This is simply referred to as "breath", v no distinct word because that the clearly shows form. Us often call this phenomenon "seeing one"s breath":

It"s therefore cold I have the right to see my breath!


I would speak to that steam (definition 2b indigenous the mist developed by the condensation top top cooling the water vapor); even though the is most commonly associated with boiling, the word deserve to be used to any type of vapor developed due to a warm differential.

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(one instance from the meaning page: Their breath steamed the windows.)



comet-tail n. The tail of, or a tail choose that of, a comet.

a1769 W. Falconer Descr. Ninety-gun ship (R.), Its huge mast..From i m sorry a bloody pendant stretch"d afar that is comet-tail, denouncing ample war.

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Why not contact it

the breath condensing right into mist



It to be so cold that I could see my breath condensing right into mist.


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Term because that medication supplied when the beneficial an outcome cannot be identified to result from the medication
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