In the state that Pennsylvania, is it legal because that a 20 year old male and a 15 year old female come date? I will be transforming 16 in around 4 months, and he just turned 20. Is over there anything he can get in problem for? Also, my parental are really against this, the is a very an excellent guy however, castle don't favor the fact that that is over age. Through all perform respect I'm no asking these questions to hear native people about what a 20 year old wants v a 15 year old. I have actually heard this from mine whole whole family. I simply want some answers on if he might get in any trouble if my mommy would take place to walk to the police around this, we have actually stopped talking due to the fact that we room both afraid of getting into significant legal issues. Thanks for the help! would certainly kissing be illegal? Is there any kind of legal method we might be together?

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