Batteries come in a selection of shapes, sizes, voltages, currents to fulfill a range of needs depending on the application they are used for. The Coin cabinet (or button cell) is a common form of battery used for smaller electronics such as car key fobs, little torches, calculators and much more. They are referred to as a coin as result of their form being round and being really slim as with a coin.A CR2025 is a commonly used coin cell for many electronics pointed out above.

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But, have the right to you use a CR2032 instead that a CR2025?

Yes, you deserve to use a CR2032 rather of a CR2025. Both batteries share the very same voltage. However, the only concern is the the CR2032 is bigger (in depth, not diameter) 보다 the CR2025. So it all comes down to whether the battery compartment the holds the CR2025 deserve to accommodate the CR2032 together well. This chandelier be disputed in an ext detail below.

What is the key difference between a CR2032 and a CR2025?

To much better understand even if it is you deserve to use a CR2032 rather of a CR2025, that will assist to take a closer look in ~ both the batteries and also their differences. While both the batteries execute share similarities, there space differences. These differences between the 2 batteries can be viewed in the name of the battery.Those letters and numbers aren’t just picked in ~ random, yet rather every representing a certain characteristic of the battery. The International Electrotechnical commission (IEC), was tasked with coming up v a code to represent the qualities of the batteries. Let’s take a look at the letters and numbers the the CR2025.The an initial letter C represents the chemical composition the the battery. In this instance Manganese Dioxide.The following letter R represents the shape of the battery, i beg your pardon is Round. Now comes the numbers. The first pair of numbers (2,0) show the diameter (in millimeters) the the battery, i beg your pardon is 20mm.The second pair of numbers (2,5) show the depth (in millimeters) the the battery, gift 2.5mm.
So, directly off the bat if us look in ~ the letters and also numbers the both batteries we deserve to see that the main distinction is the depth that the batteries. The CR2032 battery has a depth that 3.2mm, vice versa, the CR2025 has a depth that 2.5mm making the bigger through 0.7mm.

When you deserve to use a CR2032 rather of a CR2025

As we just saw, the major difference in between both the batteries is the depth. So, how deserve to you use a CR2032 rather of a CR2025?While no interchangeable all the time, there are specific instances where you might have the ability to swap the CR2025 for the CR2032. This every comes under to the physical measurement of the battery compartment provided to residence the CR2025. It would have actually been designed especially for the depth and also diameter the the CR2025. But, much more often than not, the technician would have designed it with some wiggle room. This way you should be able to use a CR2032 to change a CR2025. Note, this could not be true for all CR2025 compartments. Some could not be able to accommodate a CR2032.The only method to understand is to try and see if the fits. 

Other components to consider when using a CR2032 rather of a CR2025

The dimension of the battery is the major factor to take it into consideration if you room swapping a CR2032 rather of a CR2032.But, there space things to consider prior to doing so. 


Electronic tools have a stated operating voltage that they room designed to occupational optimally under. This way you will have to select a battery voltage the matches the operating voltage the the machine you are using it for.So, if you space using a CR2032 instead of a CR2025, the voltage the the CR2032 will have to be the same. Lucky because that you, the voltages that both the batteries are the exact same which is 3 volts.

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Just choose voltage, tools are rated because that a specific amount of present that they attract under common working conditions. Both the batteries it is provided the very same amount of current of 0.2mA

Current capacity

Finally, the last element to take into consideration is current capacity. The capacity of a battery is the amount of full charge (current) it deserve to hold. It is analogous come a glass and how lot water it deserve to hold.The bigger the glass the more water (charge) it can hold and also vice versa However, the chemical composition that a battery have the right to also influence current capacity.It doesn’t just come under to the physical measurement of the battery.But, in this scenario, both the batteries share the same chemical composition so what determines the capacity is its size. Since the CR2032 is 0.7mm bigger than CR2025, it have the right to hold much more charge providing it a higher current capacity.The CR2032’s volume is 220mAh, vice versa, the CR2025’s capacity is 165mAh

Why would certainly you use a CR2032 rather of a CR2025?

As you simply saw, the CR2032 and CR2025 are practically identical except for two attributes which space their size and current capacity. So, why would you desire to usage a CR2032 rather of CR2025?There might be a couple reasons. The very first being you can have simply bought the not correct battery (hey, we’re all human after all). If you have no choice of replacing them, are afraid not! As lengthy as the CR2032 deserve to fit the battery compartment girlfriend will have the ability to use that no problem.Another reason for using a CR2032 might be a an ext conscious decision. You might need a battery that will last longer. Maybe you require those light up glasses for your following rave to critical you with the night right into the early on morning! In this instance the CR2032 is a far better option as it has much more capacity.However, if price is a issue of yours, the CR2025 is a far better option as it is cheaper.