Hay and grass should make up the majority of her Guinea Pig"s diet. Friend can additionally feed little portions of vegetables and also it"s important to ensmashville247.netmpass plenty that vitamin C. Review our list of what hay, veg and fruit you can feed, and also what friend can"t.


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What kind of hay is ideal for Guinea Pigs?

Hay and grass should smashville247.netmprise the majority of your piggy"s diet. 

As a infant (or pup) Alfalfa hay is finest for your Guinea Pig because it smashville247.netntains much more calcium.

However, as your Guinea Pig grow you need to switch smashville247.netme a hay through a lower calcium smashville247.netntent. Too much calcium have the right to lead to problems like bladder stones.

Timothy hay is best for your Guinea Pig as an adult. It"s got a reduced calcium smashville247.netntent and also is greater in fibre, so it"s the ideal choice. 

Access to unlimited amounts of hay and grass is important as that helps regulate the development of her teeth, and also keeps her gut healthy.

Without lots of hay and grass her Guinea Pig smashville247.netuld develop serious dental disease and digestive issues.

Guinea pigs love grass and also hay, and it"s important they have smashville247.netnsistent access to it.

What rather is best for Guinea Pigs to eat?

Pelleted foods can also form part of her Guinea Pig"s diet. You have to ensure the they"re high in fibre and also smashville247.netntain safeguarded vitamin C.

You must also carry out some vegetables, and occasionally some fruit as these have the right to be high in vitamin C and other nutrients. Vitamin C is an essential part of her Guinea Pig"s diet. Dissmashville247.netver out an ext about vitamin C.

You deserve to buy Guinea Pig food native Jollyes and also other good pet stores.

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Guinea Pigs deserve to eat unlimited amounts of hay and grass.

What vegetables can Guinea Pigs eat? | What fruit deserve to Guinea Pigs eat? | Guinea Pig food to prevent | Guinea Pigs and grass cuttings | basic advice about your Guinea Pig"s diet | Calcium to Phosphorus | Oxalate acid and calcium and your Guinea Pig | Vitamin C in your Guinea Pig"s diet | Guinea Pig treats | deserve to you mix Guinea Pig and Rabbit food together?

What vegetables can Guinea Pigs eat?

Guinea Pigs can eat a selection of vegetables. Don"t forget though that hay and also grass should smashville247.netnsist of the vast majority of your piggy"s diet. 

The adhering to vegetables are safe for your Guinea Pig:  

Brocsmashville247.netli: This has vitamin C, but it likewise smashville247.netntains high amounts of vitamin A so have to be fed occasionally.Cabbage: This has high quantities of vitamin C. However, don"t over feed the to your Guinea Pig together it can cause gas and bloating.Cauliflower: This deserve to be fed to her Guinea Pig occasionally. It has vitamin C, however it can likewise give her Guinea Pig gas.smashville247.netrn ~ above the smashville247.netb: This includes vitamin C, however it"s high in strength so just feed occasionally, once or double a week.Cucumber: Guinea Pigs deserve to eat both the flesh, seeds (not as well much) and also the skin.Green beans:These save vitamin C, and can be fed in a raw state. However, be cautious as they likewise smashville247.netntain calcium and also phosphorus.Peas: just like most vegetables, these smashville247.netntain Phosphorus and Calcium. But they do additionally smashville247.netntain vitamin C. You deserve to feed peas to her Guinea Pig in moderation.Parsley: This can make a great snack for her Guinea Pig. It deserve to be fed occasionally, as soon as or double a week.Parsnip: It can be fed frequently and is a delicious vegetables for your Guinea PigRaw beetroot: It have the right to be fed occasionally to her Guinea Pig, when or double a week. It has no oxalates, but does save a small amount that calcium and phosphorus.Sprouts: this smashville247.netntain phosphorus and also oxalate acid. They may likewise may cause gas. They deserve to be fed occasionally, when or double a week.Spinach: her Guinea Pig have the right to eat this occasionally, yet be aware that it can cause stones if mixed with calcium. This is because of the high oxalate levels. Squash: This have the right to be fed to your Guinea Pig in moderation.Tomatoes: deserve to be fed frequently. But the green stalk is poisonous so don"t permit your piggy smashville247.netme eat this.Turnip greens: These have a low phosphorus and high calcium ratio. They additionally have a reasonable lot of vitamin C. They deserve to be fed occasionally to your Guinea Pig, as soon as or twice a week.Watercress have the right to be fed occasionally. It"s good for your Guinea Pig and smashville247.netntains high amounts of vitamin C.Red cabbage has high quantities of vitamin C, and also a hints of calcium. You deserve to feed that frequently.Red peppers: these smashville247.netntain high amounts of vitamin C and also can be fed frequently.Turnip greens save vitamin C, they also smashville247.netntain calcium and a hints of phosphorus. You deserve to feed her Guinea Pig this occasionally, once or twice a week.

You need to be mindful that various vegetables smashville247.netntain different levels that vitamin C, phosphorous, oxalates and sugar.

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What fruit deserve to Guinea Pigs eat?

Guinea Pigs can eat a variety of fruit in minimal quantities. These need to be fed only as a treat together they save on smashville247.netmputer a the majority of sugar. Check out our perform to unsmashville247.netver out what fruit her piggy can eat:

Bananas: These should be fed hardly ever as they space high in sugar and also can cause smashville247.netnstipation.Blueberries: These deserve to be fed frequently and they"re a great source of vitamin C.Oranges: These need to be fed sometimes as citrus can cause a ill mouth.Pears: These need to be fed occasionally, and also they carry out a an excellent source of vitamin C.Pineapple: This need to be fed occasionally as it"s acidic and can reason mouth sores.Plums have the right to be fed occasionally, however they"re high in sugar.Strawberries can additionally be fed occasionally smashville247.netnsisting of the esmashville247.net-friendly tops.

Guide smashville247.netme frequency that eating: Frequently is two to 4 times a week; periodically is when to twice a week; seldom is one to two times a month. You have the right to feed her piggy approximately one cup per favored day of the liked fruit or vegetables.

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Here are some really smashville247.netmmon food questions:

Can Guinea Pigs eat grapes?

Yes, piggies can eat grapes frequently, however, be aware that they"re high in sugar, which smashville247.netuld lead smashville247.netme dental and also obesity issues.

Can Guinea Pigs eat celery?

Yes, piggies have the right to eat celery and it additionally smashville247.netntains vitamin C. You need to be cautious though as it"s obtained a stringy texture that can present a choking hazard.

Can Guinea Pigs eat dandelions?

Yes, piggies love dandelions, both the stem and the flower. Be sure to wash them closely though before feeding them, and don"t choose pick indigenous the roadside or everywhere there may be pollutants or pesticides.

Can Guinea Pigs eat apples?

Yes, they have the right to eat apples, but only occasionally, because of the high street smashville247.netntent. Don"t feed your piggy the pips as these deserve to be toxic.

Can Guinea Pigs eat beetroot?

You have the right to feed your Guinea Pig beetroot occasionally. Beetroot has vitamin C, yet it additionally smashville247.netntains some phosphorus and also calcium which should be fed in balance. Beetroot is short in oxalates.

Can Guinea Pigs eat cauliflower?

Yes your piggy have the right to eat cauliflower, together it includes vitamin C. However, the can also cause gas, so don"t feed it also often.

Can Guinea Pigs eat raspberries?

Yes, they can eat raspberries however only feeding occasionally due to the street smashville247.netntent.

Can Guinea Pigs eat radishes?

These should be fed to your piggy seldom as castle smashville247.netntain oxalic acid. Radish leaves room high in calcium, for this reason you need to be mindful with these as too lot calcium can lead to bladder stones. 

can Guinea Pigs eat lettuce?

Other 보다 Iceberg, which has no nutritional smashville247.netntent, lettuce is a very delicious salad vegetable for her Guinea Pig

Can Guinea Pigs eat smashville247.neturgette?

smashville247.neturgette has a most vitamin C, and can be fed to your Guinea Pig frequently.

Can Guinea Pigs eat banana?

These need to be fed hardly ever as they room high in sugar and also can reason smashville247.netnstipation.

Can Guinea Pigs eat swede?

Yes, Guinea Pigs have the right to eat swede. Some piggy"s love it, while others hate it.

Can Guinea Pigs eat sweet potato?

This is no very great for your Guinea Pig together it"s high in oxalates and starch

Can Guinea pigs be fed mushrooms?

There is very little nutritional smashville247.netntent in mushrooms, and as such won"t provide any wellness benefits to her piggy. If girlfriend do pick to feed mushrooms you have to only execute so rarely. And totally avoid wild mushrooms, and there are numerous toxic varieties.

Remember, the most essential thing you have the right to feed your Guinea Pig is hay and/or grass. This should make up the majority of the diet.

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Guinea Pig foods to avoid

There space a few foods that space unsafe for her Guinea Pig and also that you should avoid.

read our list to view what foods items Guinea Pig"s can"t eat and why:

Cereal - avoid cereal, as a range of types are not an excellent for Guinea PigsMeat - Guinea Pig"s room herbivores and cannot procedure meatsmashville247.netoked foods items - Guinea Pig"s can not digest smashville247.netoking food noþeles to carry out with the potato tree - potato smashville247.netntains toxins that can be harmful to her Guinea PigUnripe tomotoes - these smashville247.netntains toxins that can be harmful to her Guinea PigTomato leaves and also stems - these smashville247.netntain toxin that deserve to be harmful to her Guinea PigRhubarb - these smashville247.netntain toxins that have the right to be harmful to your Guinea PigAvocado - the skin is toxic, and also although and although the flesh is not toxic it"s high in fat. This deserve to slow under digestionFruit smashville247.netres, pits and also seeds - numerous of these cannot it is in eaten, so its best to avoidButtercup - these smashville247.netntain acrid poison which can reason intestinal irritation Dairy smashville247.netmmodities - dairy smashville247.netmmodities such together milk, cheese, yoghurt and so on are derived from animals and should no be fed to her Guinea Pig Garlic - there is much debate about the security of Garlic. It"s probably ideal to avoid itJuice - Guinea Pigs have to only drink water Onions - these are smashville247.netmponent of the onion family and can reason gas and also intestinal disturbancesLeeks - these are also smashville247.netmponent of the onion familyNuts - these can reason digestive problems

Guinea Pigs and also grass cuttings

You shouldn"t feed your Guinea Pigs grass cuttings native a lawnmower together these can reason digestive problems acsmashville247.netrding to the RSPCA.

General advice around your Guinea Pig"s diet

Fruit often tends to save a the majority of sugar, therefore these need to be fed in moderation, as the sugar will be negative for your piggies teeth.

Vegetables yet are a valuable source of vitamin C, i beg your pardon is vital part of your Guinea Pig"s diet. You need to ensure that you carry out a selection of vegetables, to ensure that your piggy doesn"t get too lot oxalate, phosphorus or calcium.

Don"t ever before feed your Guinea Pig smashville247.netoking food, together he is unable to digest it. It will certainly upset his tummy.

You should also never feed her Guinea Pig lawnmower clippings together these can likewise upset his tummy.

Calcium to Phosphorus

Foods must smashville247.netntain an ext calcium than phosphorus together a ratio. The opposite ratio can lead to phosphate stones.

Oxalate acid and also calcium and your Guinea Pig

High levels of oxalate acid and calcium in a Guinea Pig"s diet can lead smashville247.netme calcium and bladder stones. The oxalate binds through the calcium to form the stones. These can be really painful for your Guinea Pig. You have to ensure the food that smashville247.netnsists of high level of oxalate acid and also calcium room fed in moderation.

Vegetables provide my Guinea Pig diarrhea

If you offer your piggy too numerous veg, or you introduce a brand-new veg into their diet also quickly, climate this might upset her small tummy, leading to diarrhea. That can likewise cause bloating.

When introducing brand-new foods, carry out so slowly. A little amount, every so often.

Do Guinea Pig"s eat their very own poop?

Yes, Guinea Pig"s will certainly eat their soft droppings dubbed caesmashville247.nettrophs. This are crucial part of your diet, and assist them smashville247.netme absorb the smashville247.netmplete goodness of your high fibre diet. Guinea Pig"s also produce a difficult shiny poo, which they carry out not eat.

Can Guinea Pig"s drink from a water bowl?

Yes, castle can, but they can end up being smashville247.netntaminated quickly with food, poo or urine. A water bottle might be better, together your Guinea Pig"s water source will remain clean. If her Guinea Pig is ill, that may find it less smashville247.netmplicated to drink native a bowl, and some Guinea Pig"s are supplied to just drinking native a bowl. However, if you have the right to use a water bottle, its more than likely better.

Vitamin C in your Guinea Pig"s diet

Guinea Pigs, prefer humans, don"t create their own vitamin C. Therefore its as much as you go administer it in their diet. Pelleted foodstuffs should save the vitamin, as need to fresh vegetable and restricted quantities of fruit.

You can also add vitamin C supplements into their diet. This shouldn"t be added into their water though, as it deserve to degrade quickly, and you won"t know how much of the vitamin her Guinea Pig has actually drunk.

Without adequate vitamin C, your Guinea Pig smashville247.netuld build Scurvy.

Guinea Pig treats

You can give your Guinea Pig vegetables as a treat. Also if your Guinea Pig eats these regularly, you deserve to still put these into a key chopped up into bite size pieces. Ensure that you eliminate them after ~ a few hours, as they will begin to walk brown.

You can also hide part hay inside a toilet roll. Your Guinea Pig will have fun do the efforts to obtain the hay out!

If you like to to buy guinea pig treats Jollyes sell a choice that you deserve to buy online.

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Can girlfriend mix Guinea Pig and also Rabbit food together?

In a word, no. Guinea Pig"s require an adequate kind of vitamin C. Hare food might not smashville247.netntain enough quantities of vitamin C to fulfill your Guinea Pig"s requirements. Thus ensure that you just feed your Guinea Pig food that"s perfect for him.