have actually you played any type of sports that is leg specific like Soccer?Roberto Carlos, a experienced Brazilian soccer player, is 5"6" tall. His thighs are 24.5 inches
Never play sports, however my issue isn"t roughly the leg but more thigh. I did a few calves practice before, however never done anything much more than running/jogging/cycling- - - to update - - -Started jogging because a week back after this pics to be taken. Need to be somewhat an ext tight now, however I"m not flexing / tightening at any of these pictures. And they are a little zoomed in since I"ve cropped the pictures. Yet yes.. Mine feets space not HUGE... They"re 40/40.5.. I usually need to pre order mine shoes as they don"t have my size.., they might look a little bit huger as result of the cropping, however the size still remains 21.5 Inches. About 54 CM.
Got very same legs as me.And yes I constantly thought that i have big thighs, more than likely from all the sporting activities I did when I was young
Dunno man, never ever did any type of sport. I use size 27/28W and 32L. How about yours?Although if it weren"t for my thighs, I can probably go lot much lower as mine "calves area" is much much slimmer. Those pants on the photo are 28"W
Looks type of choose you have averagish body fat and also store a fair little of that on the thighs, nothing more or less. I don"t think they"re particularly unusual or unattractive though, quite normal.
Looks type of favor you have averagish human body fat and store a fair bit of the on the thighs, nothing more or less. I don"t think they"re specifically unusual or not attractive though, quite normal.
I doubt the it"s much fat there, however what there"s alot of is loose skin due to being "fatter".. And trust me.. I"ve jogged for months before this.. Always a 9KM route. The doesn"t gain smaller, yet if ns tighten or "flex" you have the right to feel the there"s alot of muscle. You can see the my knees are fairly built, contrasted to a avreage guy due to jogging and also both cycling.Again, remember that the photos are cropped, making it zoomed in which might give a various view the it. However, just have in psychic they"re 21.5 inches.

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i don"t have practically as big of legs, yet my legs space 21" and I"m just 5"5"... Not a damn thing i"d change about them.
I"m 5"10" my belt is 28" and my Quads room 23" yet i have actually been afflicted with the curse of little calves:"(I would certainly say because that your elevation your legs are fine
Buying jeans is almost impossible -_-
That"s acquired to suck. I have a rather tiny waist myself and also I have the right to go as low as 27W in trousers sizes, but sadly mine thighs block it.- - - to update - - -