Learn how to identify mild and also severe food allergy reactions, and always treat serious reactions with epinephrine.

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The very first symptoms the an allergy reaction usually appear between a couple of minutes and two hours after exposure come a food. Symptoms can affect different components of the body, can happen alone or in combination, and can variety from soft to serious or even life-threatening.

Mild and also Severe Symptoms

Mild symptoms include:

Nose: itchy or runny nose, sneezingMouth: itchy mouthSkin: a couple of hives, mild itchGut: mild nausea or discomfort

Severesymptoms include:

Lung: shortness of breath, wheezing, repetitive coughHeart: pale, blue, faint, weak pulse, dizzyThroat: tight, hoarse, trouble breathing/swallowingMouth: significant swelling that the tongue or lipsSkin: plenty of hives over body, widespread rednessGut: repetitive vomiting or significant diarrheaPsychological: emotion something bad is around to happen, anxiety, confusion

Mild and also Severe Reactions

Symptoms can involve simply oneareaof the body, or an ext than one area.

A mild reaction requires a mild symptom that affects only one area of the body.A reaction that involvesany severe symptom is a severe reaction.A reaction that involves mild symptoms in more 보다 one body area is additionally a severe reaction.

Severe reactions can easily progress to anaphylaxis, a condition that have the right to belife-threatening. For this reason,severe reactions need to be treated through epinephrine.

Giving Epinephrine

Your allergist may prefer that epinephrine be used with only mild symptoms, or prior to symptoms also emerge. Consult v your doctor and refer to your personalizedFood Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency treatment Plan.

Use epinephrine at the an initial sign that a major allergic reaction, or as prescribed.Call 911. Phone call the dispatchers that you have actually used epinephrine come treat a suspected anaphylactic reaction to food. Inquiry an ambulance v epinephrine top top board.Go to the emergency room for further treatment, even if symptoms show up to resolve with the epinephrine. The human being may need much more medication or treatment to regulate the reaction.

Safety the Epinephrine

Epinephrine is a safe and reasonably harmless drug. When in doubt, usage it! The risks of anaphylaxis outweigh any type of risks from giving the medication.

Take extra caution only with patients because that whom an raised heart rate can be a problem. This has elderly patients and also those with known heart disease. But still use epinephrine to treat anaphylaxis in these people.

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Your doctor may prescribe one antihistamine come treat a mild reaction,in i beg your pardon a gentle symptom affects just one body area. One antihistamine cannot regulate a major reaction and is no substitute for epinephrine.