Southern Fried Chicken, standard comfort food the comes out perfectly every time!

This southerly fried chicken is crispy on the outside, juicy and also tender on the inside.

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Southern Fried Chicken

This southern fried chicken cooking recipes is a thing desires are make of.Crispy ~ above the outside, juicy and also tender on the inside.

This southern fried chicken is truly finger licking good!

And, me gift well… me. I included a little something-something to the mix to do this chicken dinner (or having lunch or snack, ns don’t judge) end the top!

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Grocery and pantry items needed to do this southerly fried chicken recipe

Bone-In chicken, I like to eliminate the skin indigenous the breast and thighs, but that is up to youEggsBuffalo Sauce – our an enig ingredient!S&PGarlic PowderOnion PowderOil because that frying, I choose peanut oil

Equipment essential to make southern fried chicken

What is southern fried chicken?

Whole, bone-in pieces of chicken that room dipped in a wet mixture, such as beaten eggs and water. Then, dipped in jug flour, typically self-rising flour to get a more thickness crust.

The chicken is climate deep-fried until gold brown and also delicious.


So, what is the an enig ingredient come this southern fried chicken batter you could ask? Buffalo wing sauce… five yes!!

How to southerly fried chicken

First, ns season the chicken itself through garlic powder, onion powder, and also kosher salt.Then, ns dip the chicken in a mixture of win eggs, water, and buffalo sauce.Next, coat that in self-rising flour the is seasoned with fresh black pepper.Fry that up! White meat takes 8-10 minutes, and dark meat take away 13-14 minutes, but check the interior temperature, it have to read 165° in the facility of the thickest component of the meat.Sprinkle through a little much more kosher salt as soon as it is out of the fryer and also serve.

Super crispy crunchy. You would think there would certainly be a many of warm from the buffalo sauce, however nope, it just seasons the chicken nicely.

What form of flour is finest for fried chicken?

I prefer to usage self-rising flour because that fried chicken since it will instantly puff up a little and be extra crispy.

You can likewise use regular flour with a tiny baking soda and also baking powder mixed in. For my fried homemade chicken tenders, I usage a ratio of 1 & 1/4 cup all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, and also 1/2 teaspoon baking soda.

You can likewise use cornstarch, equal components cornstarch to all-purpose flour or self-rising flour do for a very crispy exterior as well. Come see exactly how I use cornstarch in batter, examine out my sweet and also sour chicken recipe!

How perform you gain the perfect tardy on fried chicken?

To me, it’s all about the difficult items you dip the chicken in before dredging the chicken in flour.

If you just put a piece of chicken into plain flour and place it right into the hot oil, that is no going to an outcome in a standard southern fried chicken exterior. That will have a very think coating on the outside and may not get an extremely crispy. The entirety purpose the fried chicken!

The mixture the eggs, water, and also buffalo sauce space what really renders the perfect late on fried chicken. Dipped in this first, and then placed into the flour renders a most flour stick to the outside, resulting in that standard fried chicken crunch!

What oil need to I use to fry chicken?

I favor to use peanut oil to fry chicken. A couple reasons why:

The smell, peanut oil walk not produce that horrible warm oil odor that can linger for DAYS in your house. That does develop some smell, but nothing like other oils I have used.It has actually a an extremely high cigarette smoking point, perfect for frying chicken.It has actually a really clean taste and also doesn’t leave the chicken tasting greasy.

Other oils you have the right to use room canola, vegetable, or corn oil.


How go Paula Deen do fried chicken?

Paula Deen’s fried chicken cooking recipes is extremely similar to mine. Girlfriend can uncover her recipe by clicking here!

Tips and also tricks because that a smooth food preparation experience

I always recommend reading through the cooking recipes in complete a couple times before starting. That method you know specifically what to expect and also you aren’t running around like crazy.

Gather all her ingredients prior to cooking. Believe me, I have forgotten to add an item below or there in my cooking adventures before due to the fact that of this. (No street in mine cinnamon rolls… room you serious!?)

I can gain that this recipe can be a tiny daunting, specifically if you space frying because that the first time. That is why i love utilizing a deep fryer, due to the fact that it has actually a lid you deserve to just autumn the chicken, add the lid and also you don’t have to worry around splatters.

BUT, as soon as dropping any type of kind of food right into the warm oil, you need to be careful. I have actually seen thousands of time people are fear of the oil and also drop food right into it from high above, what execute you think will certainly happen?! the is walk to create waves and splatter everywhere!!!

Yes, the oil is hot but it’s not going to jump up and also bite you, carefully place the item into the oil, simply make sure your fingers don’t struggle the oil. It’s that simple.

Especially with bigger pieces choose southern fried chicken, ar the piece of chicken into the oil away from you.

Once the chicken is done frying, blot off any excess oil and then place it straight on to a wire rack. This will certainly ensure the chicken continues to be crispy all over. Perform NOT place IT ONTO record TOWEL inside wall PLATE and also JUST leaving IT THERE. The chicken will certainly then heavy steam and the bottom of it will come to be soggy.

Serve this southern fried chicken v homemade french fries, grilled asparagus, and roasted Brussel sprouts through bacon!


Variations for southern fried chicken

Take this recipe and also run through it. Together with practically all recipes, this have the right to be made her own.

Like her chicken extra spicy? add some cayenne. Like a smokey and also spicy kick? include chipotle powder into the mix.

Get creative, the flavor file is completely up to you. How about bbq seasoning, hello yum!

How to store southern fried chicken

Once the chicken is cooked and also you have leftovers, allow them come cool completely. Ar uneaten pieces right into an airtight container and also place into the fridge, eat within 3 days.

To freeze wrap the cooled piece in heavy-duty aluminum foil and also place in a zippered freezer bag. That will store in the freezer for 2-3 months. However, I do not personally recommend freezing any leftover fried chicken as it may affect the crispy exterior.

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Growing up, among my favourite recipes my Grandma would make for united state was she fried chicken. I simply couldn’t gain enough, and also every time i make it i think that her.