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sjriz, writing records to a key is referred to as burning. In Vista, you have the right to burn one audio CD making use of Windows Media Player (WMP). Click on the "Burn" tab come see exactly how it works. Include songs from your library to the burn list, then click "Start Burn".

CDs are supplied for audio, not DVDs. You have the right to store music records on a DVD-R, however it will simply be a data storage disc, not a playable audio disc. There is a DVD-Audio format but that calls for special software program not included in Vista.

ScottW: deserve to you not burn a playlist top top a DVD along with audio files and then have actually Media Player beat the papers from the DVD?

sjriz, ns agree through what ScottW says. Uneven you space wanting to use mp3 files and have a DVD players that also reads mp3. In this situation you can use Nero come burn a mp3 DVD and also have masses the music to pick from on one solitary DVD.

Spacegold, correct you have the right to burn music records to a DVD v or there is no a playlist. As madmacs mentions, you could additionally create an "MP3 CD" disc that can be check out by a reasonably small variety of stand-alone music players. Some of those can read DVDs with MP3s on them together well.

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Scott, I used to make backups of mine mp3´s on a DVD as soon as I didn´t have a computer with a lot of HD space. Ns think i (can´t remember because that sure) burned the mp3 documents as a data DVD and also could get around 80 hours worth of music top top a DVD , then ns played them through my DVD player which was hooked up on my amplifier. I haven´t had a seperate CD player because mine broke two year ago, lol!!



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