A1Back In The U.S.S.R.
A2Dear Prudence
A3Glass Onion
A4Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
A5Wild love husband Pie
A6The continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
A7While My guitar Gently Weeps

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A8Happiness Is A warmth Gun
B1Martha, my Dear
B2I'm so Tired
B5Rocky Raccoon
B6Don't pass Me By
B7Why not We carry out It In The Road
B8I Will
C2Yer Blues
C3Mother Nature's Son
C4Everybody's gained Something to Hide other than Me and My Monkey
C5Sexy Sadie
C6Helter Skelter
C7Long, Long, Long
D1Revolution 1
D2Honey Pie
D3Savoy Truffle
D4Cry, Baby, Cry
D5Revolution 9
D6Good Night

Commonly well-known as ''The White Album''.Sticker on external wrap: "White VinylLimited version — U.K. Pushing — common Enclosures(Manufactured in great Britain)Suggested U.S. Perform Price: $34.98"Issued with 4 glossy photographs, double-sided poster, laminated gatefold jacket and also embossed lettering top top the cover.New lacquers were reduced for this release. The numbers are handwritten (YEX 709, YEX 710, ...).
Matrix / Runout (Side 1, written): YEX 709Matrix / Runout (Side 2, written): YEX 710Matrix / Runout (Side 3, written): YEX 711Matrix / Runout (Side 4, written): YEX 712
Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
The Beatles (2×LP, Album, Numbered, Stereo)Apple RecordsPCSO-7067-8Australia1968
The Beatles (2×LP, Album, Numbered, Stereo)Apple Records, to apologize RecordsPMCQ 31513/4, SMO 2051/52Italy1968
The Beatles (2×LP, Album, Misprint, Numbered, Mono)Apple RecordsPMC 7067/8UK1968
The Beatles (2×LP, Album, Numbered, Grey number; Gatefold)Apple RecordsSMO 2051/52Germany1968
The Beatles (2×LP, Album, Numbered, Stereo)Apple RecordsPCS 7067/8UK1968


The sound quality on this details pressing is the really best you'll find, and in my estimation, far better than the initial UK stereo (I have both). It has actually a luminous top quality that is yes, really compelling.

My copy has very quiet vinyl. Dynamics and texture are exceptional- it's difficult to believe these recordings room 50 year old. I previously had the 2014 Mono and this is simply an ext enjoyable to mine ears. Fantastic stereo separation and soundstage. Instruments and also voices room placed exactly where they must be- directly in former of girlfriend or tucked away into a larger picture. In particular, this mastering that "Good Night" is just one of the most hauntingly beautiful things I've ever heard come with my stereo.


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