no a substitute for professional veterinary help.As seasons change, therefore does my dog’s skin. Springtime brings seasonal allergies, add by itchy eyes and also paws. In summer, the waiting conditioner have the right to dry his sensitive nose. And also of course, winter bring chapped, frosty paws.

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Many dog owner wonder: can I just put odor on mine dog? Well, yes and also no. Unfortunately, friend can’t simply use her own human being lotion on the dog because our moisturizers may contain harmful chemicals and ingredients. Dog are likely to lick topical treatments off of their noses and paws, so any type of skin-soothing product girlfriend use has to be 100% dog-safe.


This security wax v vitamin E help to safeguard your dog’s paw pads indigenous salt and snow and also though the is especially designed because that dry and also tough winter conditions, it is advantageous year-round, to assist replenish moisture during the dry, summer months and for the dog paw problems that can develop then, such together sandburn.

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The Bottom Line

All of these assets contain dog-safe ingredients, definition it’s okay if your dog takes a little lick. But even the dog-friendliest oils can lead to an upset tummy if over-ingested. Save your dog butters, salves, and oils the end of reach, and distract your dog through a treat when you use to keep most of themoisturizeron your body, no in their mouth.

A quick Note about Your Dog’s Diet and Their Skin

Dogskin difficulties are frequently caused through allergies. If you think your dog might be suffering from a dog food allergy, speak to your vet around trying an elimination diet and/or hypoallergenic dog food.

Preventatively, you can try keeping her dog’s skin healthy by making sure they’re eatinga diet full of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids or supplementing meals with an ingredient such as salmon oil from time to time.But mental to talk to her vet before making any kind of drastic changes to her dog’s diet.

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