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I execute not desire to encourage or recommend any breast massage because that anyone younger than 18 years old, together your breasts room still developing. You re welcome let your body carry out its very own thing! You carry out not desire to interrupt or interfere through your herbal breast development. It may reason some unknown adversary effects.

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Breast massage is essential and also extremely beneficial in enhancing breast size naturally. It boosts blood circulation come the bust area, which is one of the4 fundamental factorsfor organic breast growth.

I perform this 4-minute breast massage (almost) daily toreach 32D over 4 years. Ns am making use of the very same massage to help me"un-sag" the breasts native breastfeeding and also pregnancy.

Though massaging is very necessary and helpful in herbal breast growth, nutrition is an also more an important factor. If you"re not eating well-balanced meals every day, massage will certainly only assist you a little, if at all.


-drink a glass of room temperature water to boost blood circulation

-warm up hands before the massage

-if possible, massage in former of a mirror

-use *enough* oil/lotion so your hands glide over your skin rather of bring about friction (I favor to use olive oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, yet others will work as well)


Use gentle however enough push to massage your breasts; it need to feel good, not hurt.

Massage #1:

-Take your appropriate hand and put the on your left breast in an angle shown below

-Use your entire hand to push up and also inward in the presented angle, as if to produce a cleavage

-Take her left hand and put the on her *LEFT* chest in the same angle

-Use your whole left hand to carry out the exact same as right

-This completes one set:

20 sets, each breast

(0:40 seconds)



Massage #3:

-Put both hands v fingers pointing down to the ground

-Use your fingers to scoop up from the base of your breast upward

-Going up with the right and left hand is taken into consideration a set:

repeat 10 sets, each breast

*When I very first started this, that felt weird prefer I was massaging part bumps and also blood vessels, particularly in mine left breast as it provided to be lot smaller and also had certain no fat. Yet as it grew and some fat accumulated, I currently feel more resistance against my fingertips.

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(0:20 seconds)


Massage #4:

-This is a pressure allude known to boost breast growth

-It is situated in the middle of the chest, on the line connecting the nipples

-You will certainly feel a slight dent in the sternum

-Take your thumb, press the dented area (indicated through the blue dot below) for around 3 seconds, slide her thumbs in the direction of your nipples (right thumb goes exterior on the left breast, left thumb on the right breast)


repeat 5 sets

*The pressure allude area hurt a lot of for practically a week when I first started this. Ns kept pressing it an extremely very lightly every day; currently it feel good, no ache ever.