L>Welcome to Links home | web links | games | photograph | contact Chevy Engine Code information Engine password Stamping Numbers all engines are stamped with an engine ID password which consists of a prefix and also a suffix. The ar of this code counts on the form of engine, as follows:Small Block Chevy: Machined pad in former of the passenger side cylinder head. Regularly hidden by the alterator. Huge Block Chevy: over timing chain cover. 6 Cylinder: Passenger next of the block behind the distributor.The prefix part of the ID password tells friend the assembly tree code, and also the engine"s production day (for example, 0701 = July 1st....no year is indicated). The suffix part tells you the original version year / engine / transmission / car mix when that went under the assembly heat (for example, CTY = 1970 396 Camaro, 375 hp, 11.0:1, TH400). If you are researching a vehicle that is supposed to be "matching numbers" then store in mind the the engine date must head the car build date, otherwise other is amiss. Some engine machining work (decking) will certainly obliterate the engine ID. Engine ID password Example: V0107CLJ - (V = Plant, 01 = January, 07 = 7th Day, CLJ = Engine Suffix Code)Another example: T0830CTY - (T = Tonawanda, 08 = August, 30 = 30th day, CTY = 1970 396 Camaro, 375 hp, 11.0:1, TH400) password Engine tree password Engine plant F Flint (Motor) S Saginaw business H Hydramatic T Tonawanda K St. Catherines, Ontario V Flint (Engine) (McKinnon industries Canada) M GM the Mexico Suffix part of Chevy Engine code Suffix codes space alphabetical. Pick the part of the alphabet for her code. For example, select "DTR-HQ" if you"d like to uncover code DZ. In some instances suffix codes are reused double or an ext over time, in this event inspect the block casting date code and also then check out what year the block to be made to pin under what application your block was originally offered in. Small Block Engine Suffix code Menu3N - CDR | CE - CMJ | CMK - CUD | CUF - DTM | DTR - HQ |HR - TBS | TBT - TJS | TJT - TXB | TXC - UTT | UTU - ZY | big Block Engine Suffix password Menu0FC - 9XZ | AAA - CTB | CTH - IJ | IK - MZ | Q - YZ one engine code, and also below it is the partial VIN. Note: code CE was supplied from 1968 to existing year. That represents any kind of CID and also is offered to show a guarantee Engine.VF292800 - is an instance of a end the respond to crate engine. "2800" is the critical 4 digits of the GM component # because that the crate engine assembly. The final digit can be a year code.Another example: A Targetmaster engine (p/n 14009800) built in 1985 can have a password stamped as follows:A0198005 (A = january, 01, 9800 = pn, 5 = 1985).

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The above list of codes is a summarization, that is not complete.