Willow: "He"s out of control. Ns mean, no that he was Joe Restraint in the old days."This one was dubbed "Lovers Walk" and also they weren"t kidding: everyone broke up. It was lucky the Giles wasn"t date anyone.My favourite scenes to be of Spike unburdening himself to very first Willow, then Joyce; that whole scene v Joyce, Spike, Angel and also Buffy in the kitchen was simply priceless. Spike is together a good character. His weakness because that Drusilla and also his self-deprecating feeling of humor room so wonderful, and his currently in this episode were for sure outstanding. And James Marsters" delivery was ideal on the mark, every time. I think Spike telling Joyce his difficulties over a cup of cocoa was just delightful. Perhaps Spike needs a mom, too. And he"s also insightful, too. Certainly, us all knew that Buffy and also Angel were still in love and shouldn"t be, but it take it Spike to make them challenge it. The cemetery scene totally faked me out. I never loss for stuff prefer that, however I really did think Cordelia to be dead. Really well done.I blame that whole double breakup on Xander. If that hadn"t gone every dog in the manger top top Willow, knowing full well that she had actually had a crush on him for years, it would have never happened. Girlfriend can"t blame bad Willow; she simply isn"t offered to having actually to fend turn off guys. And poor Cordelia. She provided up a lot of herself to be with Xander and also it was fairly an awakening and also a sacrifice because that her; and he can"t be faithful come her? Geez.Willow has absolutely gotten much more assertive — standing as much as Spike, casting a de-lusting spell on Xander — and that confidence had actually to it is in at the very least partially due to poor Oz.Bits and also pieces:-- Spike"s return to Sunnydale (knocking down the sign) echoed his initial arrival in "School Hard."-- pasture did fine in the SATs, no surprise. It was type of one anomaly because that Buffy to have actually high test scores when she"s had so lot trouble with maintaining up, though.-- ns absolutely loved Spike, Angel, and also Buffy all on the very same side in a fight.-- loved Oz" van. It to be so Oz.-- This to be the second time we saw the magic shop, and also the 2nd time the proprietor to be killed.-- Xander want to be a fireman when he to be in 6th grade.-- In this week"s hair report, Spike"s was a many curlier. Looked an excellent on him.-- Obligatory dog reference: Oz: "I don"t think they make a werewolf PEZ. You can have to resolve for a strange cartoon dog."Quotes: (and there to be many)Willow: "This is a nightmare. This is... My world is spinning."Xander: "It"s no that bad, Willow, really."Willow: "740? Verbal? I"m pathetic. Illiterate. I"m Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel."Xander: "That"s right. And also the truth that her 740 verbal closely resembles my linked scores in no way compromises your position as the village idiot."Oz: "Well, I can see why you"d be upset. The was my sarcastic voice."Xander: "You know, it sounds a lot favor your continual voice."Cordelia: "I don"t know. I simply thought we were gonna do something... Girlfriend know, classy."Xander: "What"s classier 보다 bowling?"Cordelia: "Apart from everything, ever?"Giles: "I doubt your mom will want to placed it ~ above the refrigerator."Buffy: "Yeah. She witnessed these scores, and her head spun around and also exploded."Giles: "I"ve been on the Hellmouth as well long. That was metaphorical, yes?"Buffy: "Okay. Be kind, rewind."Joyce: "That"s no it. It"s just you belong at a great old-fashioned college with keg parties and also boys, not here with Hellmouths and vampires."Buffy: "Not yes, really seeing the distinction."Spike: "She wouldn"t also kill me. She just left. She didn"t even care enough to cut off my head or set me on fire. Ns mean, is the too lot to ask? friend know? Some little sign the she cared? the was the truce through Buffy that did it. Dru stated I"d unable to do soft. Wasn"t demon sufficient for the likes of her. And also I told her it didn"t average anything, i was reasoning of she the entirety time, however she didn"t care. So, we gained to Brazil, and she was... She was just different. I gave her everything. Beautiful jewels, beautiful dresses v beautiful girls in them, however nothing made she happy. And also she would fliiirt. I captured her on a park bench, do out through a chaos demon. Have actually you ever seen a chaos demon? They"re every slime and antlers. They"re disgusting. She only did it come hurt me. So ns said, "I"m not putting up through this anymore." and she said, "Fine!" and also I said, "Yeah, I"ve gained an unlife, girlfriend know." and then she said... She said we might still be friends. God, I"m for this reason unhappy!"Willow: (tentatively pats his knee) "There, there."Spike: "You"re no friends. You"ll never ever be friends. You"ll it is in in love it spins it kills you both. You"ll fight, and you"ll shag, and also you"ll dislike each various other till it provides you quiver, but you"ll never ever be friends. Love isn"t brains, children, it"s blood... Blood screaming inside you to work-related its will. I might be love"s bitch, however at least I"m man enough to admit it."Spike: "I want Dru back, I"ve just acquired to it is in the male I was, the guy she loved. I"m walk to perform what i should have actually done in the an initial place. I"ll discover her, where she is, tie she up, torture her till she likes me again.

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