Hi everyone! therefore I made decision to shot doing another collection thing hoping to assist people discover brand-new bands and what not. It"s pretty simple, every I"m gonna it is in doing is finding 5 bands that sound like (Insert famous band here). Anyway, ns was originally gonna begin this list off with a various band yet ever because Chesters fatality (RIP Chester) I"ve had actually Linkin Park on mine mind constantly. I understand many civilization loved the old Linkin Park v the Nu Metal style so, in this list I"ve dug roughly a lot for 5 bands that have actually that old institution Linkin Park vibe!


Before ns start just keep in mind this bands won"t sound precisely like The enlarge Linkin Park however they will definitely sound comparable for the most part.

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#5) dried Cell


Dry cell was created in 1998, two years ~ Linkin Park had started. Both that them to be signed to Warner Bros. Records early on in your career together well. Dry Cell doesn"t have much rapping in their songs like some Linkin Park song did however Dry Cells command Vocalist Jeff Gutt, has some Very comparable sounding Vocals come Chester Bennington back in the 2000s.

Dry cabinet - body Crumbles Music Video

Unfortunately the band separation up in 2010 and what"s even an ext disappointing is the they only released one album. The album was called "Disconnected" and was released ago in 2002. If you chosen the larger Linkin Park or you choose Nu steel I introduce this album come you. Plenty of of the bands song especially during the Choruses really gives off a Linkin Park Vibe.


The Bands command vocalist Jeff Gutt is in reality still an active musician. That even appeared on 2 seasons of The X Factor and did yes, really well. In the third Season that the X aspect Jeff Gut managed to place second place and was dubbed as among the many "Influential" X variable Contestants.

#4) Pan!k

Revolution - Nevada Tan

Pan!k is a band that formed roughly 2002 in Germany. Lock were well-known as "Nevada Tan" for a while however they adjusted their surname due to difficulties with the management, leading to switch indigenous Universal records to Vertigo Records. The band has that laboratory Rock style that seems favor it would"ve been influenced by Linkin parks hybrid theory.


Pan!k actually doesn"t speak English, so all their songs are in German. However, the didn"t prevent me from loving the tune that I uncovered them through. The band has actually a DJ themselves that uses Turntables similar to Joe Hahn go in Hybrid Theory. This band actually also split up in 2010 similar to Dry cell did, however in 2016 the band made decision to get earlier together and also put the end some new music.

#3) Deadset Society

Okay before I obtain into talking around this tape I desire to say thank you come Ricky peril for reflecting me this band! Anyway, Deadset society (who was originally dubbed Never to speak Die) doesn"t have much rapping in the either. However the lead vocalist, as with the one in dried Cell has similar sounding vocals to Chester Bennington. Currently it"s not only the Vocals however it"s likewise the riffs that give off a Linkin Park sound. You"d think those riffs would certainly be written from Linkin Park themselves!

Deadset culture - because You"ve Gone away (formerly recognized as never SAY DIE)

The band isn"t Nu steel or laboratory Rock but Old Linkin Parks Music was likewise described as different Metal/Rock i m sorry is precisely what this tape is. Deadset culture is a pretty new band as well, and probably the newest tape on this list because they developed only a year earlier in 2016. Additionally I can"t forget that the text sound choose they would"ve operated well on hybrid Theory.


#2) lack Ink

Tribal octopus - living On A Lie

It really sucks that lack Ink never ever really had any type of success ago in their day, yet honestly they to be pretty good. Castle were started 2002 in Sweden. The band actually came to be a tiny popular in 2007 thanks to LimeWire. What occurred many world were trying to download Linkin parks single off minute to midnight known as "What I"ve Done." but thanks to LimeWire everyone that tried to download what I"ve excellent early, ended up through Refugee by Tribal octopus instead. Everyone also ended up thinking that Tribal squid was actually Linkin Park and also to be fair ns can"t reference them, they perform sound nice similar.

Tribal ink - refugee

The band vocally might sound a tad different yet instrumentally they had actually the Turntables, the riffs, the occasional screaming, and the rapping as with Linkin Park had with Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

#1) from Ashes to New

This band is likewise really new, they formed in 2013 and also I swear the an initial song ns heard by from Ashes To brand-new caused me to autumn in love through this band. It was absolutely amazing they have such a strong Linkin Park influence and also yet they have actually their very own sound that provides them unique. Once I an initial found these males like 2 years earlier my first thought was "Damn this is what Linkin parks 2017 album need to sound like."

From Ashes to new - soil Of Make believe (Lyric Video)

The band is the finish package. You can tell the Matts layout of rapping is affected by Shinoda , Chris"s Clean Vocals are nearly exactly like the younger Chesters vocals. The band has actually that i know good Hop influence similar to Linkin Park did. If you"re in search of a Nu metal band the sounds comparable to the Old Linkin Park, this is your finest bet.

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From Ashes to brand-new - Lost and also Alone

Anyway males that"s all I have actually for this blog, ns hope that at the very least one of this bands space satisfying come the Linkin Park pan that have actually been wanting something prefer Hybrid Theory and Meteora. If girlfriend know any other bands the sound comparable to Linkin Park feel complimentary to leaving the tape in the comments! Shoutout come My male Slam because that listening to all of these bands and also telling me if they have actually a huge enough LP affect to do the perform or not. Many thanks for reading and also l"ll check out you guys later!

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