Blaziken is one of the most an effective Pokemon ever, beginning the trend of Fire/Fighting-type starter evolutions.

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Building a team in Pokemon Emerald around Blaziken will practically ensure simple pathway with the key story. Also with that weaknesses, Blaziken deserve to take on any type of Pokemon v confidence.

Of course, Blaziken is in ~ the head of this Pokemon battling squad. There are only a grasp of Fire-types in Emerald, and Blaziken is 100% the best. The is a brutal attacker that deserve to put physical and special assaults to an excellent use. With STAB Fighting-type and Fire-type moves, Blaziken can be an remarkable pacesetter for the team.


Feebas is a little of pain to catch and also evolve into Milotic. Therefore, a solid Water-type Pokemon for the team would be Whiscash. Players deserve to wait come evolve Barboach till after the learns Earthquake at level 31, offering it among the most powerful moves in every one of Pokemon. It can utilize plenty of different move varieties for coverage and is only weak come Grass-types.


Flygon is a good Dragon-type if players don"t want to wait for a Bagon encounter. Salamence absolutely wrecks for those who space patient, yet otherwise, Flygon is an significant choice. The does have a solid weakness to Ice-types and also a regular one come Dragon, however it is immune come both Ground and Electric. It has pretty well balanced base stats, allowing players come slot it into whatever function is needed.


Sableye is immune to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic-type moves. While it doesn"t have actually the best stats, that is immunities room perfect. It might be the best Ghost-type in the game. Through there gift a Fighting, Normal, and also Psychic-type Gym in Hoenn, Sableye have the right to prove to it is in invaluable. That movepool is how amazing diverse, enabling it to it is in an stroked nerves Pokemon for enemies to face.

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Manectric is an extremely quick unique Attacker. It can take top top the Electric-type duty for the team, making fast work of any Flying or Water-types the team come up against. With its speed, linked with Thunder tide to paralyze an opposing Pokemon, the can set up the slow members the the team because that success. Manectric is a must.