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3 indicators God Is about to turn What Was expected for evil Into good for you by note BallengerShare | Tweet | email


Genesis 50:20-21

Here room 3 indications God is walking to rotate the angry someone intended for you into an excellent instead.

1. If God Is training You with Someone Else’s Sin for this reason You deserve to Help an ext People, This Is a authorize God Is turning Evil for great

The key Bible text for this idea of turning what was supposed for evil into great is uncovered in Genesis 50:20-21. Below we have Joseph who was actually sold right into slavery by his brothers, yet God offered this evil act come actually location Joseph in a place of strength which God then supplied to save his brothers and many others. Joseph stated to his brothers:

‘As for you, you intended evil against me, yet God meant it for good, to carry it about that many people should be retained alive, as they are today. So do not fear; I will carry out for you and also your tiny ones.’ therefore he comforted them and also spoke kindly come them.”

Joseph’s story was yes, really a foreshadowing the Jesus Christ. Evil world thought they were going to death Jesus, yet God actually offered the crucifixion together the one method of true salvation for every people, consisting of for the people who eliminated Jesus.

Likewise, God can turn angry for an excellent in our lives once we permit him to empower united state to use these evil assaults as opportunities to present the love of Christ. Because that example, if you pardon someone who sinned versus you, friend are showing that human the power of God. Satan desires you to spread much more hate in return, but if you respond through forgiveness, God it s okay the glory. Or one more example would be if you find out so much from a negative relationship that you room then may be to see what you need to see so girlfriend can go into into a true godly connection one day, this is God turning evil right into good.

2. If God Is Exposing the guilty of Others against You to piece Away an adverse People in your Life, This Is God turning Evil for your Good

People frequently don’t recognize that they have a deadly an illness until that condition starts developing some negative symptoms in that person’s body. Ironically, the illness that hide us the longest are regularly the ones that perform the most damage since the human being did not even know they had actually this condition and thus they were not able to start treating that sooner. Early on detection is crucial if you expect to make it through a fatal disease.

Likewise, early detection the someone angry in your life is critical as well if you expect to minimize the damages they will reason you. Us can’t know people’s hearts; all we can do is observe their actions. Shady human being who desire come sin against us, however, execute their ideal to hide their sins as lengthy as possible so they deserve to do the many damage.

1 Corinthians 5:11 says, “But now I am writing to you not to associate v anyone that bears the surname of brother if that is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat through such a one.” Proverbs 14:7 additionally states, “Leave the existence of a fool, because that there you execute not meet words of knowledge.”

How deserve to you leaving a stupid if girlfriend don’t know that human being is a fool? How deserve to you avoid associating with someone who says they are a Christian but is life in sin if you are unaware of your sinful actions?

While it could be really painful once God finally exposes what someone has been doing against you in secret, in actuality this is God sparing you of the greater amount of pains that might have taken place if this evil was not exposed. God turns evil into an excellent when he shows us the truth around someone so we have the right to either reconcile with them if they repent or so we can gain them the end of ours lives and also live free from the angry they to be causing.

3. If God Is permitting You to Proclaim the Gospel an ext Because that This Evil human Coming versus You, This Is a authorize God Is Actually transforming What Was expected for Evil into Good

There are numerous other ways that God transforms what was expected for evil into good. I’d actually love come hear how God has actually done this in her life in the comment ar below.

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According come Scripture, one of the primary ways God supplies evil for an excellent in our stays is by making use of these poor things that happen as a way of proclaiming the gospel in means that would not have actually otherwise have actually happened uneven this evil occurred. One great example the this can be discovered in the life that Paul who was imprisoned by evil world for proclaiming Christ. In Philippians 1:12-14, however, Paul states:

I desire you to know, brothers, that what has actually happened to me has really offered to development the gospel, so that it has come to be known throughout the whole imperial guard and to every the rest that my imprisonment is for Christ. And also most that the brothers, having come to be confident in the mr by my imprisonment, space much an ext bold come speak the word without fear.”

Because Paul was put in prison, God permitted Paul come witness to those in the prison. Paul’s boldness to be then also used to inspire various other Christians to be even more bold because that the Lord together well. This is what God wants united state all come do when someone make the efforts to lug evil against us. Once we keep proclaiming Christ even when world do negative things against us, this is how God transforms what was expected for evil into good.