The bearded Dragon is one of the most popular species of lizards in the world. Many civilization are attractive to their docile nature and how quickly you have the right to handle them.One of the most crucial things you have to do is make certain your mustache dragon is being kept in the best sized tank.So, what is the right size tank for a mustache dragon?For younger mustache dragons, you’ll need a 20-gallon tank. As they flourish older, you should change into a 75-gallon tank. Many adult bearded dragons will need a tank that’s at the very least 125 gallons.

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By making certain that girlfriend are giving them enough space, you’ll be able to make certain that your Bearded Dragons room happy and healthy. To do this easy, stop look at few of the points you should know when picking a moustache Dragon tank.

Why Tank size Is Important

As we’ve seen, the kind of tank forced will evolve, often relying on the dimension of her Bearded Dragon. This element is very important to make sure that your pet will flourish up in a healthy and balanced environment.Getting too little of a tank won’t provide the mustache dragon enough room between the basking area and also the cool area to properly regulate their temperature. It’s additionally a little bit like life in your auto – doable, however not sufficient room to move around and also get exercise.On the other hand, acquiring too large a tank deserve to make it daunting for young bearded dragon to uncover their food.The finest solution, then, is to obtain the appropriate size tank for each stage of your bearded dragon’s life.As they obtain older, their requirements will change. Because that example, a enlarge Bearded Dragon will need more space to spread out out and get exercise. It’s crucial to note, here, that you must prioritize floor area (length and width) over height.Now that we understand why it’s therefore important, let’s look in ~ the form of tank that you have to be getting for each stage in the animal’s life cycle.Age/SizeSmallest TankBiggest TankBaby (10-25 cm)20 Gallons (24”x12”x16”)55 Gallons (48”x13”x21”)Juvenile (25-50 cm)55 Gallons (48”x13”x21”)75 Gallons (48”x18”x21”)Adult (50+ cm)125 Gallons (72”x18”x21”) 

Tank dimension For baby Bearded Dragons

When castle arrive, a infant Bearded Dragon can be quite small. In many cases, they will certainly measure 10 customs (25cm). In this case, castle will require a smaller sized tank.The smaller an are will do it easier for them to hunt for their food, as the prey won’t have everywhere to hide.Because the this, it’s usually recommended that you choose a 20-gallon tank. ~ above the upper limit, you can get a 50-gallon tank. This will provide you some an are for the bearded Dragon to grow.You have to make certain to monitor the habits of the infant Dragon. This will permit you to make sure that they can hunt for your food effectively. If the tank is also big, they might not be able to find their prey. In this case, you can want come hand feeding them instead.Most pet owner will use a terrarium tank to residence their lizards. This tanks have tendency to be easier to purchase and also will be fairly simple to set-up. For a infant Bearded Dragon, you should be in search of a tank that measures approximately 24″ x 12″ x 16″.

Tank dimension For Medium-Sized moustache Dragons

As the Bearded dragons grow, your old tanks can end up being too cramped. This can make them feel an extremely uncomfortable and also could add to wellness problems, as they aren’t able come get sufficient exercise.To prevent this, as quickly as you begin to an alert signs the they can be longing because that a little an ext space. In most cases, a teenage moustache Dragon will need a tank dimension of between 55 to 75 gallons.This will provide them much more space to spread out out. Depending on how large they get, they will have the ability to stay in this instance throughout your adulthood. However, if they grow to be over 20 inch (50 cm) girlfriend should consider moving them come a larger tank. We’ll discuss this more thoroughly later.If girlfriend are picking a terrarium tank, a 55-gallon tank will certainly be around 48″ x 13″ x 21″. You can get an ext use native the 75-gallon tank, i m sorry will have actually dimensions of about 48″ x 18″ x 21″.If you are in doubt about which tank size to choose, it’s probably ideal to walk for the 75-gallon option. This will offer your bearded Dragon more space come grow.

Tank size For Adult moustache Dragons

The third category the you might want to consider is for bigger, adult moustache Dragons. This will frequently only apply to the larger pets, frequently over 20 inches (50 cm). Because of their size, it will be more important for them to have actually plenty of room to move about freely.For this reason, lock will need a enlarge tank. This should be 125 gallons.For a terrarium tank, girlfriend will should look for dimensions that are about 72″ x 18″ x 21″. Because that the fully-grown mustache Dragon, this will certainly be the optimal tank size.

How to Set-Up her Bearded Dragon Tank

Once you’ve uncovered the optimal tank size for her Bearded Dragon, friend will must make sure that you acquire it set-up properly. This will make certain that you have developed an environment that they will have the ability to thrive in. There space a couple of things the you’ll need to do this.


First, you can need to download a UV light. This will let girlfriend make certain that the tank is preserved brightly lit. Remember that the moustache Dragon originally came native the Australian desert. This method that they will certainly be supplied to a very bright environment. This type of light have the right to also aid prevent health and wellness problems, choose bone conditions.To recreate this in your tank, make sure that her set-up the irradiate to spread out evenly throughout the totality tank. Friend might also want to place a log or absent close come the irradiate source.


You should additionally make certain to think about the temperature within the tank. You must make sure to save one next of the tank warmer than the other, this will certainly replicate herbal desert conditions. ~ above the heat side, target for around 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 levels Celsius). The cooler side need to be approximately 85 levels Fahrenheit (29.4 degrees Celsius).
You can also set up a basking rock. This is a ar where the lizard can go to it is in in the warm-up. How warm this will must depend on the age of the moustache Dragon. Because that adults, about 95 levels Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) would certainly be best. For younger dragons, you should aim for 110 levels Fahrenheit (43.3 levels Celsius).Electric “basking rocks” the you plug in must be avoided, however, together they have the right to sometimes acquire too hot and burn your bearded dragon.


Also necessary is the type of substrate you add to the tank.“Reptile sand” when accidentally consumed can remain in the stomach and cause possibly fatal blockages. (Called impaction.)Instead, shot something the can’t be eaten, like slate tiles, record towels, or reptile carpet.Finally, you will need to build in a hide. This is a covered area whereby they can gain away native the light. The will also give them a ar where they have the right to sleep.

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How huge Should mine Bearded Dragon Tank Be?

As we’ve seen, the optimal tank size will count on the period of her dragon. We also looked at few of the vital elements of building a tank. Here’s a rapid reminder that the vital points.The dimension of the tank is important, affecting exactly how comfortable and also healthy her pet will certainly be.For infant Bearded Dragons, you’ll require a tank that’s in between 20 to 50 gallons.For medium-sized bearded Dragons, you’ll need a 55 to 75-gallon tank.An adult moustache Dragon will need a 125-gallon tank.Once friend buy the tank, you’ll must make certain that it’s collection up properly. This can encompass things favor making sure that you usage UV light, producing the ideal temperature conditions, setting up a basking rock, and including a hide.