One the my greatest pet peeves in life is once I acquire a canker sore. I got more canker sores than I can count once I had actually braces, many thanks to the grating metal brackets grounding in mine mouth. Yet while i hated the irritation resulted in by the sores, I never realized that my diet could have been influencing my tendency to acquire them.

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Before ns list a couple of of the major canker sore-causing foods, stop make certain we’re on the very same page when it concerns canker sores. According to, canker sores room small, painful ulcers that show up inside her mouth and also along your gum line.

Unlike cold sores, which appear around your mouth, canker sores cannot be pass on via physics contact and also gradually disappear within a mainly or two. Though canker sores can be led to by physical trauma (like the continuous rubbing that braces versus the gum line), her diet plays a key role together well.

Now that we’ve spanned the basics, let’s move on to the major canker sick culprits.

1. Citrus Fruits


Photo by Claire Waggoner

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are infamous for worsening currently canker sores. The citric mountain in this fruits may actually cause you to develop more canker sores, i m sorry is why you need to avoid eat citrus fruits and also juices once you have an energetic sore.

2. Coffee


Photo by Gabby Phi

I know it’s complicated to hear, yet your everyday cup (or three) the coffee might be resulting in your canker sores. Coffee includes salicylic acid, which can irritate the sensitive tissue of your mouth and cause those stroked nerves sores to pop up.

3. Tomatoes


Photo courtesy of Tony ~ above Flickr

Like coffee, tomato are quite acidic and can cause canker sores to feather up (are girlfriend noticing a trend yet?). For this reason you can kiss her favorite pasta sauce and also tomato soup goodbye, at least for a tiny while.

4. Strawberries

Photo by Claire Waggoner

Like every little thing else as much as this point, strawberry are—you guessed it—slightly acidic, i m sorry is why you have to avoid them if you’re susceptible to developing canker sores. Execute yourself a favor and also say no to mom’s well known strawberry rhubarb pie; it’s simply not worth it, kid.

5. Chocolate


Photo by Emily Hu

Canker sores generally develop if you have actually a cacao allergy—yes, the exists, and yes, it sound terrible. Luckily, her sores space likely because of one allergy to one of chocolate’s contents (such together milk, soy, or tree nuts), meaning you have the right to still snack on your favorite sweet law if you uncover a brand that caters to her allergy.

With the said, you could likewise have an allergy to the actual cocoa beans. In which case, you’re completely screwed.

6. Spicy Foods

Much choose acidic foods, spicy foodstuffs containing warm peppers or various other irritating ingredients have the right to cause an episode of canker sores. You most likely don’t need to provide up spice fully if you just take her favorite curry down a notch. ~ above the to add side, less spice method you’ll be able to actually taste the food better. 

7. Gluten-Filled Foods

If you acquire reoccurring canker sores, you might want to visit your physician to view what’s up. If you’re sensitive to gluten or have actually Celiac disease, your body may respond by creating canker sores. The damages done to her intestines affects various other soft tissues in the body, which results in sores inside her mouth. Some researchers think this occurs since of a vitamin deficiency led to by her intestine’s impaired capacity to absorb nutrients, yet they’re not 100% positive why this happens.

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8. Soft Drinks

Soda is loaded with corn syrup and phosphoric acid, which promotes inflammation and also leads come canker sores. Convert to diet drink won’t assist your case either, together diet sodas are also acidic. In addition to causing canker sores, soda has actually been displayed to erode enamel end time, i beg your pardon is a whole other beast you never ever want to deal with.