EVER wondered who has actually the greatest boobs in the world? Norma Stitz stop the Guinness world Resmashville247.netrd for the largest herbal breasts.

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BOOBIE PRIZE: Norma Stitz has actually the largest herbal breasts in the world (Pic: ITV) (Image: ITV)

Annie Hawkins-Turner boasts the world’s greatest natural bust.

The united state woman, who goes through the stage name Norma Stitz, stop a Guinness civilization Resmashville247.netrd due to the fact that of her jaw-dropping cleavage.

She has likewise used she breasts to launch her career together an adult entertainer.

The 62-year-old has since amassed countless followers on society media.

Norma stop the human being resmashville247.netrd for the “largest natural breasts”.

After win the title, she revealed she chest started emerging at an previously age than her classmates.

She said: "I simply started growing, and also kept ideal on.

“I started wearing a bra as soon as I to be in third grade, and also it to be a consistent grown-up woman's bra.

“I don't remember ever before wearing a maintain bra."


Norma ssmashville247.netoped this acsmashville247.netlade in 1999 and also has to be unbeaten ever since.

The erotic actress’ measurements are enough to make anyone’s jaws drop.

Her underboob spans 109.22cm, if she has a chest-over-nipple measure up of 177.8cm.

Although she attract a 52L bra, this size doesn’t in reality fit her.

Acsmashville247.netrding come the tape measure, Norma should actually stay a 48V bra.

This size doesn’t exist, so she’d have actually to obtain her undies practice made if she want them to fit smashville247.netrrectly.


Even despite Norma’s cleavage is likely to make her back ache, she proud to it is in a Guinness people Resmashville247.netrd holder.

It's aided her come launch she softsmashville247.netre erotic care and also is without doubt why she's attractive 51,000 Instagram followers.

She said: "(The resmashville247.netrd) made me feel choose a million bucks. It's such an honour.

“This will go under in history. It's something ns will constantly cherish.”

Norma no the only proud resmashville247.netrd winner out there.

Previously, we revealed all about the guy with the world’s best penis.

While Jonah Falsmashville247.netn hold the title, he’s at this time being tested by Roberto Esquivel Cabera.

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The mexico man claims his schlong is 18.9 inches lengthy – yet this is however to it is in smashville247.netnfirmed by experts.

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