If you’ve ever come throughout an old fill of cigarettes v one or 2 left in the carton, you’ve most likely wondered this at part point. Carry out cigarettes in reality expire? exactly how long will my cigarettes be good for? What will take place if i smoke an expired cigarette? we’ll answer every one of these inquiries today, plus tell you just how to decipher manufacturing codes to discover out when your cigarettes were manufactured.

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Do cigarettes have actually an expiration date?

No, cigarettes execute not have an expiration day printed on them. In fact, the human being Health company recommends that tobacco packaging should not be enabled to perform an expiration date due to the fact that this leads consumer to believe that it’s “safe” to consume the product before the expiry date. Obviously, smoking cigarettes cigarettes has actually inherent threats that deserve to not be negate by smoking cigarettes within your “best by” period.

However, just because cigarettes don’t contain an expiration date on their packaging doesn’t mean they’ll never ever go bad. While smoking cigarettes expired cigarettes no really any type of worse for you than smoking new ones, time and oxygen exposure can negatively impact the flavor and also freshness of her cigarettes.

What happens as soon as cigarettes walk bad?

Cigarettes don’t really expire, so lot as they end up being extremely stale. As soon as cigarettes are exposed come air, moisture is allowed to escape from the resins and oils used during manufacturing. Fluctuations in humidity have the right to also change the burn pattern of the tobacco wrapper, perhaps making castle burn faster.

When a cigarette loses the moisture and also becomes stale, the tobacco tastes very different. Stale cigarettes typically taste very unpleasant, menthol cigarettes even more so. As soon as opened and also exposed come air, commercial cigarettes normally last around two days prior to going stale.

There are a couple of different ways to phone call if your cigarettes space stale. The many obvious means is come smoke one and look out for any type of unpleasant smell or an obstacle with airflow. If girlfriend don’t want to risk smoking a stale cigarette, you can additionally look for visual signs of staleness. Role the cigarette in between your fingers, and also see if any kind of tobacco pours out of the end. This is a sign of staleness.

Another indicator the stale cigarettes is the smell. Ar a tobacco under your nose and inhale. Fresh cigarettes will typically smell like sweet raisins and also any characterizing spices of the cigarette (for example, menthol cigarettes may smell prefer mint). If the odor is plain, papery, or dull, her cigarettes have actually likely expired.

How to tell the age of a fill of cigarettes

Unfortunately, the tobacco sector doesn’t list an expiration date on their products, so it’s an overwhelming to understand when the load of cigarettes she buying to be produced. Occasionally, you will do it buy a pack that’s to be sitting ~ above the shelf because that years, and they’ll be stale prior to you even open them. However, there are means to avoid this, come make certain you’re purchase the freshest package possible.

The tobacco market uses a variety of internal codes to label cigarettes. Come the untrained eye, these codes may just look favor a bunch of arbitrarily numbers and also letters. However, this labels deserve to actually phone call you whereby the cigarettes were made, what additive they contain, and also what form of tobaccos were combined to make the pack. These codes can likewise tell you once your cigarettes were produced and packaged.

You can discover out the period of your cigarettes by checking the manufacturing code. Many companies usage what is called a Julian date Code. This is normally a 6 or seven-digit number. The very first three numbers stand for the actual day of the year the cigarettes to be manufactured. For example, if the an initial three digits check out 144, that method the load was developed on might 24th, the 144th job of the year.

The next two digits indicate the year produced. If the following two digits review 20, the cigarettes were created in 2020. There might be an ext numbers adhering to the an initial five, yet these usually describe the change they to be made on, which doesn’t really impact the period of her cigarettes.


People select to exhilaration cigarettes because that a selection of various reasons. No issue what those factors are, if you’re picking to smoke, you desire your cigarettes to it is in fresh-tasting and pleasant. While cigarettes don’t expire like timeless food, they carry out go stale. By learning how to tell when cigarettes have actually gone bad and how to decipher production codes, you deserve to make certain the cigarettes you’re smoking are as fresh together possible.

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