If you take place to come throughout a nest with blue egg in it, it might leave you wonder what type of bird it can be nesting there? In the UK, five common varieties of bird put blue eggs. Few of the birds the lay blue egg in the UK are Blackbirds, Dunnocks, tune Thrushes, Magpies and Starlings. There are an ext birds that execute lay blue egg in the UK, yet these are the many common.

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Size and markings can likewise be a great indicator, and also that"s why we"ve put this little guide together to assist you recognize what birds have actually blue eggs.

It"s a usual misconception the Robins have actually blue eggs as soon as they don"t and are a pale-buff colour instead. The is the American Robin does have actually blue eggs. Learn more about what a robins nest looks like.

If you do occur to come across, please leaving the eggs and also avoid psychic the nest. It"s illegal right here in the UK to take it eggs from a nest - for more information, click here.

American Robin

The American robin typically lays a clutch of in between 3 and also 5 irradiate blue or sky blue coloured eggs. The eggs are usually in between 2.8cm and also 3cm in size (28mm and 30mm) and a width of approximately 2cm (20mm).




The common blackbird (Eurasian blackbird) lays blue eggs usually from March-July, 3-5 at a time. The eggs room a blue-ish eco-friendly colour through red speckles and also have an mean width that 22mm and also a length of 29mm.



Song Thrush

Song Thrushes place a clutch of 4 or 5 glossy light-blue eggs that room spotted black or purple. Lock are approximately a broad of 21mm and a length of 27mm.



Dunnocks room often confused with the similar-looking home Sparrow. Females will certainly lay a clutch the 4-5 eggs, which are smooth, glossy blue and also can have actually reddish spotting. Castle are roughly a broad of 14mm and also a length of 19mm, do them really small.


Starlings show up dark bird from afar, however they have beautiful iridescent plumage when you view them up close. Starlings place a clutch that 2-9 eggs over number of days that are white come pale blue or eco-friendly in colour. They have actually a width of approximately 21mm and also a size of 30mm.


Magpies space common throughout the entirety of the UK. The egg they lay are similar to what a Blackbirds eggs look choose - bluish-green v speckles. They room bigger than a blackbird with a broad of about 24mm and a length of 35mm.

House Finch

House finches will lay eggs that room a pale blueish-green colour through speckling and also occasionally castle will usage nestboxes. They will normally lay between 4 and also 5 eggs from late March every the way through to so late July, relying on location.

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Eggs have actually a size of in between 1.6 - 2.1cm (16mm - 21mm) and also a width in between 1.3 - 1.5cm (13mm - 15mm).