A pregnant woman need to carefully select the fish in her diet to stop dangerous pollution with mercury, a neurotoxin. Follow to the Food and Drug Administration, pregnant women must avoid undercooked or raw shellfish entirely. The should also avoid predator fish, such as grouper, marlin, orange roughy, tilefish, swordfish, shark and king mackerel, since of the high levels of mercury in those fish, according to the American pregnant Association.

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Shrimp, Clams, Salmon, Sardines and also Striped Sea Bass

Shrimp, clams and canned salmon have actually some that the lowest level of mercury, follow to the Food and also Drug management and eco-friendly Protection Agency. This agencies recommend that women eat no more than 12 ounces of fish in this low-mercury category per week. This converts into about two servings a week. Sardines and also striped sea bass, which space rich in omega-3 fat acids, are helpful during pregnant according come the national Resources Defense Council.

Safer Sushi


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Some sushi are much safer than rather to eat. Because that instance, eel sushi or a California role containing imitation crab are both fairly safe to eat. The national Resources Defense Council has compiled a list of sushi that has relatively lower levels of mercury, however again: It"s best for pregnant women to prevent uncooked fish and seafood entirely.

Light box Tuna

Not every canned tuna is equally safe. Box tuna labeling "light tuna" has actually low level of mercury, and pregnant women can eat 6 ounces twice a week . In contrast, pregnant women must limit new tuna steaks or albacore "white" crate tuna to six ounces as soon as a week.

Recreationally recorded Fresh Fish


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Be cautious around consuming new fish from neighborhood waters. Examine with the environmental Protection company Fish Advisory website or your local health and wellness department for advisories ~ above the security of fish in your area. Your neighborhood fishing regulation may likewise contain warnings regarding local fish. Sometimes regional levels of mercury may be higher for a certain fish 보다 the mean nationally reported levels for that fish.

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Fish Sticks and also Breaded Fish Sandwiches

According to the Food and Drug Administration, convenience foods items made indigenous fish, such together fish sticks and breaded fish patties, are generally made native fish species such as pollock, haddock or cod. This white fish varieties tend come be low in mercury. Fried catfish, a southerly favorite, is also a lower-mercury fish and also two meals a main of six ounces each have the right to be safe eaten during pregnancy.