Mix it v some paprika, and also sage for some dynamite chicken, combine it with some dill, salt, and brown sugar for some delectable fish dishes, or pair it through thyme, rosemary, and also ground black pepper for preparing a juicy reduced of beef.

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Amazing as it is, though, it’s indeed one that those ingredients that often gets overlooked, forget at the bottom of those to buy lists, lost to the black color depths that the an extremely back of her dry store.

This is why it helps to know of a few ingredients that can fill its pair of shoes in that absence.

Mustard Seeds

You’re perhaps also less likely to have a seasoned of complete mustard seeds lying about than you room to have actually the flour itself, however technically speaking, they are the most an ideal replacement for your powdered contemporary.

The reason for this is that as soon as they’re floor up, lock literally are dry mustard! They’re not the most handy of ingredients.

You’ll need at the very least a pestle and mortar to grind them up sufficiently, and that will take time and effort, however if you’re committed to that unique mustardy kick, you i will not ~ mind.

If you have a preventive coffee or freckles grinder, you’re in because that an easier ride, as they’ll get the job done in no time.

Just remember to give any kind of coffee grinders a thorough clean afterward, otherwise, the morning coffee won’t just shake the desires off, it’ll set them on fire together with your sinuses.

Before your begin throwing any old amount of your expertly soil seeds right into your dry rub or meal, girlfriend should recognize that different shade seeds have various strengths.

Dry mustard is normally yellow, so that’s probably what you’re provided to using. Yellow seeds have the mildest flavor of the 3 seed types, brown mustard seeds take points up a notch, and also black seeds are the spice majesties of the mustard world. Black color mustard seed, brown mustard seed, yellow mustard seeds (really any type of ground mustard seed) is a viable choice for usage inmustard recipes.

If you’re utilizing brown or black seeds, make certain to minimize quantities.

Dijon Mustard (French Mustard)

Let me preface this through saying, girlfriend may have the ability to get close come the preferred flavor with wet mustard substitutes, yet there will constantly be a distinctive distinction to the final product, so nothing expect any type of miracles.

If you nothing necessarily require your mustard to it is in dry, the ideal match because that the odor of powdered yellow mustard is Dijon mustard.

Dijon is perfect for use in marinades, sauces, or as a glaze for veg and also meat - carrots, broccoli, and chicken in particular.

While it’s no actually made of yellow mustard seeds, quite brown and also black, the dilution v vinegar, white wine, and also salt reduces their Scoville level to about that that yellow seeds.

It is sweeter than dry mustard, though, therefore it might be a an excellent idea to mitigate the sugar contents of the recipe elsewhere. Reducing any lemon or lime juice is a an excellent way to carry out this.

Dijon is likewise most likely going to it is in slightly much less potent 보다 dry mustard, so if you’re trying to enhance it in terms of strength, you might add fifty percent a teaspoon an ext of the prepared dijon 보다 you would dry mustard.

Yellow English Mustard

English mustard is exceptionally hot, however that’s not to speak it lacks flavor. ~ above the contrary, it’s in reality teeming with it.

Mixed v flour, salt, vinegar, and also turmeric, it’s slightly much more viscous than various other mustards, therefore a little bit walk a long way in a wet recipe.

English mustard cut through particularly well in cheese sauces yet doesn’t pair well through tomato, therefore if you’re making something like cauliflower cheese, perfect!

It’s walk to really lift the sauce and provide that cheesy yellow color. If, ~ above the other hand, you’re do a lasagne, it’s ideal to use a conventional cheesy bechamel.


Used come color and flavor English mustard, turmeric isn’t a complete outsider come the mustard game, yet it’s a farsight indigenous the dry mustard she accustomed to.

It walk resemble dried mustard in the it’s yellow and also usually powdered, making that perfect for providing a enjoy the meal the right look, but its taste is starkly dissimilar.

The most significant difference between dry mustard and turmeric is the turmeric isn’t spicy, for this reason if you setup on making use of it together a substitute, shot and increase the spice level in her meal by some other means.

Turmeric likewise has a an extremely subtle but distinct flavor. Quite than dried mustard’s explosive in your challenge tang, it’s fairly floral, vaguely storage of traditional Turkish Delight.

A neat small trick you have the right to do to light a little of a fire in her turmeric is to blend it with other much more incendiary spices. The idea is the you discover one v a reasonably transparent flavor and a high Scoville rating.

Cayenne pepper is a an excellent option. That does have actually a flavor but the summer sprouts level far exceeds it. Mix it by levels to make sure you don’t take points too far.

Horseradish Powder

If you’ve ever before had ready horseradish before, you’ll have instantly noticed its similarity to all set mustard, from absent to flavor.

So, that a long shot, however if you have some horseradish powder lying around, it’s an awesome instead of for use in dried rubs, especially if you’re avoiding mustard as result of an allergy.

Horseradish flour has much more of a beat than usual dry mustards so perhaps don’t use fairly as much in your blend.

If you’re a vegan, you’ll many likely understand that you can’t have prepared horseradish, not due to the fact that it has horse in it, but cream - however the an excellent news is that horseradish chin is a vegetable, for this reason you can have horseradish powder.

Wasabi Powder

Wasabi powder is among the finest replacements because that dry mustard since it tastes so comparable and even reasons the same nasal reaction that mustard does once you placed too much in her mouth.

Sometimes dried mustard is also used together an ingredient, therefore make certain to double-check the brand if you have actually an allergy.

It tends to have a bit much more oomph in regards to spice, so be aware, and also reduce the quantity you usage in your recipe


This could make no feeling to you, and also honestly, it no make much sense to me either, however when you perform a little research, you’ll uncover that most mayonnaise recipes incorporate a entirety bunch of dried mustard.

Now, mayonnaise must really it is in a desperate effort in mustard substitution, yet it’s good to recognize that yes sir a common household item up to the task once absolutely necessary.

Frequently request Questions

What does dried Mustard carry out in a Recipe?

Dry mustard is typically included to recipes in stimulate to boost the flavor, as opposed to transforming the texture or facilitating any kind of binding, stabilizing, or emulsifying processes.

What makes dry mustard so distinctive, even in comparison come other species of mustard, is the extra-strong mustard flavor. If ‘wet’ species of mustard contain other ingredients in enhancement to soil mustard seeds, high-quality dry mustard must be 100% mustard, and also the strongness of flavor will certainly reflect this.

Dry mustard is most generally used in recipes where spices tend to get watered down during cooking. Something dairy-heavy (for example, cream or cheese-based sauces) can often use a stronger kick of odor to cut through the creaminess. Moreover, if you have actually a lot of powerful flavors in a recipe yet want the mustard to come to the foreground, utilizing dried mustard can help the mustard odor to was standing out.

Can I usage Yellow Mustard instead of dried Mustard?

Yes, you can use yellow mustard, or any other kind of prepared mustard, as a substitute because that dry mustard. Yellow mustard is especially strong, so while it’s not fairly as powerful as dry mustard, it’s really close.

If you desire to retain exactly the exact same strength of flavor, you’ll have to use slightly more yellow mustard 보다 the amount of dried mustard dubbed for by the recipe. This can present a trouble in very dry recipes since prepared mustard in general lends humidity to a dish, and yellow mustard, in particular, has high levels of viscosity.

However, many of the recipes that speak to for dried mustard in the first place are fairly moist since dry mustard requirements to absorb into the various other ingredients therefore as no to be too overpowering.

Therefore, when using yellow mustard rather of dried mustard, you should be able to substitute a tablespoon that yellow mustard because that each teaspoon of dried mustard.

Can you substitute Turmeric because that Dry Mustard?

Turmeric is a an excellent substitute because that dry mustard, both in regards to flavor and also appearance. In fact, the existence of turmeric in yellow mustard is partly what provides the latter such a valuable dry mustard substitute.

Turmeric has a strong, peppery flavor that is not similar but similar enough to dry mustard the the difference won’t it is in glaringly evident when an unified with other ingredients.

Moreover, due to the fact that turmeric is glowing yellow in color, it can additionally stand in because that the warmth pigmentation of dried mustard. If you mix turmeric into a dairy-based sauce, for example, it must come out much more or much less the same shade as if you’d offered dry mustard.

And if the wasn’t sufficient to convince you to offer this simple swap a try, the substitution procedure couldn’t be simpler! You deserve to use specifically the very same ratios once substituting turmeric because that dry mustard, for this reason a teaspoon of dried mustard is indistinguishable to a tespoon of turmeric.

How carry out you do Dry Mustard?

Making your very own dry mustard at house is in reality surprisingly easy!

All you require are some whole mustard seeds and some type of grind utensil. If you want to go about this the classic way, the good old-fashioned pestle and also mortar will certainly do. However, if friend don’t have actually the time and also energy to grind your mustard seeds by hand (because it does require some elbow grease), you can use a dedicated spice grinder or even just a coffee grinder!

If you’re grind by hand, i recommend attract goggles and also a mask to safeguard your eyes, nose, and also mouth. Inhaling soil mustard or gaining it in her eyes is incredibly painful.

Keep grinding, either by hand or machine, till the seeds have been ground into a good powder. Ideally, you want to minimization the visibility of lumps or chunks so that the flour blends much more easily right into your recipe.

You can then include your homemade dry mustard to your recipe of an option or use it as the base for a prepared mustard recipe.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, mustard masters!

Something around each of these ingredients renders them to a degree a an excellent substitute because that dry mustard, yet remember, sometimes substitution isn’t the finest course the action.

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I love mustard as lot as the next male - more even - however sometimes the ideal thing because that a enjoy the meal is to just let the mustard go.