All about Clydesdale weight – ever before look in ~ a Clydesdale’s hooves? They’re more than likely bigger 보다 your face! have the right to you imagine obtaining stepped on by those hooves? Ouch, it might break her toes! It renders you wonder exactly how much specifically these gentle giants weigh.All breeze horses, consisting of Clydesdales, have different average weights indigenous a conventional riding or “saddle” horse. This obviously, is because they’re developed differently. Also so, weights in draft horses deserve to vary from each other to breed, and also even within breeds depending on the age and also diet of particular horses.In this article, ok be stating the typical weights of Clydesdale horses, in comparison to weights that saddle horses, and also other draft horses, as well as discussing variants in load within the Clydesdale breed.

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Draft horse Anatomy

When stating the load of a Clydesdale, the very first thing you have to take into consideration is the anatomical form of a Clydesdale, or, much more generally speaking, the anatomical shape of a breeze horse.In contrast with a traditional riding or saddle horse, draft equines are high at the withers, quick in the back, and thick and large everywhere else. Breeze horses have actually a heavy, thick, and strong bone structure and also frame that provides them the look we all known and recognize.
Because breeze horses, including Clydesdales, are developed with this features, they will certainly weigh significantly an ext than a usual saddle horse.

Saddle horse Weights

Every breed of horse has actually a different average weight. But, averages can be gleaned indigenous the many common and heavily populated equine breeds. For example, I provided the Thoroughbred as my example when translate into this research.The Thoroughbred weighs approximately 1,000 pounds. I would estimate the this is a great average weight for a talk or “saddle” horse. Obviously, load is dependence on breed and subjective scenarios such as diet and also age, yet 1,000 pounds is a good starting allude for an average horse.

Draft equine Weights

Some examples of draft steed breeds, aside from the Clydesdale, encompass the American Belgian, the Percheron, and also the Suffolk. This breeds average 1896 pounds, 1896 pounds, and 1698 pounds respectively.While the Belgian, Percheron and also Suffolk space built an in similar way to the Clydesdale, not all each other are created equally. The distinctions in your weight deserve to be early to distinctions in median height, median width, and other external factors.

Average Clydesdale Weight

The mean weight of a Clydesdale is approximately 2,000 pounds. As can be guessed, Clydesdales have the right to be several of the tallest and biggest draft horses in existence. They variety anywhere from 1600-2400 pounds at their peak, depending on each individual horse.Not just is the median weight the a Clydesdale double the median weight the a typically saddle horse (i.e.- a Thoroughbred, because that this article’s purposes), but it is likewise a couple of hundred pounds much more than most of the draft steed relatives.|A far-ranging part the a Clydesdale’s weight needs to do v its height. Stallions and also geldings stand between 17 and 19 hands high, and also mares stand in between 16 and 18 hand high. When Clydesdales are among the largest and also heaviest breeze breeds today, this has actually not always been the case. In the 1920s through the 1940s, the Clydesdale was considered a much more compact and little breed the a breeze horse. However, beginning in the 1940’s Clydesdale breeders supplied selective reproduction to shot to boost the dimension of their horses. Lock were plainly successful, both in do the each other bigger and also in developing a each other that human being were drawn to.

Clydesdale weight Variants

As declared early, we can derive averages all us want, however there are always going to it is in outliers in both directions of measurements. Definition that some Clydesdales will be under 1600 pounds, and some will be over 2400 pounds, no matter how rare these events may be.Many determinants can add to varying weights in horses, yet two the the most typical factors room age and diet.


Clydesdales are not walking to weight the same once they’re two as when they’re ten, and also when lock ten as once they’re twenty. Clearly foals, yearlings, and also young horses who are still farming will not reach their height weight until they avoid growing. Because that this reason, they will be on the low end of the average.Similarly, horses tend come drop weight as they gain older and also begin shedding muscle native being much less fit. So, senior Clydesdale horses may additionally fall under the low finish of the spectrum of median weights.

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Diet have the right to influence the weight of a Clydesdale in both directions. If a Clydesdale doesn’t have actually enough access to specific elements that his typical diet (i.e.- hay, grain, grass), then he may autumn on the lower finish of the averages.However, the opposite deserve to be the instance as well. If a Clydesdale has too much accessibility to certain elements that his diet, that may become overweight, and land on the higher end the the averages.


So, yes, we can estimate that Clydesdale horses weigh around 2,000 pounds, enough to break her toes if they action on you! But, each horse’s weight is a subjective matter that relies on the situation and individual characters of the horses.Clydesdales are among the biggest draft horse breeds, and as such, castle are among the heaviest draft equine breeds! Thankfully, they space gentle giants, and also their dimension is the just intimidating characteristic lock have. I hope this short article helped you learn about the average weight the Clydesdale horses! If so, please share it, and share v us her experiences v Clydesdales or other draft each other in the comments!