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Pickup van are claimed to it is in workhorses right? castle were designed as a means for the everyday workers to haul their goods or obtain their devices of the trade to and also from the project site. However somewhere along the way, the pickup van morphed right into something more. It came to be a combination tow truck, family members wagon, status symbol and in part cases, virility monitor. Include to this mix the fact that the classic three-way rivalry in between Dodge, Chevy and Ford is currently joined by rivals from Nissan and Toyota and also it i do not care clear the the pickup truck"s development is developing at a speed that would certainly startle even Charles Darwin. In ~ the head that this load is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, a beast of a truck that habitually end its day covered in dirt yet comes the end looking all the more fine for it. We tested the two-wheel-drive expanded Cab LT through the short bed, Vortec 5300 V8 and also just around every accessible option Chevy might toss in. For the record, the Silverado offers a variety of variations including half-ton and three-quarter-ton truck"s in one of two people Fleetside or Sportside styles, continual Cab or Crew, six-and-a-half or eight-foot bed lengths, and also two- or four-wheel drive. The Silverado likewise offers no less than four engine choices (one V6 and also three V8s) and one alternative no contender can match: the Quadrasteer four-wheel steering mechanism (available just on the 1500 expanded Cab brief box.) We"ve experience the Quadrasteer device on the Silverado"s sisters truck, the GMC Sierra, and we have the right to tell you that the improved turning radius is so dramatic that as soon as you"ve knowledgeable it, you"ll never want to go back to control a traditional truck again. The Quadrasteer choice knocks a chuck 10 feet from the Silverado"s turning diameter do it practically equal to the of a Saturn coupe. If you consistently tow a watercraft or trailer, or live someplace where maneuvering a full-size pickup causes you ulcers every time friend go the end for a drive, Quadrasteer is a must-have. From the outside, the Silverado presents a rough face. The clean, modern-day lines blend well through its brand-new front fascia first seen top top the Avalanche. The LT trim includes front fog lights, 16-inch brushed aluminum wheels and also power urgently side-view winter with constructed in heaters, revolve signals, auto-dimming and also reverse tilt-down feature. The Silverado LT likewise comes standard v four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes and offers the option of locking rear differential, one absolute should if you opt for the two-wheel journey version. The LT"s internal looks together though it wandered over from the Cadillac factory and found a brand-new home. Onboard amenities include 10-way power heated leather buckets seats, power windows, power door locks, cruise control, tilt-wheel, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, a Bose audio device with a six-disc in-dash CD changer, remote keyless entry, behind defrost and also a one-year subscription come OnStar, GM"s onboard communication and assistance service. Choices include a trailering package through heavy-duty suspension and brakes, aluminum bed extender, satellite radio and also traction control. As soon as Chevy says their trucks room "like a rock," they"re no kidding. The Silverado is as rigid and inflexible together an iron rod. Also over unpaved roads, the Silverado"s suspension stays composed enough to keep most vibrations out of the cabin and also the extra reinforcements throughout the human body all but eliminate dash and door panel rattles. Our prolonged Cab"s behind doors facilitated the remove of the truck"s facility structural pillar, yet even this does not seem to faze the Silverado. That course, adding weight to the bed additional improves the journey by helping the behind axle prevent hop as soon as traveling washboard roads. Something else the won"t faze the Silverado is the wind. That"s due to the fact that the 5.3-liter Vortec V8 knows no equal as soon as it involves moving hefty objects. With 220 horsepower and also a stump-pulling 330 lb-ft. That torque, you"ll discover even a fully-loaded Silverado v a trailer attached come the rear deserve to accelerate and pass there is no hesitation. As soon as not burdened through a heavy load, the Silverado"s power is virtually muscle-car quick, particularly when increasing from a stand stop. The four-speed-automatic infection delivers crisp, an accurate shifts and features a Tow/Haul setting that limits gear searching when towing or navigating steep elevations. You"ll discover the Silverado"s strength steering has actually been improved, with much less play and a heavier feel that delivers an ext feedback to the driver. The brakes too have actually been boosted with a lot firmer pedal the requires far les take trip to interact the beefy key brakes. Though we found our two-wheel-drive truck worked just fine right here in southerly California, we suspect motorists in most other regions of the nation will most likely opt because that the four-wheel-drive model. If so, you"ll be rather pleased v the Silverado"s setup that functions a dash-mounted switch allowing you to run from 2WD to 4WD or 4WD low by simply pressing a button. The system additionally features other Chevrolet call Auto4WD the basically enables you to keep the system engaged at all times. Under common driving conditions, the power continues to be shunted to the behind wheels however should they begin to slip—such as when encountering icy or wet pavement—power is temporarily routed to the former wheels.

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Once traction is regained, the mechanism reverts back to rear-wheel drive.