Set your access preferences to let her employer know when you favor to work and also when you prefer not to work. Through default, you’re collection to be available all day.

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You deserve to also collection your accessibility preferences from your iPhone or Android phone.

ConsiderationsYour access is a preference that your employer deserve to take right into account when building the schedule. Over there is no guarantee you’ll constantly get shifts the align with your preferences.You can add, edit, or delete availability preferences the take location in the future but not preferences that take ar in the past or top top the existing day.Your employer has actually the option to disable the ease of access feature. If the attribute is disabled, management can get in preferences on her behalf.Your employer has the option to enforce how numerous days an alert an employee demands to offer to readjust their unavailability.Your access preferences have actually icons that assist you quickly identify them:Preferred suggests you like to work.Unavailable indicates you’re unavailable to work.Repeating preference suggests that the preference repeats.Adding an accessibility preference

Hover over her name, then select My Availability My Availability.

Use the calendar to find the day as soon as your choice will begin.Hover your pointer over the date when the choice will begin, then click Add Preference.Click I’m Unavailable to Work or I prefer to Work.
Note: If her employer enforces how countless days notice you need to change accessibility it is presented here.
Set the hours for the preference.If you desire the preference to apply to the whole day, permit the All Day toggle.If you want the choice to use to a certain time period, collection the start and also end Time.Configure how the preference will repeat.If friend don’t want the choice to immediately repeat, leave the Repeats toggle turn off.If you want the preference to repeat, revolve on the Repeats toggle.Under Every, select repeat frequency (Day, Week, or 2 Weeks).If you chose Week or 2 Weeks, click the days of the week under Repeats On when the preference need to apply.Under ends On, collection when the preference have to stop repeating. Access preferences can repeat for approximately one year.(Optional) add a Note that describes the factor for her preference. This keep in mind will be clearly shows to you and also your employer.Click Save.Editing an availability preference

Hover over your name, climate select My Availability My Availability.

Use the calendar to discover the choice that you desire to update.Hover your guideline over the choice that you desire to update, then click Edit.Make the necessary changes.When you’re finished, click Save.If the preference repeats, you’re motivated to check your choice:To do the readjust for now only, click Update One.To do this change for all repeats, click Update All.Deleting ease of access preferences

You can delete a solitary availability preference, a series of repeating access preferences, or all future access preferences.

Single preference

Deleting an availability preference permits you to remove a non-repeating preference, a single preference in a collection of repeating preferences, or all future repeats that a preference.

Hover over her name, climate select My Availability My Availability.

Use the calendar to discover the choice that you desire to delete.Hover your guideline over the preference that you desire to update, climate click Edit.Near the bottom that Edit Preference, click Delete.If the preference repeats, you’re motivated to confirm your choice:To delete the choice for this day only, click Delete One.To delete all repeats, click Delete All.

All future preferences

Resetting your accessibility preferences deletes all future preferences set beyond today’s date.


just reset your availability preferences if you’re certain you desire to delete every future preferences. This can not be undone.

Hover over your name, then select My Availability My Availability.

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Click Delete in the upper-right edge of the screen.If you’re certain you want to delete every future accessibility preferences you’ve set, click Reset Preferences.

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