The human being leader in firearms information and also values is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new app available now top top Android and iOS devices. In addition to the new app the Blue book of Gun worths website is now mobile-optimized together well. Even without the app, a pistol enthusiast is may be to conveniently navigate or find to the details model they"re seeking. For further information walk to

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Colt Reintroduces the Anaconda and Rikk Rambo will certainly Take it on an Alaskan Hunt!
ATI introduces the Schmeisser 60-Round AK newspaper
Building the Ultimate home Defense Handgun
Wilkinson arms Linda 9mm Carbine testimonial
How To develop a Glock indigenous an 80 Percent framework

rival Arms" Precision-Upgraded Glock 48

New from rival Arms for 2019; presented at NRA present in Indianapolis.

Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP 9mm Pistol v HEX Optics testimonial

Firearms News contributing writer Patrick Sweeney talks about the feature-packed Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP 9mm through a HEX wasp optic and why it"s a good daily-carry pistol. Also, watch his complete review in guns News" #8, 2021 which went on revenue April 20.


Taurus Raging Hunter Handgun

The Raging Hunter was called American Hunter Handgun the the Year through the NRA.

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