7.1 department of Defense (DoD) Biometrics (DoD Biometrics)Alexandria, VA http://www.eis.army.mil/programs/dodbiometrics.htm

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Project SummaryDoD Biometrics designs, engineers, acquires, deploys, and also sustains enterprise biometric solutions in multiple operation environments allowing identity dominance on the battlefield and across DoD.

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DescriptionDoD Biometric equipment capture, transmit, store, share, retrieve, and display biometric data for timely to know or identity verification. This systems are mission enablers for force protection, intelligence, physical and also logical access control, identity management/credentialing, and also interception operations.

With a afternoon forward company in Iraq and Afghanistan, the DoD Biometrics office offers biometrics assistance to the abroad Contingency to work (OCOs), including respond to intelligence, Iraqi and Afghani security pressure screening, detainee operations, cache and post- IED incident exploitation, intelligence operations, presence operations, local population control, seizure operations, and also base accessibility control.

DoD Biometrics functions to safeguard the country through identity prominence by enabling responsive, accurate, and secure biometrics any place, any kind of time. DoD Biometrics has actually transformed the current environment, i m sorry was based on legacy stovepipe pilot programs, advanced Concept technology Demonstrations (ACTD), and also Rapid Equipping pressure (REF) projects. Biometrics is relocating towards an enterprise system-of-systems staged design composed the strategic, operational, and tactical components.

Organizations in ~ PM DoD Biometrics include:

Biometrics Enabling capacity (BEC)Tactical Biometric equipment (TBS)

7.2 Biometrics Enabling ability (BEC)BEC consists of the next Generation-Automated Identification mechanism (NG-ABIS) – the central, authoritative, multi-modal biometric data repository. That is the enterprise-level authoritative data resource for DoD biometrics. NG-ABIS broadens capabilities with multi-modal (fingerprint, palm, iris, face) storage and also matching, watch list capability, and also improved integration with interagency repositories. That is based upon adaptations that COTS products, using open design to minimize breakthrough and speed deployment. The mechanism takes benefit of low-risk, cost-effective blade hardware to optimize system access and scalability, and ensure continually of operations.

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NG-ABIS interfaces with countless DoD and also interagency biometrics systems, including the FBI integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification device (IAFIS), storing and matching biometric data on people of attention to DoD.

Products and also ServicesNext Generation-Automated Biometric Identification system (NG-ABIS)

7.3 Tactical Biometric systems (TBS) TBS leverages present biometric repertoire systems and brand-new biometric capabilities and technologies. TBS promotes sharing amongst existing solution to ensure that biometric capabilities are accessible to and interoperable through existing and planned analytical solution requiring biometric inputs.

Products and ServicesBiometric automatic Toolset – army (BAT-A)Biometric Identification device for accessibility (BISA)Handheld Interagency identification Detection equipment (HIIDE)