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Cheat CodesNote: This procedure involves editing a game file; develop a back-up copy that the document before proceeding. Usage a message editor to modify the "config.cfg" paper in the "players" magazine in the game folder. Adjust the worth of the seta monkeytoy "1" line to seta monkeytoy "0". Save the file, then adjust its features to read-only. At the main menu or while play the game, push ~ to screen the console window, then form one that the following codes and press to activate the matching cheat function. Note: part codes are easily accessible only in the pre-patched variation of the game.

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God mode /god Juggernaut /demigod Extra tools /give all boundless ammunition /player_sustainammo 1 Extra ammunition /give ammo No clipping mode /noclip trip mode /ufo collection player rate /g_speed display framerate cg_drawfps 1 begin "Kino Der Toten" zombies map/devmap zombie_theater begin "Pentagon" zombie map/devmap zombie_pentagon Spawn indicated item /give
an outcome Cheat password

Zombies mode itemsUse one of the complying with values v the "/give " code in zombie mode:gl_m16_upgraded_zm g11_lps_zm g11_lps_upgraded_zm m16_zm m16_gl_upgraded_zmfamas_zm famas_upgraded_zm ak74u_zm ak74u_upgraded_zm mp5k_zm mp5k_upgraded_zm mp40_zm mp40_upgraded_zm mpl_zm mpl_upgraded_zm pm63_zm pm63_upgraded_zm pm63lh_upgraded_zm spectre_zm spectre_upgraded_zm cz75dw_zm cz75lh_zm cz75dw_upgraded_zm cz75lh_upgraded_zm ithaca_zm ithaca_upgraded_zm rottweil72_zm rottweil72_upgraded_zm spas_zm spas_upgraded_zm hs10_zm hs10_upgraded_zm hs10lh_upgraded_zm aug_acog_zm aug_acog_mk_upgraded_zm mk_aug_upgraded_zm galil_zm galil_upgraded_zm commando_zm commando_upgraded_zm fnfal_zm fnfal_upgraded_zm dragunov_zm dragunov_upgraded_zm l96a1_zm l96a1_upgraded_zm rpk_zm rpk_upgraded_zm hk21_zm hk21_upgraded_zm m72_law_zm m72_law_upgraded_zm china_lake_zm china_lake_upgraded_zmzombie_cymbal_monkeyfreezegun_zm (only obtainable in "Five" map)ray_gun_zm (only available in "Kino Der Toten" map) ray_gun_upgraded_zm (only obtainable in "Kino Der Toten" map) thundergun_zm (only easily accessible in "Kino Der Toten" map) thundergun_upgraded_zm (only obtainable in "Kino Der Toten" map)crossbow_explosive_zm crossbow_explosive_upgraded_zmbowie_knife_zm knife_ballistic_zm knife_ballistic_upgraded_zm knife_ballistic_bowie_zm knife_ballistic_bowie_upgraded_zm explosive_bolt_zm explosive_bolt_upgraded_zmsyrette_sp zombie_perk_bottle_doubletap zombie_perk_bottle_jugg

Cheat modeAt the main menu, look under at your hands to view you room locked up. Repeatedly press + + come escape native the chair (unlocks the "Just asking Me Nicely" mystery achievement). After breaking free, move approximately to the area behind her chair to find an old computer terminal you have the right to use to access the main Intelligence agency Data System. Type one that the adhering to codes to access early unlockables and also hidden functions in the game.Mission select, "Five" Zombies mode map, Dead Ops Arcade game, and also Zork gameEnter "3ARC UNLOCK" as a password to unlock the "Five" Zombies mode map, Dead Ops Arcade game, Zork: The good Underground realm text-based adventure game, and also all missions.All IntelEnter "3ARC INTEL" together a code to unlock all Intel. Note: allowing this password will prevent the "Closer Analysis" success from gift earned.Alicia gameEnter "ALICIA" together a code to unlock the Alicia online therapist game.Dead Ops Arcade gameEnter "DOA" as a password to unlock the Dead Ops Arcade game, i m sorry is a zombie death mini-game similar to stop TV. Use the Left Analog-stick come move and the ideal Analog-stick to shoot. Note: play the Dead Ops Arcade game to acquire the "Insert Coin" achievement.Zork gameEnter "ZORK" or "HELLO SAILOR" as a code to unlock the Zork: The an excellent Underground empire text-based adventure game. Note: beat the Zork game to get the "Eaten by A Grue" achievement.Display every commandsEnter "HELP" together a code to screen a perform of system regulates in the terminal and also Pentagon user e-mail access.Open matching fileEnter "CAT " or "PRINT " together a code to open up the corresponding file.List audio files and also picturesEnter "DIR" together a password to screen a list of audio files and also pictures because that use v "CAT" command.List that login namesEnter "WHO" together a password to display screen a perform of login names because that use v the "RLOGIN" command (requires passwords).LoginEnter "LOGIN" as a password to login with a corresponding username and password.
Open letter folder for present userEnter "MAIL" together a code to open the letter folder because that the present user.Display components of current directoryEnter "DIR" or "LS" as a password to display the components of the present directory.Encode a string making use of the CIA"s cypherEnter "ENCODE" as a code to encode a string using the CIA"s cypher.Decode a string utilizing the CIA"s cypherEnter "DECODE" as a password to decode a string using the CIA"s cypher.Display "Fee Fie foe Foo!"Enter "FOOBAR" together a password to display "Fee Fie enemy Foo!".Dreamland serverAccess the central Intelligence agency Data System. Get in "rlogin dreamland" as a command. You will be prompted to login with an account v MJ12 access. Use among the complying with usernames and also passwords come continue:Login as Robert Oppen: Username: "roppen", Password: "trinity"Login as T. Walker: Username: "twalker", Password: "thanksdad"Login as Vannevar Bush: Username: "vbush", Password: "majestic1"

Terminal accessAccess the central Intelligence company Data System. Get in "login" together a command. You will certainly be motivated to login with an account. Use one of the following usernames and passwords to continue. You have the right to then accessibility their papers with the "dir" command or e-mail through the "mail" command.PersonUsernamePasswordAdrienne Smithasmithroxy Alex Mason (default account)amasonpassword Bruce Harrisbharrisgoskins D. Kingdkingmfk frank Woodsfwoodsphilly Grigori "Greg" Weavergweavergedeon J. TurnerJturnercondor75 Jason Hudsonjhudsonbryant1950 john McConejmcconeberkley22 Joseph Bowmanjbowmanuwd john F. Kennedyjfkennedylancer lyndon B. Johnsonlbjohnsonladybird Richard Nixonrnixoncheckers Richard Helmsrhelmslerosey Richard Kainrkainsunwu Ryan Jacksonrjacksonsaintbridget T. Walkertwalkerradi0 Terrance Brookstbrookslauren Vannevar Bushvbushmanhattan william Rabornwrabornbromlow
Hidden Thunder gun in "Numbers" missionAt the start of Mission 7: Numbers, after the Nova 6 Gas is released, walk to the ago of the room, and enter the office. Uncover the ice recorder, and also hold to choose it up. If excellent correctly, the display screen will shake. Proceed through the level till you obtain to the part where girlfriend jump off the roof into the building and onto the mattress. When Clarke is inside, he will relocate a fridge causing the weapon stash. You must watch him move the refrigerator or you will certainly not get the Thunder Gun. When you get inside the stash, go to the left. You have to see an additional tape recorder. Walk as much as it, and also hold to choose it up. If done correctly, the display screen will shake and the Thunder total will show up from the wall. You deserve to trade the weapon you space holding for it, and also it will be equipped with twelve shots. After you get the Thunder Gun, the remainder of the level must be an extremely easy.In Mission 7: Numbers, after interrogating Clarke, several opponent soldiers will appear at the finish of the lengthy hallway. If friend shoot all 6 Nova 6 canisters (two in the back, 4 on the sides), you deserve to retrieve a cassette ice in the office behind where you started. Note: that is recommended that you toss a flashbang to blind the enemies so you have the right to shoot the canisters much more easily. When you choose up the tape, proceed progressing v the mission till the component where Weaver and Clarke both jump turn off the roof and also onto a mattress. ~ they jump down, Clarke will certainly ask Weaver to assist him relocate a refrigerator out that the way to his very first weapon stash. As soon as they do, go inside, and also look to the left. There must be a place to placed the cassette. Note: as soon as picking up and also placing the cassette tape, the game will not prompt you to execute anything -- you need to use this details to understand when to carry out these things. As soon as you insert the cassette tape, the screen will shake, and the Thunder gun will appear out that the wall. It has actually twelve bullets, and it is reloaded in ~ checkpoints.All Zombie mapsSuccessfully finish the suggested task to unlock the matching Zombies setting map:Dead Ops Arcade: play the Dead Ops Arcade video game or successfully finish the game. The map description reads "Step earlier through time through this retro arcade zombie adventure and also do battle with the forces of the Cosmic Silverback."Der Riese: calls for a unique code that is had with the contact Of Duty: black Ops Hardened and also Prestige Edition.Five: properly complete project mode on any type of difficulty. The map description reads "The Pentagon is under attack! Washington is going come DEFCON 1 in this rate of "Zombies"."Kino Der Toten: available at the start. The map summary reads "Battle the undead in this theatrical rate of "Zombies". Brand-new twists and also clues can uncover the last plan. It"s display time!"Nacht Der Untoten: calls for a distinctive code that is included with the call Of Duty: black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition.Shi No Numa: needs a distinct code the is included with the speak to Of Duty: black color Ops Hardened and also Prestige Edition.Verruckt: calls for a unique code the is had with the call Of Duty: black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition.

Finding the Pack-A-Punch on 5 map in zombie modeMake a crawler, then go into the center room, and adjust the DEFCON level to DEFCON 5. All teleporters will take you to the Presidential Suite. Every switches room in that room; three are upstairs and one is downstairs.Intel locationsSearch the shown locations to find all 42 Intel laptops:Mission 1: operation 401. The is top top a crate inside a building after going up a hill and passing a weapon depot. It is right ahead as you go into the building with Woods and also Bowman leading the way.2. That is on the dresser inside of a bedroom v a bed and also TV in the following area you go into after you have killed the fake Castro.3. It is on height of a ladder inside of the an initial hangar you enter just after friend rappel down from the hill to the airfield.Mission 2: Vorkuta4. That is on optimal of a room on the 2nd floor that the first building you enter with Reznov simply after the prisoners have taken out the tower after relocating along the train garden behind cover.5. It is on a table inside the armory with a few radios. The armory is simply after Sergei dies from stop the security door open up for you and the other prisoners to obtain through.6. The is ~ above the bottom shelf that a rack near the ago of the building you start in ~ the cutscene from gift gassed. There will certainly be a pallet jack and also lantern in front of it. You need to grab this Intel prior to getting top top the bike.Mission 3: U.S.D.D.NoneMission 4: executive, management Order7. It is on the third floor of the communications building on optimal of the ideal table the is underneath the 4 TV"s and golden emblem. You need to grab this Intel prior to going up the ladder to the height of the communications building.8. That is within the regulate room because that the rocket. That is in the much left corner after you blow a hole in the wall surface on height of the computer in the corner.9. It is inside another control room secret on optimal of a radar computer listed below the window. This is down the hall to the appropriate after the offices.Mission 5: S.O.G.10. The is on top of a bunch of ammo crates in the back area you are defending from gift rushed through the enemy and also when you need to ruin the three T55 tanks. You have to grab this Intel prior to following Woods right into the hole in the ground.11. It is in the bunker in ~ the bottom left edge of the hill. The is sitting within the right window.12. The is in the larger bunker you get in after conserving Woods. The is top top a shelf after friend pass through the broke down support beams top top fire in the right corner of the same room. You have to grab this Intel before following Woods and also entering the vehicle.Mission 6: The Defector13. The is on a table in the defense room after friend breached the room to uncover Reznov in it. This is likewise the very same room with a projector and where over there is a brief cutscene.14. The is ~ above a table through a TV within of a structure down the street from when you very first use the radio to call in wait support and also where you travel v the M113 armored vehicle.15. The is within of a structure on a table in the corner at the finish of the mission as soon as you have actually to defend the landing zone. Make certain to take this Intel before enemies begin coming. The will likewise be appropriate after you need to place the C4 ~ above the above wall surface and then the tank top top the street explodes. The is the building at the earlier far right corner from when you come the end of the building you offered the C4 in.Mission 7: Numbers16. It is at the beginning of the level after ~ you have actually interrogated Clarke. That is top top a desk in the ago right corner behind you. You need to grab this Intel conveniently so the Nova 6 gas does no kill you.17. It is lying on the ground in front of a shack through garbage all approximately on the ground. This is just after girlfriend slide under the steel roofing, and also the video game goes into slow-motion so you deserve to kill the adversaries that appear.18. It is lie on the metal roofing v garbage as you continue to descend ~ Clarke gets shot in the head when you room trying to save him. This is just before the finish of the level wherein you slide under plywood.Mission 8: job Nova19. That is top top a table v a lantern and also files in the two-story structure you come across approximately halfway with the mission. There are two snowplows external the entrance.20. That is top top a table beside a room in the hangar v a rocket in it. The table is in a room in the ago right corner. Girlfriend will need to pass through this hangar to proceed the mission.21. That is on a pallet the is almost fully covered in snow at the finish of the ship. The is right before the stairs come the right. You should grab this Intel prior to you usage the rope to acquire off the ship and before time runs out.Mission 9: Victor Charlie22. That is lying versus the wall surface near the west edge of the hut. The is right before you knife who in the ago and just after knifing who in their sleep ~ climbing with a window with Woods.23. It is lie on the ground within the hut at the finish of the village. It is right ahead from where you get in the village. The Intel is in the east edge of the hut. The town is simply after the flow area you swim through and also plant explosives.24. That is in the left tunnel after ~ Reznov help you move a obstacle blocking the path to the following tunnel. Once you command the way, instead of walking straight, go left. It is lied on the ground against a absent on the right-hand side of this tunnel.Mission 10: Crash Site25. The is ~ above a crate alongside some barrels in ~ the beginning of the mission. That is just before you gain on the boat and also after the helicopter.26. That is right after you obtain off the boat. The is lying on the right side that the dirt route in prior of you beside a rock as you follow your squad towards the following objective.27. The is top top a absent just listed below the crashed plane. As soon as you begin to descend indigenous the wing, it is right below you before you go into the plane.Mission 11: WMD28. It is where you breach the barracks with your squad. That is the second time the you leave Blackbird. The is under the procedures to the left ~ above the workdesk as you go into the barracks.29. It is ~ above a bench inside of the energy room situated in the interactions tower. The is top top the 2nd level, i m sorry is the level you enter the door from at the much left corner and right before you head under the stairs.30. It is ~ above a table through explosives in former of the office the is within of the huge warehouse v explosives all over else. You deserve to grab this Intel before or after entering the office. However, it is simpler to obtain it before entering due to the fact that there is not any resistance.Mission 12: Payback31. It is top top a shelf inside the big ammunition room you get in after going through the left or right tunnel once you escape. The is on the ideal side of the room. You must grab this Intel prior to continuing and exiting the underground area through Woods.32. It is top top the table through a radio to the appropriate of the tent once you departure the secret area. You must grab this Intel before getting in the helicopter through Woods.33. It is ideal after you have freed the POWs. That is top top a crate in the area to the much left just before you reach the structure where Kravchenko is within on the 2nd floor.Mission 13: Rebirth34. It is lying on the ground alongside the crate to your left together you departure the shipping container that you to be hiding in. Death the adversary in prior of you, seize the Intel, climate move quickly so you do not gain spotted indigenous the helicopter in the area.35. It is ~ above a cage v a monkey in it within of the containment unit in the facility of the room. Carry out not shoot the foe inside; instead knife him. If girlfriend shoot him, the containment unit will certainly close, making it impossible to grab the Intel situated inside the it. However, if you make this mistake, simply die, and also start native the last checkpoint to shot again.36. The is soon after you have actually put on the gas mask when the area gets gassed with Nova 6. Girlfriend will an initial pass through one house, and also then proceed up the road to reach the next checkpoint. Before you enter the next house with the checkpoint, there is a residence in former of it come the appropriate that includes the Intel. The is sitting on the cabinet through a bunch the pots.Mission 14: Revelations37. The is on peak of a vending maker in the an initial hallway to your left after girlfriend have damaged out the the chair and also stumble with the doors.38. The is inside the trash can to the ideal on the left side of the wall after you departure a room the triggers a lengthy flashback cutscene. This is ideal after Intel #37.39. That is ~ above the workdesk to the left inside of the very first office room friend come throughout after you have a flashback v JFK as you head down the long hallway v the rocket taking off in the background.Mission 15: Redemption40. It is simply behind the very first shipping container girlfriend come across. It is lie on the floor under the door. That is right prior to you need to use the Valkyrie Rockets come take the end the two helicopters above you.41. That is in the 2nd room you get in when you space inside the ship. The is under the table in prior of you v a bunch of crates as you enter on the other side of it. This room is after ~ the locker room.42. That is in the office room at the end of the mission before you struggle Dragovich. The is under the left desk with the phone. This office room is right alongside the manage room i beg your pardon is submarine on the reduced level -- the room you go into just after ~ going up the stairs.

Multiplayer unlockablesReach the indicated rank to unlock the corresponding bonus:Level 4: produce A ClassLevel 5: ContractsLevel 6: Clan TagLevel 8: game Mode ChallengesLevel 10: Killstreaks, Killstreak Challenges, Playercard EmblemsLevel 13: Combat RecordLevel 15: Medal ChallengesLevel 16: pistol EmblemsLevel 19: pistol TagLevel 20: upstream ChallengesLevel 22: CamoLevel 25: practice ReticulesLevel 28: tradition LensesLevel 30: final ChallengesLevel 31: FacepaintLevel 50: reputation ModePrestige 1: reputation Leaderboard, Custom course 6Prestige 3: Custom course 7Prestige 5: Custom class 8Prestige 7: Custom class 9Prestige 9: Custom class 10Prestige 10: reputation Hardcore PlaylistPrestige 11: extr Face PaintPrestige 13: Clan tag ColorsPrestige 14: gold CamoPrestige 15: prestige Pure Playlist

PerksThe following is a perform of perks and their effect. Successfully finish the indicated difficulties to unlock the pro variation of the matching perk.Tier 1LightweightLightweight: move fasterLightweight Pro: No fall damageChallengesMelee Kills: acquire 15 melee kills.Escape Death: Escape death 5 times after gift hurt.Offense Medals: acquire 10 offense medals by killing opponents near their objective.ScavengerScavenger: Replenish ammo and lethal grenades from fallen enemiesScavenger Pro: start with extra mags and replenish tactical grenades indigenous fallen enemiesChallengesResupplies: Resupply 150 times while using Scavenger.Grenade Kills: acquire 5 lethal grenade kills through a resupplied grenade.Kill Count: get 5 death without dice 5 times.GhostGhost: Remain surprise from adversary spy planesGhost Pro: stop targeting from aircraft, IR scopes, and Sentry Guns; no red crosshair or name once targetedChallengesConcealed Kills: kill 20 enemies while they have a spy plane or Blackbird active.Destroy Aircraft: ruin 30 aircraft with any non-killstreak launcher.Destroy Sentry Gun: damage 1 Sentry Gun.Flak JacketFlak Jacket: Take much less explosive damageFlak coat Pro: direction fire damage and also safely toss earlier frag grenadesChallengesProtected: survive 10 explosions while utilizing Flack Jacket.Demolished: tree or defuse 10 bombs in Demolition, Sabotage, or search & Destroy.Throwbacks: Throw ago 5 enemy frag grenades.HardlineHardline: get killstreak rewards with one less killHardline Pro: change the contents of a care packageChallengesShare Packages: share 10 Killstreak prize crates with teammates.Multiple Killstreaks: acquire 7 killstreaks in one match while making use of Hardline.Killstreak: gain 7 kills without dice in one match.Tier 2HardenedHardened: penetrate walls and also objects with deeper bullet impactHardened Pro: Inflict extra bullet damages on aircraft and turrets, and also flinch much less when shotChallengesPenetration Kills: gain 10 kills utilizing Hardened and shooting with walls.Bullets in Aircraft: shoot 200 bullets into opponent aircraft.Equipment Shot: destroy 1 item of enemy devices through a wall.ScoutScout: hold breath much longer when scopedScout Pro: Switch weapons fasterChallengesSecondary Kills: obtain 50 kills with second weapons.One shoot Kills: acquire 50 "One Shot, One Kill" medals.Headshots: acquire 30 headshot kills.Steady AimSteady Aim: Maintain boosted accuracy once firing indigenous the hipSteady aim Pro: Aim faster after sprinting, and recover easily from knife lungesChallengesQuick Melee: Melee two opponents consecutively within 5 seconds.Sprint Kills: gain 100 death after sprinting.Hip Fire Kills: acquire 150 i know well fire kills using steady Aim.Sleight the HandSleight the Hand: Reload tools fasterSleight the Hand Pro: Aim down sights much faster with every weapons, other than sniper riflesChallengesAiming Kills: acquire 150 death while aiming down sights.Reload Kills: death an foe within 5 seconds of reloading 30 times.Fast Hand Kills: Reload and finish off the foe you wounded 10 times.WarlordWarlord: Equip two attachments to your primary weapon (excluding underbarrels)Warlord Pro: begin with one extra tactical and lethal grenade, other than Willy PeteChallengesTwo attachments Kills: acquire 150 kills utilizing a gun v two attachments.Grenade Kills: acquire 10 Frag or Semtex kills.Grenade Multi-kills: get 1 multi-kill with Frag or Semtex.Tier 3Tactical MaskTactical Mask: protect yourself versus Nova GasTactical Mask Pro: reduce the effects of Flash and Concussion grenades, and reveal the position of a flashed or stunned enemyChallengesFlash Kills: death 20 opponents that are blinded by her Flashbang grenade.Concussion Kills: kill 20 adversaries that room stunned by her Concussion grenade.Nova Gas Kills: death 20 adversaries poisoned by her Nova Gas.MarathonMarathon: Sprint for a much longer durationMarathon Pro: Sprint because that an endless durationChallenges26 Miles: acceleration 26 miles making use of Marathon.First Blood: gain the "First Blood" medal 10 times.Captures: In record The Flag, gain the "Flag Capture" medal 15 times while using Marathon.NinjaNinja: relocate silentlyNinja Pro: make no noise in ~ all and also hear adversaries louderChallengesSilenced Kills: acquire 150 kills utilizing the Suppressor attachment.Back Stabs: get 5 "Backstabber" medals.Plants: plant the bomb 10 time in Demolition, Sabotage, or find & Destroy.Second ChanceSecond Chance: Pull out your pistol prior to dyingSecond chance Pro: survive longer and also get revived by your teammatesChallengesKills: obtain 10 death while in second Chance.Revenge: if in 2nd Chance, kill the foe who downed friend 5 times.Headshot: obtain 1 headshot death while in second Chance.HackerHacker: Detect opponent equipment, explosives, and also turretsHacker Pro: Sabotage opponent equipment and turrets, and booby trap stolen crates, and also remain invisible to activity sensorsChallengesDestroys: ruin 10 devices or explosives while utilizing Hacker.Explosive Kills: death 25 enemies with a Claymore or C4.Near tools Kills: kill 25 adversaries within the radius of your Jammer or movement Sensor.

Killstreak bonusesGet the indicated variety of consecutive kills in Multiplayer mode to acquire the equivalent bonus:RC-XD: 3 kills (remote control car strapped through explosives)Spy Plane: 3 kills (shows opponents on the mini-map; can be shot down)Counter Spy Plane: 4 death (temporarily disables opponent mini-map)SAM Turret: 4 death (airdrop a placeable SAM turret to damage enemy aircraft)Care Package: 5 kills (airdrop a arbitrarily killstreak or ammo crate)Napalm Strike: 5 death (aircraft covers an area in Napalm)Mortar Team: 6 death (target three areas to bombard through Mortar Strikes)Sentry Gun: 6 kills (airdrop a placeable Sentry Gun)Attack Helicopter: 7 death (call in support helicopter)Valkyrie Rockets: 7 kills (launcher v remote managed rockets)Blackbird: 8 kills (shows both opponent position and direction ~ above the mini-map; cannot be shoot down)Rolling Thunder: 8 death (carpet battle airstrike)Chopper Gunner: 9 kills (be the gunner that an attack helicopter)Attack Dogs: 11 kills (attack dogs the hunt down the enemy)Gunship: 11 death (pilot an attack helicopter)

Clearing the trenches in fight of Khe SanhAt the battle of Khe Sanh, you space told to clean the trenches, however it is not specifically clear just how to do this. You have to run come the two huge striped barrels near the bottom of the hill and also kick them down right into the trench. Hide behind the sandbags, and also shoot in ~ the Viet Cong till it is reasonably clear. Then, run to the nearby barrel, and also follow the prompt come stab it and also kick it down the hill.Hear "Pareidolia" song by Elena Siegman in "Shangri-La" map ("Annihilation" DLC)In the "Shangri-La" map in zombie mode, find all three meteorites. The very first is situated in the spawning room near a broken pillar, come the left that the top-most home window behind the rapid Revive machine. The 2nd is located past the dirt pits and also Perk machine, but before the bridge, in the grass to the left when dealing with the bridge from the Perk machine. The 3rd is located underground in the room past the AK74u, just over the water near the railing, throughout from the Perk machine in the room. Press when close to each that the meteorites. When all three have actually been activated, the tune "Pareidolia" through Elena Siegman will play.Power box place in Zombies setting ("Escalation" DLC)The strength switch is situated on the half-sunken ship to her right as soon as you start. The boat that covers the entrance costs 500 points. When you go up the ship"s side, continue straight until you view a stairway to your left top upstairs. It costs 750 points to enter. When inside, walk to either the right or left of the cabin and go inside, where you will find a stairway top up again. Go up and move around the room to find a door that expenses 750 points. Open this door, and the power switch will be to your right once you walk in.Defeating George the director in Zombies setting ("Escalation" DLC)It is encourage you carry out not struggle George the director until you achieve the new Wonder Weapon and also upgrade it v Pack-A-Punch, together you will not have the ability to kill him without it. Shooting him, blowing him up, and also even knifing that will cause him to roar in fury, then charge at complete sprint after you and also your allies till everyone is dead. If this happens, you deserve to lead him to any huge body of water to calm him down. Additionally, the power have to be energetic before friend can damage him.Springing platforms and also ziplines in Zombies setting ("Escalation" DLC)If you desire to use either the platforms or zipline, girlfriend must first activate the power. Then, you should unlock the area the the communication or zipline ends at or else it will not bring you anywhere. The zipline deserve to be supplied if there is no notice saying "Closed set" (indicating the you need to unlock it) or "Power must be on" (power needs to be turned on). Once the zipline is active, jump into it near the leaf to use it. The springing platform have the right to be used once the area (lighthouse base) is open, and the strength is on. Once you stand on it, you will hear a compression sound, and after a minute it will certainly launch friend away. Note: Zombies and also George can also use the springing platforms and also ziplines.Freezing zombies ("Escalation" DLC)If you command a team of zombies into the water and also keep castle in there long enough, that will reason them to freeze for a moment, permitting you to operation away or death them easier.Zombie exclusive right ("Escalation" DLC)The following Zombies mode perks are easily accessible in the "Escalation" DLC: double Tap, Juggar-naught, rate Cola, Stamin-Up, Dr. Phlopper, rapid Revive, and also Deadshot. The Deadshot perk lets you snap-aim (holding down your ADS while an adversary is near) to the zombie"s head instead of that is torso.Hear "Abracadavre" song by Elena Siegman in "Ascension" map ("First Strike" DLC)In the "Ascension" map in zombies mode, there space three teddy bear holding a sickle. Press while standing beside each one, and you will certainly hear a sound. Once you activate all 3 teddy bears, the "Abracadavre" song by Elena Siegman will certainly play. The an initial teddy bear is situated to the left of the Olympia shotgun in the beginning room. The second one is behind the fence throughout from where the claymores space bought. The third one is close to the lunar lander by the speed Cola machine.Easy point out in "Five" mapIn the "Five" map in zombies mode, damage the glass doors at the start, and then rebuild castle for basic points. Let the zombies damage the barriers and come right into the office, and then death them to knife extra bonuses. Shoot the zombies 3 to 4 times in ring 1 and 2, and also then knife castle to acquire extra points.Hiding clues in "Five" mapIn the "Five" map in zombies mode, when you go downstairs, was standing in front of the bigger elevator. While in former of it, go left follow me the workdesks next to the teleporter. Stand behind the railing so you have the right to see it lengthy ways. Dolphin dive on height of it. This might require a couple of attempts. Once you space on top of the railing, was standing up, and keep jumping up till you space onto the the teleporter. Zombies can not touch you uneven you acquire too close come the stairs. You can get a many points since the zombies will gather around, and also when you shoot in ~ the crowd, the is an extremely hard to miss.Hear "Don"t ago Down" tune by Eminem in "Five" mapIn the "Five" map in zombies mode, find the 3 red rotating phones throughout the Pentagon that ring and also flash. The first phone have the right to be discovered when you very first start, after opening a collection of doors in the corner. The second phone is inside the conference room top top the 2nd floor whereby the Pack-A-Punch an equipment is located. The third phone is in among the rooms after ~ leaving the 2nd elevator ~ above the floor that the strength is on. Friend can discover the phones by following their ringing. Look in ~ the phone, then hold till you hear a busy signal. After every phones are accessed, the tune "Don"t back Down" by Eminem will play.Hear "115" track by Elena Siegman in "Kino Der Toten" mapIn the "Kino Der Toten" map in zombie mode, discover the three meteors transparent the map. The an initial meteor is situated on a base in a edge behind the soda in the main lobby. The 2nd meteor is ~ above a pedestal in the dressing room near some mannequins. The third meteor is the room upstairs near the alleyway, ~ above a dresser v black marquee letters. The meteors show up as red veined rocks. Organize on every meteor until your character claims something or the veins in the absent glow red. ~ all three meteors room found, the tune "115" by Elena Siegman will play.Hear "Sympathy because that The Devil" tune by The rojo Stones in "Nuketown" mapIn the Nuketown map, shoot the heads off every the mannequins in under fifteen secs of the round begginning to hear the tune "Sympathy for The Devil" by The rolling Stones played end the loudspeakers.Pack-A-Punch weaponsThe complying with is a list of every weapons and also what they become once you update them v the Pack-A-Punch machine in zombie mode:Assault riflesAUG = AUG-50M3Commando = PredatorFamas = G16-GL35FN FAL = EPC WNG11 = G115 GeneratorGalil = LemantationM14 = MnesiaM16 = SkullCrusherHandgunsCZ75 = CalamityCZ75 dual Wield = Calamity & JaneM1911 = Mustang & SallyPython = CobraLaunchersChina Lake = China BeachM72 regulation = M72 AnarchyLight maker gunsHK21 = H115 OscillatorRPK = R115 ResonatorShotgunsHS10 = Typhoid & MaryOlympia = HadesSPAZ-12 = SPAZ-24Stakeout = RaidSniper riflesDragunov = D115 DisassemblerL96A1 = L115 IsolatorSubmachine gunsAK47u = AK74fu2MP40 = The AfterburnerMPK5 = MP115 KolliderMPL = MPL-LFPM63 = Tokyo & RoseSpecial weaponsBallistic Knife = The Krause RefibrillatorCrossbow = horrible LawtonRay pistol = Porter"s X2 beam GunThundergun = Zeus CannonWinter"s rage = Winter"s Fury

Weapons and also equipmentThe complying with is a list of weapons and equipment:Assault riflesAK-47AUGCommandoEnfieldFAMASFN FALG11GalilM14M16Handguns.357 Magnum PythonASPCZ75M1911MakarovLaunchersChina LakeFlamethrowerM202A1 "Grim Reaper" (Care package only)M72 LAWRPG-7StrelaLight an equipment gunsDeath maker (Care parcel only)HK-21M60RPKStoner 63ShotgunsHS-10Ithica 37KS-23Model 1887Olympia/Double BarrelSPAS-12StakeoutSniper/bolt activity riflesDragunovL96AWPSG1WA2000Submachine gunsAK74uKilparisMAC11MP5KMPLPM63SkorpionSpectre M4UziSpecial secondariesBallistic KnifeCrossbowFlashlightMacheteAlternate ammoExplosive tipped crossbow boltsIncendiary "Dragon’s Breath" shotgun roundsAssault rifle attachmentsACOG (750 CP)Dual Mag (500 CP)Extended Mags (500 CP)FlamethrowerGrenade Launcher (1,000 CP)Infrared border (1,000 CP)Masterkey (750 CP)Red Dot vision (750 CP)Reflex (750 CP)SuppressorHandgun attachmentsACOG (750 CP)Dual WieldSnub nose (750 CP)Speed Reloader (750 CP)Upgraded steel SightsEquipmentC4 (2,000 CP)Camera Spike (2,000 CP)Claymore (3,000 CP)Jammer (2,500 CP)Motion Sensor (3,000 CP)Tactical Insertion (2,500 CP)LethalFrag GrenadeSemtexTomahawkTacticalConcussionDecoy (attracts attention and also creates blips on foe radar)FlashbangNova GasWilly Pete/Smoke GrenadeCamouflageBerlinDusty ERDLFloraGoldIceNevadaOliveRedSaharaSiberiaTigerWarsawWoodlandYukonFace paintAnimalApacheBansheeBlack WidowBlitzCleanCommandoDeathDemonDragonDutchHighlanderJesterLionMantisMilitiaRangerReaperSandmanSidewinderSmokeSpiderStalkerTundraZuluCustom reticlesArrows horizontalArrows verticalArrows with dotBoxesBurstCircleCircle v arrowsCircle through crosshairsCircle v dotCircle through inner lineCircle with external lineCircle through trianglesCircle within a circleDiamondDiamond outlineDotHeartLarge crosshairsLine v dotOuter crosshairsOuter trianglesRadiationSemicircleSkullSmall crosshairsSmileySquareSquare outlineStarThree dotsTreyarchTriangleXX with dotYin yang

Gun video game Wager complement weaponsThe adhering to is a perform of all 20 weapons in the Gun video game wager match:1. Python through multiple attachments 2. Duel Makarovs 3. Spas-12 4. Stakeout 5. MP5K 6. Duel Skorpions 7. AK74u 8. M14 9. M16 10. Famas 11. AUG 12. HK-21 13. M60 14. L96A1 15. WA2000 16. RPG 17. M72 law 18. China Lake 19. Crossbow 20. Ballistic Knife

Easy "Frag Master" achievementIn campaign mode, throughout the fight of Khe Sanh as soon as the NVA are putting out the the tunnels in the background, save throwing grenades into the crowd until you acquire the "Frag Master" achievement.In Multiplayer mode, have five friends throwing together, and also then litter a frag grenade to death them all and get the "Frag Master" achievement.In Zombies setting with at the very least two players, blow the legs off five zombies, and also then have an additional player was standing in one place while the zombie crawl in the direction of them. As soon as they are all attacking the various other play, litter a frag grenade to kill them all and also get the "Frag Master" achievement.Easy "Hands off The Merchandise" achievementIn ring 4 on the "Five" map in zombie mode, try to shoot a zombie"s legs turn off so that is crawling approximately before the round ends, as this will give you time to turn the strength on. The Thief shows up randomly after ~ you rotate the power on. The strategy provided in the video clip was done in solitary Player mode.Easy "I hate Monkeys" achievementIn the rebirth labs, fire the China Lake into the main chamber of the lab. There will be an to explode in the chamber that releases Nova 6 gas that will certainly kill the soldiers and all of the monkeys.Easy "Rhino" achievementIn the Dead Ops Arcade game, once you get to a higher round (for example, ring 8 or 10), usage a meat power-up at the begin of the round. Once the zombies to water in, wait a bit, then usage the speed power-up to acquire the "Rhino" achievement.Easy "Sally Likes Blood" achievementIn Mission 6: The Defector, in ~ the part where girlfriend go within the building with Bowman, Reznov, and Woods (the one where the guy is crying end his dead friend), walk upstairs. There will certainly be two VC in front of you and three more behind the home window next come them. Aim exactly so the you deserve to kill all three of them in one shot. This area is a checkpoint -- for this reason if you miss, death yourself, and try again.

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Steam achievementsSuccessfully complete the suggested task come unlock the equivalent achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, choose "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats."Insert Coin": accessibility the terminal and also battle the pressures of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade. A safer place: Sabotage the Soviet an are program. Black Op Master: finish the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. Broken English: escape Kowloon. Burn Notice: complete "Rebirth" and also "Redemption" top top Veteran difficulty. Clarity: cracked the code. Closer Analysis: discover all the covert Intel.Cold Warrior: complete "Operation 40," "Vorkuta," and also "Executive Order" top top Veteran difficulty.Date Night: clock a movie or clip.Death to Dictators: Take under Castro with a headshot. Dual Trouble: usage only twin wield weapons to escape Kowloon. Twin Whammy: destroy both helicopters with one Valkyrie missile from the deck that the ship. Down and Dirty: complete "SOG" and "The Defector" on Veteran difficulty. Simple Rhino: In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed boost to blast v 20 or more enemies at one time. Eaten by a Grue: beat Zork on the terminal. Frag Master: death 5 opponents with a solitary frag grenade in the campaign. Offer me liberty, or give me death: escape Vorkuta. Hands turn off the Merchandise: kill the Pentagon thief before it have the right to steal her load-out. Hefty Hand: use the Grim reaping machine to damage the MG emplacement. I hate monkeys: death 7 monkeys in under 10 secs in the renewal labs.In the Money: end up 5 wager matches "in the money".It"s your funeral: finish "Numbers," "Project Nova," and "Victor Charlie" on Veteran difficulty. Just ask me nicely: Break cost-free from the torture chair. Irradiate Foot: escape the ship with 2:15 left ~ above the timer in Veteran. Look at don"t count: break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh. Mr Nelson: ruin all targets and structures while making your means up the river. Mr. Black OP: get in the Soviet relay station undetected. Never gain off the boat: discover the Soviet connection in Laos. No Leaks: endure the NOVA 6 gas without dice on rejuvenation Island. No Today: finish "Crash Site," "WMD," and "Payback" top top Veteran difficulty. Pathfinder: guide the squad v the Soviet outpost without them getting killed. Raining Pain: Rack up a body count of 20 NVA using air assistance in Hue City.Ready because that Deployment: reach rank 10 in Combat Training.Russian bar-b-q: Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachments in the POW compound. Sacrifice: Ensure your squad escapes safely indigenous Cuba. Sacrificial Lamb: kill 6 zombies after obtaining shot through a Pack-a-Punched Crossbow bolt. Sally Likes Blood: demonstrate killer economic sensibilities through taking down 3 opponents with a solitary bullet watch Me, Stab Me, heal Me: Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife in ~ a downed ally to recovery them indigenous a distance. Slingshot Kid: destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts. SOG Rules: Retrieve the dossier and also the defector indigenous Hue City. Part wounds never ever heal: escape the past. Stand Down: complete the campaign on any kind of difficulty. The Collector: to buy every weapon turn off the wall surfaces in a solitary Zombies game. The Dragon Within: death 10 NVA v Dragon"s Breath rounds. Tough Economy: usage no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to damage the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh. Unconventional Warfare: usage the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies in the campaign. Increase close and also personal: Silently take the end 3 VC. Car Slaughter: damage all opponents on vehicles throughout the jail break. Vip: obtain orders from Lancer. With extreme prejudice: gain to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.