If you very own a Harley Davidson, possibilities are that you room passionate about your motorcycle. Yet, even diehard riders frequently mistakenly think the all spark plugs are developed equally. Having actually the proper spark plugs is one of the most crucial things you have the right to do come make certain your bike runs its best.

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I can’t count how numerous times I have actually heard of owner spending dozens the hours, and also often substantial sums the money, trying come diagnose an worry on your bikes only to realize they were utilizing the not correct spark plugs. Also the many premium spark plugs are still a comparatively minor cost overall, and so this is one area where it simply doesn’t make feeling to compromise. However, it have the right to still be difficult to know which spark plugs room the correct selection for her Harley Davidson. What are the ideal spark plugs because that Harley Davidson? this is what you need to know.

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1. NGK DCPR7EIX – Iridium Spark Plugs because that Harley Davidson


NGK is just one of the earliest names in spark plugs, and also their products are always a for sure bet. The DCPR7EIX is an iridium electrode design which contributes come its wonderful reputation for reliability and also performance. Compared to a conventional electrode, the spark-gap power of an iridium electrode has improved conductivity. This permits for a smaller sized electrode surface area and a hot spark and even a weaker ignition system to still administer optimal power for your bike.

The electrode top top a sparkplug is analogous to a garden hose. The smaller sized the tip, the much more forceful the spark will certainly be for a offered voltage or amperage. Thus, the smaller sized electrode that the NGK Iridium IX DCPR7EIX is a great way to insurance optimal performance for your Harley Davidson.

This isn’t The finest Option because that a performance Setting

While the NGK Iridium IX DCPR7EIX is unquestionably a an excellent OEM replacement plug for your Harley, it is not the right choice for every applications. Since of the comparatively small electrode area, this plug is draft to create a warm spark with a smaller flame-surface area. This method that the flame surface ar will be much less likely come propagate in higher performance engines. This deserve to have two impacts.

First, in a high displacement engine, such together one that has actually been bored or stroked, this plug may have actually a daunting time developing sufficient spark area to correctly ignite the entry charge.

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Further, this plug may experience detonation in exceptionally high-compression gyeongju engines. Thus, if you desire a fantastic OEM replacement plug for your mainly stock bike, this is a an excellent option. However, if you are pushing the borders of power, you might want come look elsewhere.