Understanding wherein you can travel after ~ a conviction because that driving under the influence (DUI) can be complicated. While drivers with a DUI can normally travel easily through their own countries, cross a national border can sometimes prove difficult.

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You might be wonder if you can cross the mexico border if you have a DUI. The unified States and also Mexico have different regulations because that out-of-the-country DUI drivers. Review these regulations here with the Simmrin law Group.

Entering the U.S. Through a DUI

The U.S. Has plenty of guidelines concerning individuals who may or might not be allowed to go into the country at the border. You might be refuse entry into the country if you space convicted of:

A crime of moral turpitude (CMT) A crime entailing a managed substance At least two crime that led to incarceration of five years or more

Additionally, if you have an seeks to medicine or alcohol that could permit the U.S. Come refuse girlfriend admission into the country.

You must be conscious that a single DUI conviction will certainly not normally qualify as an inadmissible offense. However, you can be turn aside in ~ the border if:

You to be convicted of numerous DUIs You committed a DUI through a kid in the car You committed a DUI through a formerly suspended patent

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Entering Mexico v a DUI

It is more daunting to go into Mexico v a DUI conviction than it is to enter the U.S. Follow to Mexico’s legal statues, you have the right to be refuse entry into the nation if you violated a residential law in your house country. This has laws on drunk driving.

This method that you can not legally cross the border right into Mexico through a DUI conviction on your record. Border agents will certainly look 10 years right into your document if you shot to overcome the border. Any kind of DUIs in ~ this time period will count against you.

Traveling with DUI Convictions

As you have the right to see, a DUI conviction can increase the an obstacle of travel to brand-new locations. This can be a major challenge if you have to travel for work, come a friend’s wedding, or simply to reap a vacation in a scenic locale.

Fortunately, girlfriend may be able to handle this instance by getting help with DUI fees as quickly as you are arrested. You can work v a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles if you room accused of a DUI in California.

A experienced DUI lawyer can investigate your case and work to build a solid defense for you quickly after an arrest. Your lawyer might be maybe to:

acquire your charges lessened Get your charges dismissed

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Building Defenses for DUI Charges

There space a number of strong defenses that can be supplied if you space charged with a DUI in California. Depending upon your situation, a experienced DUI lawyer could demonstrate that:

girlfriend were stopped without reasonable cause You were operating a car with a legally acceptable blood alcohol contents (BAC) your chemical tests were mis-administered by regulation enforcement officers

You deserve to improve her odds that successfully taking care of a DUI fee by getting aid quickly. The is extremely recommended the you do not talk about your DUI charges through anyone prior to you’ve spoken to a legal professional.

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Handling front DUI Convictions in California

Perhaps the is as well late for you come fight a DUI charge. Friend may already have to be convicted. Even in this circumstance, you have legal options. A DUI lawyer in Los Angeles can be maybe to help you paper for one expungement of your DUI conviction.

An expungement removes the documents of her DUI from part criminal background checks. The DUI have the right to stay on her driving record, but it might no longer affect your ability to enter Mexico following an expungement.

Note that expungements space not feasible in all cases. However, if you paid any fines, carried out your license suspension, served time behind bars, and completed any type of other penalty handed down by the court for a DUI conviction, a lawyer could be able to assist you.

Getting assist from a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

Protect your ability to take trip freely in between different countries by working v a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles. You can count ~ above the team at the Simmrin Law group to help you take care of a present DUI charge. We can additionally assist you v securing one expungement of previous DUI convictions.

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You might not be able to cross the mexico border if you have actually a DUI. Take measures to settle this problem in the courtroom through calling us at (310) 997-4688 or filling out our online contact kind to acquire a cost-free case evaluation.